Wellington Timebank Newsletter - Trading Tales: Thomas & Cathy
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Kia ora. Welcome to the latest Timebank Newsletter

The Wellington Timebank and Peoples Coffee come together on Saturday July 30th to offer an event exclusive to Wellington Timebank members!

Kick of your weekend with a behind-the-scenes look at Newtown's own coffee roastery and learn about the background and ethos of one of only two New Zealand businesses to gain certification from the World Fair Trade Organisation. Enjoy the talk and tour with delicious home-baking and hot drinks, get to know other timebankers from your area, and take the opportunity to pick up coffee husks, sacks and pallets for timebank credits.

Places are limited so RSVPing is essential!
Congratulations Wellington TimeBank  
Finalist in Wellington Airport Community Awards 2016

Lamp Base gets New Lease of Life!

Having met Cathy before I knew she had a real passion for re-cycling … and that is exactly what happened when she saw a lamp-base on Trade Me, masquerading as a vase!

She had wanted a particular lamp for the corner of her room and the colours of this base were just the right match. Having made her purchase she put out a request for someone to do the re-wiring and soon worked out a trade with Thomas. Cathy visited Thomas’ workplace, a veritable cavern of interesting mechanical fixtures and he worked out the fittings she required. Luckily he had a spare piece of flex and she only needed to purchase the fittings for the shade, so the re-cycling pattern Cathy so appreciated, continued.

Cathy, keen re-cycler

Cathy has been a member of Timebank for about 2 years now and has volunteered at the Curtain Bank, taken rubbish to the tip and several other small jobs. She likes the idea that everybody’s skills are recognised in an equal way and feels the time-credits are a wonderful way of acknowledging that. Cathy sees Timebank as a kind of ‘community reciprocity’ – even if two people don’t have a mutual exchange, the links of a chain in the network are begun and the communal benefit multiplies.

Thomas moved from France to Wellington, with his wife, just over a year ago and they both joined Timebank shortly after arriving. Although he was able to get a job almost immediately, his wife Clem, found it harder and she thought Timebank would get them involved in a variety of activities and be a way of meeting new people.  They found the whole concept an interesting one and were very surprised to find how many people were keen to be involved in voluntary work.

Thomas demonstrating his electrical skills

Thomas’ skills repairing and fixing all sorts of household items have kept him busy, and although both Thomas and Clem used a number of time-credits in the Christmas Gift Shop, he admits to still having a heap to spend. He says it was really useful to use his credits to borrow some power tools shortly after he arrived, before he was properly set-up. Creative he certainly is and, having worked as a swimming pool technician, one of his more unusual trades has been to transform a spa pool into a duck pond!

Thomas would certainly encourage people to become Timebank members because you definitely meet some interesting people and it is not just the same type of person. They have been to a number of social events now and on one occasion ended up meeting a man who invited them to join him on his boat. An opportunity which they wouldn’t normally have expected to happen.  

Thomas was happy to help Cathy with the lamp base and fittings as he believes it is good to give your time to help others with things that they cannot do. And Cathy is equally happy, she says, ‘It looks really good in its place and when I find the right shade it will look brilliant.’

Story by Sue Jenkins

Connecting the Dots!

Being TimeBank coordinator is an interesting role. Timebanking is one of many movements in Wellington and around the world that makes a difference by encouraging people to do small things which added together change the way we view and do community.

There are a number of organisations that are part of Wellington TimeBank - from Pre-schools to Playback Theatre, from Alpha Art to Active Youth, from Community Centres to Kaibosh.
Each organisation or community is part of the jigsaw adding up to common outcomes of sharing and caring. We are symbiotic and can support one another as we do as individuals.

Therefore if you know of or are part of any organisation with similar values to the TimeBank who utilises volunteers, please encourage them to sign up so they can reward their volunteers with Time credits.
Kia kaha, Chris
TimeBanking improves our well-being
Some stats from TimeBank UK to encourage us in the value of TimeBanking 

Community Resilience

Wellington City Council is proud to be part of the Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) programme.

Why community counts
They recently visited Christchurch to learn about leadership during recovery. They heard a number of interesting reflections from the likes of the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Agency and the DHB. The most sobering thoughts however, were from the people working in mental health.

He aha te mea nui o te ao? It's not the pipes, cables, buildings, or roads. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

Wellington Timebank is part of this strategy of building Community Resilience in a number of ways including our Emergency Database.

Annual Tree Planting Day

July 9, 10am - 3pm
Behind Owhiro Bay School Grounds

Friends of Owhiro Stream are having their annual Planting Day with 1,000 trees to be planted on Saturday 9 July, 10am-3pm. Folks are welcome to pop in for as much of the day as suits them. There will be a BBQ at lunchtime, and the event will be family-friendly.

The site for planting is behind Owhiro School grounds and can be accessed  at the south end of Happy Valley Park (opposite 137 Happy Valley Road).

For more info and updates on Friends of Owhiro Stream, visit their facebook page!
In the spirit of Plastic Free July, Hannah and Liam bring you an interactive evening of information about living Zero Waste... Wellington-style. They will also delve into how a Zero Waste lifestyle can trigger a political paradigm shift well beyond the rubbish bin. And of course, they’ll share handy tips and secrets on how to survive without plastic!

We are mixing it up a little bit! As Usual turn up from 5.30pm for a 6pm start....
At Alpha Gallery/Studio at 55 Abel Smith Street
Tuesday 26th July!

This is a potluck AND a wee workshop - with plenty of room to chat about our projects, our concerns, our successes - so we can celebrate and solve as we keep our hands busy!  We'll be working with Andreas Lepper - beating on some drums! He'll teach the hordes of fine folk that turn up a Brazilian Samba Reggae, including a bit of a clever warm-up and conga drum technique. 
Please bring a plate of food to share. 

PLEASE RSVP on the Facebook or to gribble.e@hotmail.com

Repaint the Canvas of the Future

Weekend Hui in Wellington from the evening of Friday 15 July until Sunday 17 July. Aro Community Centre.

Imagine a country which respects the living planet; whose people enjoy good housing, good health, wholesome food, a satisfying occupation, free education, a compassionate justice system, and an adequate income: a country with an inclusive democracy grounded in vibrant communities.

This could be Aotearoa New Zealand – together, we can make this vision a reality.

Timebank Orientation - Next Monday 11 July 12:30pm at the Sustainability Trust - Monday 18 July 5:30pm Newtown Community and Cultural Centre 
Note: Online Signup here before coming to one of our Orientation sessions
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