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A Message From The President

December 24, 2015                       Volume 3 No. 71

Season’s Greetings to all 

 It has been a wonderful year for the .ng brand and NiRA. We now have more accredited registrars, further reduced the cost of registration of .ng domain names at the 2nd level and also introduced the “” zone, not to forget the inauguration of the new NiRA Executive Board of Directors after the successful AGM and elections on the 30th of April 2015. The .ng brand was more visible on various social platforms in 2015. As the custodian of the Nigerian online identity, NIRA is encouraging and providing the opportunities for Nigerians to socially engage, tweet, upload and download materials to project the Nigerian identity and local contents. We are on Facebook and Google platforms to ensure we capture the attention of Nigerians and the world. NIRA recognizes the task of promoting .ng in a society that was hitherto dominated by other TLDs but luckily, a society with an appetite for change.with an appetite for change.with an appetite for change.



Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) 

The difference between authentication, authorization and Accounting is easily misunderstood, yet these are three important and fundamental terms in the framework for intelligently controlling access to Computer or Internet  resources, enforcing policies, auditing usage and providing the information necessary to bill services. The confusion might arise, perhaps because, from the perspective of some users, the three processes appear to happen at the same time.

Authentication is any process by which you verify that someone is who they claim they are essentially authentication verifies identity. We are probably familiar with the concept of authentication; which is  the way that security systems challenge us to prove we are the customer, user, or employee whom we claim to be by using a password, token, smart card, retina scan, voice recognition, fingerprints or other forms of credential. We can also be required to show our passport, driver’s license, etc . It is possible that some of us are less familiar with the concept of authorization and the related term “access control”.


Fellows Announced for ICANN55 in Marrakech   
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) seeks a ICANN Fellowship Program would bring Global Voices together at ICANN55 in Marrakech. The Fellowship Program is how ICANN supports the next generation of community members by reaching out to the less developed regions in the world to build capacity within ICANN Multi-stakeholder Model.


Africa Do main Name System Forum 2016

Date: 4th to 6th March 2016
Venue: Palmeraie Conference Center
Circuit de la Palmeraie BP 1488 40000 Marrakech, Morocco

ICANN55 | Marrakech

Date: 5th to 10th March 2016
Venue: Palmeraie Conference Center
Circuit de la Palmeraie BP 1488 40000
Marrakech, Morocco.

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