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A Message From The President

       March 19, 2015                       Volume 3 No. 51

On Thursday 5th March 2015, NIRA played host to the Gentlemen of the Press at the first ever “ONE-DAY MEDIA COLLEGE” at NIRA House Iponri Suru-lere Lagos.

Participants were drawn from writers who cover ICT and related industries. Attendance was high, almost 50 persons from various media houses and it was my great pleasure to welcome all to the event. We appreciate the turnout.

The one-day Media College on .NG was aimed at encouraging creativity and discourse on Domain Name Industry in Nigeria, especially among the Nigeria media practitioners with special focus on those covering Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).  During the interaction, the hunger for knowledge on Domain Name System (DNS) in Nigeria was apparent.  There is no doubt in my mind that we have set the ball rolling for the much anticipated publicity for the .ng and DNS business in Nigeria.

The theme of the One-day Media College event was “Effective Reporting of Domain Name Industry in Nigeria”. Resource personnel were drawn from within NiRA and the industry. Topics covered include “Historical path to .ng ccTLD”, “Domain Name System Business Overview”, “How Media Practitioners can take advantage of DNS Industry”, “Choosing Domain Names for Business and Media
“ and “Internet Governance and .gov management”. 

NIRA desires to get all Nigerian and their businesses online using the .ng, Nigeria country code top level domain (ccTLD) platform. This is our identity on the Internet/Cyberspace. It is our collective responsibility to establish good presence of Nigeria on the Internet.

We need the Gentlemen of the press to create the awareness of the DNS Industry, disseminate information with regards to .ng domain name business. This is evident in the establishment of the NIRA Media College.  We plan to uphold and sustain the tempo of the media college to its fullness, with the support of the gentlemen.

We thank all for their involvement and ensuring that the event was successful. From my colleagues on the Executive Board of Directors of NIRA, the Communication and Publicity Committee, Secretariat staff and to our August ICT journalists, we have just kick-started another era in the DNS history in Nigeria, that in time, shall yield good fruit.

More information and updates of the “One-Day Media College” event can be obtained from a dedicated website for the NIRA Media College. See:
... And NANS honours NIRA
NiRA’s efforts were once again acknowledged and recognized, this time round from the youth, the amiable National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).

On the 6th of March 2015, NANS honored the President of NiRA for outstanding leadership role while the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) was honoured for excellence in service delivery.
We feel very humbled to accept the honour and have taken the acknowledgement of our efforts as a privilege and courage to do more for the industry. On behalf of my humble self and NiRA, I thank the NANS for the awards and assure them that they will always see us as worthy ambassadors of the country, worthy of emulation. With God on our side, we will continue to strive to project our country, Nigeria on the cyberspace for good. 
Mrs. Mary Nma Uduma
News!  News!!  News!!!
Applications are now open for NextGen@ICANN

The NextGen@ICANN program received incredibly positive feedback and the number of applications to the program grew exponentially over the past year.
As part of the Development and Public Responsibility Department's (DPRD) ongoing work to support the next generation of Internet users, the NextGen@ICANN program has been formalized as a staple DPRD initiative to engage regionally based undergraduate and graduate students at ICANN meetings, and introduce them to ICANN through guided programming. The NextGen@ICANN program was initially organized at ICANN 49 in Singapore with DotAsia and NetMission, and has been successfully replicated at both ICANN 50 in London and ICANN 51 in Los Angeles by our Department.
The application for NextGen@ICANN for Buenos Aires ICANN 53 has opened and the youth, who are interested in becoming more involved with ICANN community through NextGen@ICANN are encouraged to apply.  Click here to apply to the program.
Afrinic announce Selected country for 2015 AFRINIC INRM & IPv6 workshop

10 March 2015 - Following the call for hosting for INRM and IPv6 Workshops, AFRINIC has finalized the list of countries to host AFRINIC Trainings in 2015.
The countries that will host trainings this year are:

2015 NIRA Membership Dues
Do please recall NiRA membership criteria. Link Here As a member, your financial obligations to the Association is due by 1st January of every financial year. Members are encouraged to pay their dues, including all previous outstanding membership dues.
Please remember only financial members are eligible to vote or be voted for, or nominate, and be nominated, by the provisions of the NIRA Constitution.Individual membership due is N5,000.00 per annum whilst corporate membership fees is N10,000.00. Prompt payment would be appreciated to enable update of membership records before the AGM, planned for April 2015.
Bank details and other details are provided below:

Individual Membership: N5,000
Corporate Membership: N10,000.

Kindly, make payments directly to either our Zenith Bank Plc account or Access Bank Plc  . The account details are as follows:

Bank Name:                     Zenith Bank PLC
Account Name: Nigeria Internet Registration Association
Account number: 1012560346
Branch: Electronic Market Branch Onitsha
Bank Name: Access Bank Plc
Account Name: Nigeria Internet Registration Association                    
Account Number: 0018264418
Branch: Matori Lagos Branch  
For further inquiries, including knowing your financial status, please, send an email to:


Middle East DNS Forum

Date:9th to 10th March 2015
Venue: Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University (TAG-Uni), Amman, Jordan

Africa Internet Summit (AIS) 2015

24th May to 5th June 2015 - Tunisia

WSIS Forum 2015
25-29 May 2015, ​Geneva, Switzerland

Advanced Registry Operators Course And Africa Internet Summit

 Date: 25th May – 5th June 2015
Venue: Tunis, Tunisia
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