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A Message From The President

         August 6, 2015                       Volume 3 No. 61
Our August Outlook

Who manages the Internet and how the Internet is governed are topics constantly discussed. The Internet Society highlights how Internet governance remains critical to economic and social opportunities. We have lined up events that will educate us on Internet Governance and will enhance/deepen the knowledge base of the Domain Name System (DNS) Industry and create further awareness of the .ng brand, which is the Nigerian Identity in Cyberspace. This has the potential to further reduce the unemployment level in the country and encourage growth of the Nigerian economy. 

Also, in this month of August 2015, we plan to conduct a Registrar's Technical Training, this is for new and existing accredited registrars; this launches the NiRA Academy for DNS Technical Training programmes and plans. The Academy will provide face to face and online training programmes. As part of the training, we will create access to CoCCA (Council of Country Code Administrators) training platform (Registry solution in use by most Registries in the world) for all interested Registrars.  NiRA will also conduct technical training and policy enlightenment to newly Accredited Registrars. The dates for the trainings would be communicated in due time.
Note that the Registrar's Accreditation Technical Training is open also to all existing Accredited Registrars who desire to be abreast with current happenings of the Domain Name Industry. There will be discussions on NiRA Policies which govern the DNS activities for the .ng ccTLD.
The NiRA Academy aims to:
  • Educate on Internet Governance
  • Bridge the gap in the knowledge base of the DNS Industry in Nigeria by developing the DNS Industry in Nigeria.
  • To grow local DNS entrepreneurs, develop capacity in other DNS related specialization such as Website design and development, Cybersecurity, Networking, etc.
  • Breed certification based relationships with third parties like NITDA, NCC, ICANN, CPN
  • Create opportunities for our youth to build and develop their own businesses and contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy.
  • Use the Ndukwe Kalu Foundation, the arm of NiRA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to reach out to the wider public.
After the training in August and subsequent trainings, we expect our registrars to further create awareness through their resellers and further increase the number of domain names (Nigerian Internet domain names) in the year 2015.

Other Matters:
During our annual statutory visit to National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), our supervising Agency, the NiRA Executive Board of Directors had outlined some of our plans to use the NiRA CSR vehicle to contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy and we intend to fulfil our promises.
On behalf of NiRA Executive Board of Directors, I wish to congratulate the newly elected Executives of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), led by Professor Ganiyu Adesola Aderounmu, who emerged as the President NCS at the just concluded Annual General Meeting at Akure, held on the 24th July 2015. We wish the new executives a successful tenor in the office.

Your President,

Sunday Folayan
TECH SPEAK                             News!                                 News!!
Web 2.0 Technology

Web 2.0 was coined in 1999 by Darey Dinucci. There are many types of web 2.0 applications. Social media and blogs are very key components to this web version; others include wikis, video sharing sites, web applications etc. They produce no content on their own; all contents within the sites are generated by users.
The social media and blogs have helped the ICT businesses in this present age. Most organizations such as Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) that use the Internet also have access to these social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., where they can read other people’s post/content and upload their own content. This technology allows NiRA and her stakeholders to interact and collaborate with each other in a virtual community. You need a domain name, (preferably a .NG domain name) to create more visibility for the content you want to share in the Internet community

MARKETING: Web 2.0 serves as a good platform to engage organizations such as NiRA (Registry for .ng ccTLD). They use this technology to collaborate with their stakeholders on products developments, services enhancement and promotions. The organizations can also create wikis (web sites that will allow users to add, delete, and edit content) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section about each product while the stakeholders can add significant contributions.
Small scale businesses also use this tool as a marketing strategy for their brands to compete with larger companies. Whether you are an individual or an organization, your brand is important and registering your brand name on .ng ccTLD can give you a stable foundation to build your online brand and followership.
Take your time in choosing and buying your domain name as it will represent you on the Internet. In your analysis, consider perception of your correspondents and the meaning of the name you select for your online brand. For both social media and search engines, your domain is the primary way by which users can identify you and your brand. Having a .ng brand name boosts your visibility especially in Nigeria.
EDUCATION:  This technology gives the student the ability to expand his/her learning beyond the classroom by sharing what they learn with peers.
Some parents think that this technology of instant social network has negative impact on students; some say its time wasting, while some others say these are avenues for gossip, blind date, social media haters, ruin other people’s reputations, and all dangerous activities, etc. But there is more to Web 2.0. According to Will Richardson “education should be collaboratively constructed”. This means that students in a Web 2.0 classroom setting are expected to collaborate with their peers.
Teachers are expected to create an atmosphere that requires the student to contribute his/her own ideas.
In conclusion, Web 2.0 is just a term used to describe a variety of web sites and applications that allow anyone to create share, collaborate and communicate.
Having a .NG domain name can aid the visibility of whatever you want to communicate and share with the world.
Outcome of the 12th International Conference and NCS AGM

The 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) held on the 24th July 2015 at AKure. The attendance at the conference was very high, with an additional 450 new members inducted.
Key decisions were taken at the conference which included “that Information Technology (IT) is an enabler for growth and national development and capable of being the highest employer of labour in Nigeria” and “that the IT Industry holds a huge potential for Nigeria to improve the economy base through job and wealth creation; foreign exchange earnings and conservation and this potential must be fully utilized by the Federal and State Governments”.
At the 48th AGM, new executives were elected with Professor Ganiyu Adesola Aderounmu emerging as the President, NCS. The conference commended the efforts of the Ondo State Government in the deployment of IT in the state as well as the efforts of National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in the provision of competitive research fund to encourage the development of ICT-enabled solutions.

Status of DotConnectAfrica Trust Application for .AFRICA

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently announced it will resume evaluation of DotConnectAfrica Trust's (DCA's) application for the .AFRICA new generic top-level domain.
A special meeting was convened by ICANN's Board of Directors to quickly address an independent review panel's declaration that held in favor of DotConnectAfrica Trust regarding certain claims about its .AFRICA top-level domain application. Though the panel had found that ICANN’s conduct was inconsistent with the ICANN Articles and Bylaws because of certain actions and inactions of the ICANN Board, the panel recommended that for the time being, ICANN should continue to refrain from delegating the .AFRICA gTLD.
During the meeting of ICANN Board of Directors, the Board resolved to:
  • Continue to refrain from delegating the .AFRICA gTLD.
  • Permit DCA's application to proceed through the remainder of the new gTLD application process.
  • Reimburse DCA for certain costs related to the independent review process.
Based on the above, the ICANN Board had directed its staff to take all steps necessary to resume the evaluation of DCA's application for .AFRICA and to ensure that such evaluation proceeds in accordance with the established process (es) as quickly as possible.
Steve Crocker, ICANN's Chairman of the Board noted that the independent review process is an integral part of ICANN's community-developed accountability mechanisms, which are fundamental safeguards in ensuring that ICANN's bottom-up, multi-stakeholder model remains effective. He also stated ICANN’s commitment to ICANN's African stakeholders remains strong. 

NiRA Resource Centre Attractions

The Training Hall, Conference Room and Cafeteria at NiRA, 8 Funsho Williams Avenue, Iponri, Surulere, Lagos, are available for hire to NiRA Stakeholders and members for corporate events in the Domain Name System Industry, training, board meetings, business breakfast, business luncheon and related business fora in the Domain Name Business.
Domain Name Report – January to July 2015

There was further increase in the domain name registration and renewal in July 2015 with significant increases at the second and third levels. From January to July 2015, 8,705 domain names were renewed and a total of 12,226 new domain names registered. It is worthy to note that from January to July 2015, we have 20,931 domain names, inclusive of new registrations and renewals at both second and third levels.
From January to July 2014, we had 11,076 new registrations and 7,280 renewals. So for the period January to July 2014, there were 18,356 registrations and renewals.
Comparing same period in 2014 and 2015, there are more domain name activities in 2015. This increase can be attributed to greater awareness and understanding of the benefits to be derived from the .ng brand name.

Upcoming Events


DATE: Saturday 8th August, 2015;
VENUE: Sheraton Abuja Hotel; TIME: 9am

Registrars Accreditation Technical Training
Date: 31st August & 1st September 2015
Venue: NiRA Office Complex, 8 Funsho Williams Avenue, S/L, Lagos.

NiRA Registrars Forum
Date: 18th September 2015
Venue: NiRA Office Complex, 8 Funsho Williams Avenue, S/L, Lagos.

Initial Registry Operators Course

14th to 18th September, 2015
Venue: Bujumbura, Burundi

ICANN 53 Meeting

18th -22nd October 2015

eNigeria 2015

: 17th to 19th November 2015

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