Newsletter One: A New Beginning! By Dora Ohrenstein

Newsletter One: A New Beginning!

By Dora Ohrenstein

Welcome to the slim, sleek, "i" version of Crochet Insider.  Why a new format? Who has time to peruse multiple pages, no matter how fascinating, when every minute, social media are sending you multiple messages on multiple channels? I decided, if you can't beat them, join 'em. . . So, I hope you'll tune in to this new, tighter format.  I plan to fill it with crochet news, reports on new patterns, classes, my latest musical creations, reviews of new yarns and new books -- and also plenty of giveaways!!!

The original version of CI is not going away.  I am too fond of it, and I think others are too, to let that happen.  It will remain as a resource full of articles, interviews, techniques, book reviews, etc. 


The last couple of months have been very exciting, because of the release of my new book Custom Crocheted Sweaters: Making Sweaters That Fit (Lark Books).  It was an assignment I took seriously as a scholarly and an artistic challenge.  Response has been overwhelmingly positive, it's quite thrilling!

Here are some of the sweaters:




In February I had a blast at the Lion Brand  Studio, talking about sweaters to a good crowd, teaching a class, and discussing my book with Patty Lyons. The video of that interview is here, and you can see me wearing Creampuff.

 -- I also did a WEBS podcast with the Kathy Elkins here.

 -- an interview with CLF Fearless Leader Laurie Wheeler here.  

 -- and a podcast with the marvelous Marly Bird here.

Who saw/heard any of these?  C'mon folks, lemme feel the luuuuuuuuuv!

At TNNA in Phoenix I signed my book at the Tahki Stacy Charles Booth, and at VK Live at the booth of my very dear LYS Knitty City.  I went around singing my new crochet song, Family of Stitches, to anyone who would listen.  Here's the song.

Are you impressed with all the publicity for this book?  It's all due to my wonderful publicist, Libby Butler-Gluck, of Genesis PR. Thank you Libby!

If you have my new book, have you started anything?  I'm here to give advice or help if you have questions.  

More Dora News

I had a piece on the cover of Crochet Today! March issue: Folding Fans Scarf.  Inspired by the amazing Ukrainian magazine Duplet, with its awesome diagrams of intertwining motifs. We also did a CAL for this project, and you can still find the posts here.

The current issue of Crochet Today! has my Senorita Skirt. And Interweave Crochet just published my Cleopatra Dress.


Crochet Insider Classes

We are running classes on Sweater Making, Design Careers, and Pattern Writing.  Check it out here:



To launch this newsletter, we are doing GIVEAWAYS!!  If you'd like to win a copy of my book, Custom Crocheted Sweaters, here's how: Leave a comment here by midnight Sunday, April 1, telling me what "issues" you have with sweater fit.  You can also enter to win by Tweeting about this giveaway on Twitter, including @DoraDiva in your tweet. This will count as an extra entry!


Later this season, we will be giving away some of the  BEST CROCHET BOOKS of 2011:

The Best of Interweave Crochet by Marcy Smith

Simply Crochet by Robyn Chachula

Seamless Crochet by Kristen Omdahl

Make sure you're on our Mailing List so you get future issues. More to come in the weeks ahead.  Till then, please talk back to me, tell me what you're most interested in (here), and please send this newsletter to friends who you think would like it.  Thanks much! Dora

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Featured Patterns

Riverwalk Stole

By Natasha Robarge

A beautiful stole that's as simple as is it is elegant.

Jane Austen Shawl

By Wendy Lewis

A feather-weight yet warm shawl which Jane Austen herself might have worn over an empire waist gown.

Afternoon Tea Fingerless Gloves

By Dora Ohrenstein

The newly upgraded pattern for this popular design is now available in our Store!

Crystal Faroese Shawl

By Jude Butterworth

A very special shawl pattern by Jude Butterworth, who brings innovative style to her designs.

Kroc Socks

By Carol Ballard

Don't you just love your Crocs? Keep your toes toasty warm this winter with these clever inserts.

Wave Babe Skirt

By Dora Ohrenstein

 A truly wearable item for your wardrobe, designed for great fit. 

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