Our very first announcement of this breakthrough motion picture.
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Monterey County locations have a starring role in "War of the Limelight," the feature film that was developed and filmed here last summer. Join local talent/crew, producers, and businesses who had a part in it all at HARA Motion Picture Conservatory's first public screening...


The first public screening of...



Save the date:
Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Invite only, private screening hosted at
Golden Bough Playhouse, Carmel-by-the-Sea

$10,000 fall grant awarded to HARA from the Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation!
"Helping our youth build the future" 
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HARA's Spring 2016 "The Filmmaker's LifestyleYouth Mentorship Program" generously supported by:
Arts Council for Monterey County
S.T.A.R. Foundation of Monterey County

HARA Producer's Circle ($500 & over):

Woody Beville
City of Carmel-by-the-Sea
Carlos & Gabriela Forte
Karen Lehman
Tammy Massa 
Bob & Leslie Mulford
Chris Pappas
Dominic Piccinini
Reda Rackley-Smith
Cannery Row Rotary
Santa Lucia Rotary
Valarie Shad
Brett & Rose Scholl
Austin & Sandy Shaw
Sheryl Silbaugh
Tamara Swanson
Unified Caring Assoc.
Valentia Valentine
Clint Ward

Top Ten Finalist!
Fall 2016's Roy Dean Foundation Film Grant
Fall Grant Finalists Page
SPECIAL THANKS from "War of the Limelight" :
Carmel Youth Center
Carmel Police Dept.
House of 8 Media
Left Coast Entertainment
Pac Rep Theatre
RockStar Dance Studio
Wave Street Studios
War of the Limelight Plot Summary:
       The story takes place in the near future in the secluded American destination town of SeaBright. The SeaBright MAYOR (played by Doug Toby) must implement a new U.S. policy that requires local law enforcement to assist federal immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) surveillance and arrests. The county is home of two rival high schools: private Seabright High and public Alvarado High; both equally living in a bubble of limited awareness of global issues. When filmmaker, PAUL RICE, (played by Michael Buffo), invites Alvarado students to join a filmmaking class at the Seabright Youth Center, the longstanding turf war between the schools escalates. Led by Alvarado High filmmaking prodigy, BROCK, (played by Mexico-native, Miguel Lopez), Alvarado students become hostile in the face of discrimination by Seabright High filmmaker, RAVEN, (played by Monterey High School senior, Kimberly English). As both schools compete to win the grand prize in the annual film festival, their rivalry escalates into a "war" when cell phones are stolen and social media profiles are hijacked. Cyber-bullying has devastating effects on the Seabright mayor's son, CHAZ, (played by Alverett Alvarez High School senior, Raydon Lobrin) who places blame on an innocent new student, VIOLETTE, (played by Carmel High School sophomore, Taylor Desmond.) At this year's film festival, there are drastic consequences to learning integrity, equality, and purpose. Immature characters abandon apathy, narcissism, and racism in exchange for sympathetic world consciousness when they understand the true national origin of the innocent student. The Mayor and the citizens of the town are left questioning how they view immigrants. 
         Through the ambitious lens of video production, this film is the product of the 12th season of the HARA Motion Picture Conservatory. The creation of this film has been an initiation for the western youth of our time into the challenging world of tomorrow. With support from arts-minded individuals and businesses throughout the Monterey Peninsula, the actors held duel roles as crew members and co-authors to create a piece of work starring our beautiful landscape and the generation that will inherit it.

"HARA Motion Picture Conservatory is dedicated to nourishing the hearts, minds, and spirits of emerging young artists of the Monterey Peninsula, supporting their technical and creative capacity by providing the network, workforce skills, and inspiration to reach their full potential." 

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