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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 28
Ancient Hindu Symbolic Depiction Of The Seven Chakra Energy Centres Of The Body. Negative Emotions Can Restrict The Energy Flow In And Out Of These Chakras. 

Dear friends,
 Did You Know ---
1)All matter vibrates and has energy. It’s a scientific fact based on the whirring actions of atoms.
2)Your body is matter. Every part of it has a normal vibration rate and pattern.
3) If the body’s natural energy vibration pattern is disturbed, sickness is inevitable.
4) What disturbs the normal vibration rate? Various things, but for our purposes thoughts (emotions) from the inside and poisons from the outside.

Here is how it works:
Poisons are relatively easy to detect. Industrial poisons – household poisons – food poisons, including spoiled foods.

Thoughts and emotional poisons are harder to detect but nevertheless have their destructive effect. Constant depressed thinking will change the brain and in some cases cause calcification of brain cells. See book II.

In the early 1970’s Doctors Burr and Ravitz made two dramatic discoveries. One,“
emotions can be equated with energy” and two, “our bodies and brains are maintained by permanent electro-magnetic fields which mold the ever changing material of the cells”.  In short, emotions, especially strong emotions, can change the vibration rate of these fields which in turn affects  the equilibrium of the cells. Once the cells pick up these disturbing patterns and signals they react negatively; either weakening or producing harmful chemicals detrimental to our health.

Quantum physics will show us these sensitive triggers in the atoms, which are the building blocks of our cells. Inside every atom is a very small nucleus. Inside this nucleus we find a proton and neutron which are made up of very small particles moving at the speed of light; such as quarks, neutrinos, photons and other particles which we are still discovering. When a negative emotion hits this dense packet of energy, the particles react – especially photons which are carriers of electro – magnetism. They communicate the disturbance to the field of the body and affect the weakest, the most appropriate corresponding organ (see our previous description of photon communication - newsletter 26 ).

Cells of plants use a similar communication system to inform other plants of viruses. Various experiments by scientists Simon Shchurin and Vlail Kaznachey prove that infection patterns (deadly viruses) are transmitted to healthy plant cells even at various distances. They suggest that the disease is carried along a radiation frequency.

However it happens, one thing is clear, we are living in a totally interconnected, interactive world and need to realize that every emotion – every thought – is registered and is the cause / effect in our immediate environment from where it spreads out and affects the field. In other words, every emotion sends signals to the whole energy grid surrounding us like a blinking red emergency light. An intense emotion frequently repeated over time creates such a strong tension in the grid that will enable it to appear and express itself as material physical form.

Once we become aware of this ultra-sensitive communication system that we are a part of, we understand that all our thoughts have significant consequences. Remember, we are beings of energy, surrounded by a sea of energy. If we want to live longer and in radiant health – we need to nurture loving thoughts and follow the mental exercises in order to develop a disciplined mind (see Book III).

For a more detailed study of the body and plants as energy systems see Dr. Semyon Kirlian’s research. He developed Kirlian photography which makes visible energy fields and energy flares of all living things.  For the development of an energy field detector see the research by Dr. Harold Burr, Professor of Neurophysiology, Yale University.  Dr. Burr’s voltmeter records energy fields of living things including patterns of energy, controlling growth of embryos and even seeds. Read his interesting book – Blueprint For Immortality: The Electric Patterns Of Life.
All Living Things Emanate Electromagnetic Force Fields

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Ancient Chinese depiction of meridian energy centres in the body. Acupuncture reopens these meridians so that energy can flow unrestricted throughout the body. 

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Life threw me a curve - I was in an emotional turmoil. By sheer luck I was invited to hear Tony Ruprecht speak on “The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health". I admit it was a life saver for me. For the first time in my life I came face to face with the positive and negative “me”. It was clearly portrait in Tony’s handouts. I then understood what it was that blocked my way to happiness and health.  I truly recommend Book II to everyone who wants more joy in their life. 
                                                                                     Raymond S. , Thornhill Ont.
Dr. Ruprecht challenges you to put your life, the whole of your life, in perspective - that part which works to your satisfaction and that part which needs change. Without that part of your life flourishing you cannot experience happiness nor radiant health. He is also clear on one issue -  your life here has a much greater purpose. It prepares you for the next life. For now at least, Book III  has become my bible.  
Jay P.


These Kirlian Photographs capture frequencies of stable energy fields emanating and surrounding all living things. Scientists have now developed software programs and imaging systems which analyse energy levels in order to capture illnesses before they do damage to the body.

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