May 2017 Update
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Hello Lunchketeers!

It's been a while. And so much has happened since the last "Nerd Lunch Newsletter." Let's get into it!

We are well past launch of our sub-show based on the Down the Rabbit Hole topic. In the show, CT, Jeff Somogyi and Pax welcome a guest and they try to get from one page in a wiki site to another using the links on the page and their conversation. We just released our seventh episode with guest Dr. Andrea Letamendi. These episodes are so fun and we always enjoy the feedback we hear after. 

If you're already subscribed to Nerd Lunch, then you're already getting these episodes. If you just want these episodes in a feed (or to share with a friend!) then you can subscribe via Apple Podcasts or Google Play.

Perhaps you don't want to subscribe to our show via a podcast platform, but you can always listen to Down the Rabbit Hole or any other shows on our BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

After years of being on the Blogger host, we've moved Nerd Lunch to a brand new host and there are so many awesome new features of the site.

The Nerd Lunch Podcast – This page is the home to all episodes we've released. Looking for an old episode to re-listen to or share with a friend? This is the place to do it.

The Fourth Chair Army – We have a master list of every guest who has ever been on the show with links to all of their appearances on Nerd Lunch. We also have a Fourth Chair Carryover Question generator that contains every FCCQ asked on the show.

Other Podcasts – Our site serves as a source for learning about other podcasts the Nerd Lunch crew appears on, such as CT's appearance on the Pop Culture Retrofit Podcast. Or Jeff Somogyi's. Or when CT revealed his Cinema Shame. Or when all the Nerd Lunchers each guested on Mystery Movie Night. From here, you can also get to Pax and CT's other podcasts.

Other Media – There's now a home for all of Nerd Lunch's other media. You can view all of our videos, several photo galleries, a web comic we star in, and links to references to us in the press.

Plus, there are several new articles on the site after a dry spell of blogging. We've got more planned and invite you to come visit us and have fun exploring this Nerd Lunch home.

Recent Podcast Episodes

Podcasty goodness!
Thanks to Quinn Rollins, Jaime Hood, Andrew Bloom, Michael DiGiovanni, PLee, Thom Holbrook, Jay Ryan, Matt from Dinosaur Dracula, and Mike Westfall for appearing on these episodes.
Go Down the Rabbit Hole with Nerd Lunch!
  • Dr. Andrea Letamendi (DC Comics edition)
  • Geek Kay
  • Quinn Rollins (Muppets edition)
  • Jonathan DeMuth
  • Michelle Houghton (Disney edition)
  • Michael DiGiovanni (Christmas-ish edition)
  • Corey Chapman
Thanks to Evan Hanson and Michael May for filling in for Pax during two of those episodes.


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