I am very thankful that we are not alone in this process. God proves every single day that He is in control. We realize every day that it is not a coincidence that we are in Slovakia right now and that our Creator has everything perfectly planned.

In the beginning of July when we decided not to fight the visa battle any longer, we had no idea what was going to happen to us. Actually, I have to correct that, otherwise I would be lying. I can’t say we didn’t know what was going to happen to us. We knew exactly what was going to happen to us. We knew that God would take care of all our need in the right time. Our brains had a hard time understanding God’s logic. We know our calling to be missionaries though. And long time ago we told God we would go wherever He would send us. The word “wherever” did not include Slovakia. Today, however, even our brains can clearly see why we are here. God really knows everything and he knew the right timing for us to be in Slovakia and spread the awareness about mission so that more people could go and fulfill the great commission that God has called us to through His son Jesus.

In the upcoming year we would like to invest into Slovakia what has been invested into us the last ten years. Ten years ago we attended a Bible college in Denmark where our practical preparations for the mission field started.

Some things just need the fulness of time. When we left into the mission field for the first time, we expressed a genuine desire for more Slovaks to be sent out into the mission. It was, however, a bit difficult to help with it from Lower Brule. Jozef and Bohunka Brenkus had the same desire many years before us. I have now met people, who had been arranging conferences about mission since in the 90’s. They have been praying for others and equipping them in order to fulfill the great commission. I believe that there were many people who prayed back in the deep totalitarian regime asking God to call missionaries out of Slovakia. There is no way we can ignore all the great work which missionaries from abroad have done in Slovakia the last twenty-nine years. Men and women who have been sharing their experience with God. I remember that as a kid I was in awe dreaming about the possibility to be one of those that experience the presence of God and brings the gospel of God into the world. Now we realize in all seriousness and humbleness that we are the fruit of their work and prayers. God broke the heart of Maťo and Sisa Mrva several years ago and told them that they would first need to help others leave and then their time to leave would come, too. I believe therefor that it is not by accident that I am sitting in their studio right now and have the opportunity, together with Jozef and Bohunka, to prepare the way for others who would be willing to step out of their comfort zone and carry the gospel of God to the ends of the earth. 

In this first phase, we would like to answer the question WHY? Not why we do it. That we all have answered very clearly long time ago. We want to know, why it is important that Slovakia would send out more missionaries. I am currently meeting different kinds of people who work in Slovakia within the abroad-related missionary work. I have yet to meet many of them and I believe that I will be able to meet many more and will be able to start using the current resources so that missionaries from Slovakia could be sent out.

During the second phase we would like to look at the question HOW? We have already touched that question and started to talk about it. After that we will enter another phase with the question WHAT? That will be something particular which we have been dreaming of and God knows exactly what it is. It will be the work of God.

We visited Israel in September in order to be refreshed at at the all nations convocation. Our main goal was to let our children be healed in these times of changes that we are facing as a family. After having talked to missionaries who have been in the field for many years, we realized more clearly that the process we are going though can have an immense influence on the lives of our kids. We trust God in this area too and we therefore decided to travel to Israel with the belief that God would began a healing process in our kids. And we believe that He did release His healing power. I know it because I was always very emotional when I started to talk about it before the trip and tears came into my eyes. Today it’s all different and I am confident that God is in control and I don’t have to worry. God has also helped us find the right school for our kids and now even the housing situation is progressing. We are currently trying to find furniture, beds and mattresses. Yes, that’s right. We have nothing of our own. So far we have been given the opportunity to use everything from Barca’s parents who shared their home with us as if it was our own from the beginning. They have even been lending us their cars while they took the bus instead. We are extremely thankful for what they have done for us. Now we will soon be eight and their van with seven seats is not big enough for us anymore. I trust God that He will, in his time, provide the best car for our family.

I went hiking the other day and one of my good friends asked me how we are managing if we don’t have anything in control and in our hands. My question is, what do we as humans actually have in control? What do we hold in our hands. Happiness, life, death, love? In our hands we hold the decision either to live with God or without Him. If we decide to live with Him, it does not mean we will always have everything right now. It does not mean opposite either. However, all of those, that live with God and learns about His great love for man as well as his perfection and omnipotence, will have to admit, that it is best for the human to surrender under His guidance. 


Mount of Olives

Kate Hess invited us to her house on the Mount of Olives. You can see three daughters of Glory on the picture as well. God has called Glory with her husband from India to Jerusalem House of Prayer.


Our last two days in Israel we spent with Ľudka Trenklerová in Eilat. Ľudka is our Slovak missionary in Israel. God call Ľudka to establish the school of worship in Eilat. 

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