Equinet promotes equality in Europe through supporting and enabling the work of national equality bodies. It supports equality bodies to be independent and effective as valuable catalysts for more equal societies. 

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November 2015

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On 9-10 November 2015, staff of member equality bodies joined hosts Equinet and the Equality and the Human Rights Commission in London for a capacity building seminar entitlted A question of faith. Religion and belief in the work of equality bodies. Presentations and photos are available here. A summary will be made available shortly.


Equinet expresses solidarity with our colleagues at the French Defender of Rights, headed by Jacques Toubon, following the events that took place in Paris on 13 November last.


European Commission

  • 16/11/2015: New EU rules for better protection for victims of crime in the EU are in place, the objective being that all victims of crime and their family members are recognised and treated in a respectful and non-discriminatory manner based on an individual approach tailored to the victim's needs.
  • 02/11/2015: On the occasion of European Equal Payday, the Commission released an EU factsheet and 28 Country factsheets – one for each EU Member State - with figures on the gender pay gap and the overall gender earnings gap in the different Member States.
  • 30/10/2015: A School Drawing competition aimed at 7-10 year olds across Europe asks children, teachers and parents to think about what we share that allows us to live together in an inclusive and mixed society. Entitled Give Me 5, it asks children to draw their ideas of five ways we are all the same; whether we are Roma or not. Deadline: 16/02/2016

European Parliament

  • 12/11/2015: A mini hearing was held by the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality regarding the inclusion of women in company boards across the EU and the potential benefits it entails for society and for the company itself.


European Court of Human Rights (ECrtHR)

European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA)


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LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER FOR EQUINET CONFERENCE: Equality bodies and the new freedom of movement directive - challenge or opportunity?

Paris, 08/12/2015: The Defender of Rights will host the conference, which is dedicated to the role of equality bodies in combating nationality-based discrimination under the implementation of the new Directive. Aimed at senior management and experts from national equality bodies, representatives of EU institutions and agencies, NGOs, policy or legal experts, social partners and other organisations active in the field. Registration closes on 30 November!


How to improve work-life balance and reduce obstacles to women's participation in the labour market?
Following the recent withdrawal of the Commission's 2008 proposal to amend the Maternity Leave Directive, the Commission has committed to replacing the withdrawn proposal with a 'new start' initiative in its Work Programme for 2016. Two consultations have been launched:
Public consultation with all citizens, organizations and public authorities. 
Deadline: 17/02/2016
Consultation with social partners such as employees' and employers' organisations. 
Deadline: 04/01/2016 

Consultation on the implementation and application of Council Directive 79/7/EEC on the progressive implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women in matters of social security.
Deadline: 14/12/2015

Consultation on EU Citizenship: ‘Share your opinion on our common values, rights and democratic participation’
Deadline: 07/12/2015
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