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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 13
Dear friends,

For the first time in history, it is now possible for us to live longer and stay younger than ever before! Scientists have made some astounding discoveries about the aging process, and how to send healing messages to your brain.

Today we know how to stop premature aging at the cellular lever.

Read about these significant findings of prolonging your youth in my three books which show you today’s most remarkable ways to live LONGER, Look YOUNGER, and feel BETTER than you ever thought possible.

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Tony Ruprecht, Ph.D.



The blueprint for making healthy cells and healthy tissues rests with our DNA. Regardless of what kind of disease a person is suffering from it really represents, fundamentally, a mutation in the DNA so that the DNA is not being read accurately and healthy cells are not being made. The consequence of course is the manifestation of some form of some disease. This includes mutations of the DNA in our immune system. When we have immune system disorders, several things happen.
First of all, there are two kinds of cells that are very important to the immune system – T cells and B cells. You can think of our immune system as an army--- T cells are the Generals, B cells are the foot soldiers. What happens over time, through mutation of the DNA in our body as we age, is that the B cells (the foot soldiers) become overactive, become hyperactive, and tend to do a lot of ‘friendly fire’ at oneself. The manifestation of this kind of immune deregulation includes allergies, asthma, auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, MS, lupus, scleroderma – the list is continually growing – cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS – these are all the results of the immune system not working as it should. Meanwhile, the T cells, the ones that really would know what to do when an infection comes about, are not as active as they should be as you get older.
What should we do? Look for our basic recommendations in Book I and see what happens. With our plan, several things occur. First of all, we will see increases in antioxidants. You also see the T cell activity increases while B cell activity decreases, and this is a good thing because this should potentially have less ‘friendly fire’ in the body that causes auto-immune diseases.
T cells kill infected cells and viruses and some bacteria. Their responses go up as well as natural killer cell activity goes up. These cells fight cancer cells and specific infections. Also regulatory hormones of the immune system, called cytokines IL-2 and IL-6, increase significantly. But even more exciting, the reason this comes about is because the DNA of the lymphocytes (which are the blood cells of our immune system) have shown very significant repair. That is a very fundamental result for me because if you’ve got DNA repair in lymphocytes you’ve got DNA repair in every cell in your body.

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Please Note:

Our researches have just informed me of the discovery of a new enzyme which has incredible immunoenhancing and protective power: apparently it shows true aging-reversing effects.

I hope we will be able to examine its worth before “big pharma” buys all rights to it and it disappears.
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