Who will be able to attack Nike and Adidas?
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Who will be able to attack Nike and Adidas?

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Welcome to the 21st edition of Overtime Insights!
In this edition we looked into some mindblowing kit sponsorship deals. Will any of the "smaller brands" ever be able to threaten the dominance of Nike and Adidas?

Does the new NHL franchise stand a chance of surviving in Las Vegas? 

Find out if UEFA's lack of promotion of its YouTube content reflected on the number of video views and read about foreign investors in football clubs in the top 5 European leagues!


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What is the future of kit sponsorships?

In recent history, only two brands dressed the top European football clubs – Nike and Adidas. But this year could be the turning point in the entire industry, and it’s not only because of these famous sports manufacturers, but because clubs obviously need more money. READ MORE

How Loud Can a Hockey Goal Horn be on the Famous Las Vegas Strip?

A long time ago the NHL started to spread all over the American South in an attempt to grow and gain more quality and revenue

EURO 2016: UEFA's activity on YouTube - great efforts overshadowed by poor results

UEFA showed productivity, creativity and remarkable activity on their YouTube channel.

Foreign owners in football

Globalization, consumerism and the mass media are the starting point of foreign capital revolution in clubs across Europe and around the world. 

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