Radiant Health Newsletter by Tony Ruprecht
Radiant Health Newsletters  -   Issue 42
You Are Cordially Invited 

to an Exciting "Radiant Health" Presentation 

Royal Vista Hotel
5280 Lakeshore Road

Monday, January 9, 2017

7 PM, sharp

Please email us to reserve your place. 
Dr. Ruprecht’s “Radiant Health Workbook” is a must-read for anyone interested in slowing down the speed of aging and mitigating the devastating effects of free radicals on body tissues and organs.

Some of you missed the book launch on December 8, 2016 You may find the attached photos of interests. 


Dr. Ruprecht is signing copies of his "Radiant Health Workbook". It is available at AMAZON KINDLE. Here is the website link:


                                                                      In Evidence | etc & tal | January 2017
Dr. Tony Ruprecht releases his
Radiant Health Workbook
Dr. Gaibisels says: 
"It is incredible to discover that every a perception of danger, or imagined danger, will trigger a chain reaction of hormonal changes in the body. Over a period of time this kind of stress could leave a person much more vulnerable to infections. Dr. Ruprecht has a real talent to explain how every strong emotion produces specific chemicals in the body." 

                                                        - Dr. P. Gaibisels
                                             Former Board Member
                                  Ont. Chiropractic Association

Did You Know
Disrupted sleep (Insomnia) speeds up aging?

Symptoms of insomnia include restlessness, problems falling asleep, trouble getting back to sleep and waking up early. If you are unable to sleep well you will notice that it affects your ability to function well the next day. But just as importantly insomnia will cut your life short. It speeds up the aging process. The latest research monitored methylation (a chemical biomarker of cellular aging), in 2078 people and compared their biological age with their chronological age. The results were astoundingly conclusive -  insomnia speeds up aging by 3 to 5 years.

Do you want to know six easy steps to better sleep?

You will find them in the “Radiant Health Workbook” page 35.

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