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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 27
Dr. Ruprecht's message reaches across cultural and religious boundaries. This photo shows some of the participants inside the Hindu temple in front of their deity. 

 Did You Know ---

Dear friends, 

Quite a few members wanted me to expand on our previous newsletter. Especially why it is absolutely dangerous to permit a negative thought to enter our mind.
The very latest scientific research shows that "we are living in a vast field of infinite energy which runs through and influences everything. " (Peter Higgs, Professor – particle physics)

This vast field of energy is made up of a variety of atoms which, in clumps, form matter. But in the subatomic quantum world, inside the nucleus, the energy field consists of quirks, quarks, neutrinos, photons of light and many other particles many of which we are still discovering. All of this vibrates and forms an electromagnetic energy field in which we live and which maintains and sustains us.

The scientific community is in general agreement that our whole universe is generally made up of 4.7% matter 27.3% dark matter and 68% dark energy. Essentially, all of this is energy in various forms and directly impacts us. How does all the energy in this field surrounding us affect us?
Our human body is a corresponding subtle energy system that interacts with these streams and waves of energy.

A useful example would be to consider a fish in the ocean. For the fish, the ocean is the field. The fish is totally dependent on the field for its survival.

The interaction of this vast energy field and the human body was designed by the creator with utmost efficiency in order to nourish the body until, in the end, the cells' life is exhausted.

However, this continuous flow of cosmic energy can be blocked, reduced or even distorted, therefore, causing sickness in the body. In most cases the blockages are created by our negative emotions – the impulse to think negative.

Here is how it works:

When these energy streams and waves from the field are trying to reach our body, they immediately pass through a filter or screen – (our basic character traits) where they become restricted because of the filters’ negative condition. ( see book II on ‘the character mirror’ )

It would be similar to how sunglasses reduce sunlight and filter-out certain rays. For example: if we are angry or depressed we affect the amount or intensity of the healing energy streams/ waves coming to sustain us.

Second, whatever smaller amount of energy we then receive is being used by the psychosomatic network where the mind, the nervous system, the immune system and the endocrine system all interact. It is the mind however, with its attached character traits, that decides what kinds of chemical messenger molecules to send to this psychosomatic network. Chemical messenger molecules consist of neuropeptides which are loaded with positive or negative messages and instruct cells what type of body chemicals to produce.

Negative messages may come from and cluster around these vices:  lust, gluttony, greed, laziness, vengeful anger, envy, jealousy, pride, etc.

The result? Negative emotions and thought forms not only restrict the energy waves coming from the field surrounding us, but these negative thoughts and feelings also send messengers to the cell receptors triggering them to produce harmful chemicals which are precursors to sickness.

The same holds true for positive emotions which open the body to healing and nourishing energy streams. Positive messages may come from and cluster around these virtues: joy, sympathy, love, forgiveness etc. A whole host of measurable changes will appear in the body:
  1. Cells produce more energy
  2. Immune functions increase to fight disease
  3. Dramatic improvement of cell repair (healing) etc.
My wish is for you to experience radiant health. Please follow the detailed instructions in Book II page 9

For consciously loading your body with vital energy and thereby turning energy waves into healing streams of energy please look up Book III page 46


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  What People Say About Tony's Presentation
Life threw me a curve - I was in an emotional turmoil. By sheer luck I was invited to hear Tony Ruprecht speak on “The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health". I admit it was a life saver for me. For the first time in my life I came face to face with the positive and negative “me”. It was clearly portrait in Tony’s handouts. I then understood what it was that blocked my way to happiness and health.  I truly recommend Book II to everyone who wants more joy in their life. 
                                                                                     Raymond S. , Thornhill Ont.
Dr. Ruprecht challenges you to put your life, the whole of your life, in perspective - that part which works to your satisfaction and that part which needs change. Without that part of your life flourishing you cannot experience happiness nor radiant health. He is also clear on one issue -  your life here has a much greater purpose. It prepares you for the next life. For now Book III at least has become my bible.  
Jay P.

I was really shocked how quickly my intense worries turned into an ugly boil. I followed Dr. Ruprecht's instructions to the letter as found in Book III page 48. I was pleasantly surprised how rapidly my boil disappeared and my skin got back to a normal colour. I am really grateful to Dr. Ruprecht for pointing me in the direction of finding an energy healing source.                                                                                                                                                                                               Jasmin M., Toronto

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