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Radiant Health Newsletters  -   Issue 63 
Did You Know 

Dear friends, Did you know that you can direct your mind to heal your body?

Study after study reveals and thousands of "Double -Blind" clinical trials conclude, that between 30% to 50% of people subjected to medical tests experience the “placebo effect”.

The placebo effect takes place when an improvement of symptoms is observed despite using a non-active, look–alike substance. The person experiences a positive effect, simply by his/her expectation and belief in the benefit of a pill or treatment. These placebos are used in medical research, by doctors, to better understand the physical and/or psychological effects of new medications. In one experiment by Ornstein and Sobel, 1987 the Placebo treatment had the same pain-reducing ability as 8mg of morphine.

Yes, you can boost the healing power of any medication or supplement dramatically by convincing the brain to heal the body. This can be done by applying the “guided imagery” or the “visualisation method.” Simply create a clear image in your mind that the brain can grasp and clearly understand. Again, what’s important here is a strong, unfettered belief and conviction in the reality of your image.  You must literally feel its power and energy. You are, in a direct way, using thought to stimulate neurons (neuron stimulation). Brain scans show, blood rushing to visual neurons that are being activated. This area of the brain is the posterior lobe; it normally processes both pain and visual perception. For example, if you are stressed, picture yourself in a beautiful environment - a green meadow, a mountaintop, a lake, the seashore.

Allow the sound of a gentle warm breeze blowing, feel it on your skin --- add gorgeous scents, perhaps lavender, add the sound of water falling; perhaps some birds singing in a treetop overhead--- breathe deeply in and out --- let tension dissolve into the sound and images.  
Or picture yourself bathed in a protective light or surrounded by a protective orb (as shown below) or being protected under God’s umbrella.

Or picture fish swimming through your bloodstream eating bad cells and swallowing viruses /bacteria. You could also picture something less specific like being bathed in a healing, protective light that dries up cancers, tumors, and other foreign invaders.

Here are two of many images you can use to direct the mind to heal your body

Or picture your immune system fighting the cancer cells. Imagine the cancer cells as weak and damaged and flushed out of your body. Or Picture the cancer shrinking until it is gone. If you are experiencing pain, picture your white blood cells flowing to that area and soothing the pain.  Whatever the problem, direct your body to heal itself, visualizing the process in a way that makes sense to you. End the imagery by seeing yourself well, free of disease, and filled with energy. Keep on working with these vital forces of the mind – imagination, faith, hope and expectation. Please evoke and direct them and you will find no limit to the possibilities of healing.

For more details of how to apply powerful visualisation techniques see book III or the “Radiant Health” Workbook p. 92.


Dear friends,
We want you to enjoy a healthy quality of life and increase your lifespan. As we age our body accumulates damage that leads to a wide variety of age-related diseases. Our goal is to show you first, what causes that damage, then, how to repair it by rejuvenating the body’s tissues and cells and eliminating blockages in our energy field.

This program will offer a significant sense of empowerment which takes you to the next level of personal spiritual growth.   

Dr. Tony Ruprecht
Director, Radiant Health Life Extention Center

We have gathered enough scientific evidence to conclude that our health is determined by about 30% DNA and 70% by what we do with our bodies. Such as: the foods we eat, the exercise and sleep patterns we develop, and the kinds of emotional thinking we allow our brains to process.
We will present you with scientific evidence of the mind - body connection, which shows that every thought we have leaves a trace in your body. For example, a deeply embarrassing thought will leave a different trace than an erotic thought, but a trace nevertheless.
I know you will enjoy our presentation which focuses on the three (3) distinct approaches to vigorous health. 
                 Book I. Radiant Health and Longevity 
                Book II. Anti-Aging Emotions   
                Book III. The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health

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Let us show you how you can effectively send healing messages to your brain, thereby reducing stress and boosting your immune system.
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