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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 37
Last week Dr. Ruprecht spoke to an international audience at the national club. It was sponsored by the Romanian Government  (Consul General Dr. Liciu, as host, is standing next to Tony). Romania was the first country to recognize the value of healthy life extension ( see Ana Aslan – Geriatric Institute of Bucharest) and the first country to recognize Tony’s contribution in this field. (U.S. State Department Rep. D. Colson is standing far right in photo). 
Today’s self-help gurus correctly conclude in books like “The Secret” (and countless others) that we attract to our lives what we magnetize through our thinking and feeling. If we want our desired goals to manifest, such as success, health, wealth, a loving relationship etc. we have to orient or change our thoughts to be in line with our goals in order that new patterns of vibrations, associated with these thoughts, will attract the desired outcomes. Many students who earnestly tried that approach where surprised to find that their desired goals failed to fully materialize because they encountered significant interference from an unexpected source. While they may have experienced at least partial success they realized that deep down something was blocking their energy flow. Something was blocking their desired goal from manifesting completely. The fact is that these blockages are caused by our deep-seated negative character traits which are essentially ego driven – pride, greed, envy, etc.

Let me provide you with an example: you wish to be relieved of your stomach ulcers, but you are envious and jealous of the success of your friend/ workmate. These daily toxic thoughts and feelings are blocking the healing waves of the life force (source of vital energy) which is surrounding us and in which we have our being. Or, consider this example: you are looking for a loving relationship, yet, your actions quickly reveal an ungenerous, greedy person. You share little and are mainly concerned with number one. You have grown selfish and egotistical. These types of character traits will certainly restrict the energy flow and consequently block the achievement of creating a loving relationship.

There are literally thousands of these examples. Each one teaches us that enobling (improving) your character is absolutely necessary to open and clear the energy channels in order to reach the fulfillment of your dreams. We have devised an easy method to first identify your character traits and then to change your negative traits to positive traits. Such an approach will ensure the desired outcome of your goals and in addition will have a positive effect on your Karma. Please see Book II- Anti Aging Emotions. 

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Book I -  The Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula:
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Book II - Anti-Aging Emotions:
              Healing the Body by Healing the Mind


Yes, we can slow - down the aging process. For the first time in human history you have control over aging: You can age faster or slower. It's your choice !

Look at this photo again and cover half her face

Our research reveals that the following positive factors slow down aging

1) Happy marriage (or satisfying long-term relationship)
2) Job satisfaction
3) Ability to laugh easily
4) Satisfactory sex life
5) Ability to make and keep close friends
6) Regular daily routine  
7) Belief in God 

Negative Factors that speed-up aging 

1) Depression
2) Inability to express emotions
3) Feeling helpless to change oneself and others
4) Loneliness, absence of close friends
5) Lack of regular daily routine
6) Job dissatisfaction
7) Financial burdens, being in debt

Let’s remember! Every strong thought you have releases a messenger molecule in your brain. This means that every strong mental impulse gets transformed automatically into biological information. 

Read Our Books


Book I

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide: Radiant Health & Longevity


Book II

Anti-Aging Emotions: Healing the Body by Healing the Mind

Book III

The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health: Linking Medicine to Spirituality and Healing
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