My brand new Craftsy class! By Dora Ohrenstein

My brand new Craftsy class!

By Dora Ohrenstein

I was so thrilled when Craftsy contacted me not long ago about doing a crochet class! Craftsy is an awesome site where you can take classes in a tremendous variety of hobbies and skills, from cake decorating to photography to jewelry-making and of course, crochet. The way it works is, you buy the class, which is broken up into several lessons. You watch the lesson on your computer, and you can easily stop and replay anything you want to see again. Your access to the class never expires, so you can watch the lessons again whenever you want. The teacher of the class is available on the Craftsy site to answer questions, and you can see all the questions and answers generated by others in the class. So all in all, it's a terrific learning tool that people are saying great things about!

My class is called Custom Fit Tunisian Crochet. It launches next week! It's based on the classic vest pictured here, which is made using Tunisian Knit Stitch and Tunisian Simple Stitch. You'll not only make the vest (the pattern is part of the class) but be able to custom fit it to your precise dimensions. There are very detailed lessons on exactly how to do that, including how and where to measure yourself, whether to add ease, modifying the pattern, and what types of alterations are best for your body.  

Part of the class is devoted to making a swatch of just a section of the vest which is a great way to do a trial run of your modifications before making the whole vest. You can see me here holding up the "armhole swatch" to my body to test its fit. I believe this is an invaluable tool for those who really want to understand custom fit. 

If you haven't perfected your Tunisian stitches, there's lots of help in the class for that too. You'll get a great view of the mechanics of both stitches, and learn how to work them with a loose hand for great drape. I also show you how to increase and decrease, how to bind off, and how to work a good-looking edging.

Now here's the exciting news!  Craftsy is giving away the class to one lucky winner. Click this link

to enter to win, then either sign in to your Craftsy account or register to create one - it's free.  You'll find lots of cool stuff to explore on Craftsy, and I hope you consider signing up for my class next week.  

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