December 2012 Newsletter By Dora Ohrenstein

December 2012 Newsletter

By Dora Ohrenstein

Who can believe the end of 2012 is upon us? I suddenly realized as well that this was the centenary year of my Dad's birth: he was born on December 3, 1912 in Mannheim, Germany. 

I'd like to share some recently published designs, where I got to use some cool stitches, techniques, and luscious yarns.  If you want better views of the designs, you can view this page at (click on the link at the bottom of this page).

Blue Jewels is worked mainly in Tunisian Knit stitch. The yarn is Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace yarns, one of the best yarns I know for crochet.  Keep in mind, Tunisian Knit is usually quite thick and heavy - but not with this luscious yarn!  You can see the excellent drape in this sweater. It's also interesting how the stitch causes the fabric to hug the body -- see how slim the sleeves look, even though they have a few inches of ease?  An interesting combination of fabric's ability to both hang and hug at the same time!

The colorful cap from Crochet Noro is a simple concept, worked from the top of the hat in half double crochet, with post stitches to create a textural effect.  The post stitches are offset by one stitch in each round to create the swirl. 

Quartz Lace Top seems to be getting special attention from Interweave Crochet fans! Its prettiness comes not only from the stitches, but the gorgeous Malabrigo Lace yarn. Notice the floatiness of the fabric with this softest of yarns, as well as the nuanced dying method, where small gradations of color add the illusion of texture. And brava on the styling Interweave, this photo is HOT!

The Vapor Scarf (nice title! and BTW, none of the titles are mine) is based on the idea of Hyperbolic Crochet -- remember the the Coral Reef Project? You begin with a chain of  any length, and increase stitches in every stitch in every row, so that your fabric begins to curl in on itself. By controlling how much you add, you can get more or less curl.  This "recipe" pattern  allows for a variety of ways to create this scarf. The yarn chosen -- Knit Picks Aloft -- is quite fuzzy and dictated the choices I made, but other yarns could yield many more  realizations. Perhaps a Crochet Along?

Quite by coincidence, the exact same yarn (even color) used in the Blue Jewels Pullover was also chosen by the editors of Interweave Crochet for the Diamand Carat Scarf, in their Accessories 2012 issue. This intricate pattern involves alternating between Tunisian squares and regular crochet Diamonds. It required more definition and tighter stitches, and you can see the difference in the resulting fabric and how it drapes. I have included my own shot of this scarf with the Right Side showing more clearly, where the stitches really pop.  The scarf is denser than the sweater, and since Mini Mochi is very soft, squooshy yarn, this is a warm and cozy wearable.

The Billie Scarf is an almost solid fabric bordered by motifs. Here I paid special attention to matching the stitches used in the main body with the border - there are cluster stitches on the diagonal in both.  This is made with Red Heart Sunset, a fingering yarn with a bit of metallic glimmer.  

Thanks to all the Editors, Tech Editors, photographers and models who have helped bring these designs to the public!  Can't wait to see some FO's of these designs in the months to come!

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