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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 11
Dear friends,

For the first time in history, it is now possible for us to live longer and stay younger than ever before! Scientists have made some astounding discoveries about the aging process, and how to send healing messages to your brain.

Today we know how to stop premature aging at the cellular lever.

Read about these significant findings of prolonging your youth in my three books which show you today’s most remarkable ways to live LONGER, Look YOUNGER, and feel BETTER than you ever thought possible.

Our far-reaching Radiant Health program will change your life forever. You will be the best witness to observe how physical and mental health actually soars as you age.

Tony Ruprecht, Ph.D.


Why do we need to send healing messages to our brain? 

Most of us do not deal with our emotional needs and therefore we set ourselves up for physical illness. The strange but simple truth is that your attitude towards yourself is the single most important point in healing or remaining well. Those persons who are at peace with themselves in their environment have decidedly fewer illnesses than those who are not.
Remember the incredible conclusion revealed in Book II “Anti-Aging Emotions” namely: every single cell in your body listens to (or spies on) every single thought and emotion you have. In order to offset many of these negative thoughts and emotions that will do us harm and find expression in our body,  we need to send positive healing messages to our b rain. (This in turn will strengthen our immune system)
How we send these healing messages to our brain most effectively so that they contain significant impact please refer to book II: Anti-Aging Emotions: page 32.

Another Medal in recognition of
          Dr. Ruprecht's work

On the 30th Anniversary of the birth of Solidarnosc the Consul General of The Republic of Poland, Mr. Marek Ciesielczuk, is presenting the Polish “ Medal of Gratitude” to Dr. Tony Ruprecht.
This Medal was given to Tony for his contribution to the rebuilding of a liberated Poland and better health care for its citizens.                                       
June 2012
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Would you like to spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon in a splendid countryside setting (near Sutton, close to Lake Simcoe) and meet some of Dr. Ruprecht’s friends?

Tony will present his third and final book on Radiant Health and why it is important to send healing messages to the brain. Our proposed date is Sunday August 12 or Sunday August 19 from around 4 pm to 6 pm.

Please respond by email A.S.A.P. if you are interested so that I can send you more details. 
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Let us show you how you can affectively send healing messages to your brain, thereby reducing stress and boosting your immune system.
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Anti-Aging Emotions: Healing the Body by Healing the Mind

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