We are selling raffle tickets for a Weatherby Lazerguard in 30-06. Tickets are $10.00 each and the winning ticket will be drawn on April 9, 2017.
  Anyone interested in taking the Hunter Safety Course? They have changed the process for signing up for the class, you know must go on line to sign up. You also are required to have a GO-ID number (Go Outdoors) to sign up. If you have any problems signing up contact the Board and we can assist you. We are also going to change the amount of class time required to complete the course. Our next class is scheduled for March and we will update the calendar dates.
  As most of you are aware one of our biggest priorities is promoting youth shooting. This year we have teamed up with the San Luis Obispo County 4-H and they are using the club house to educate their kids in the north in a Hunter Safety class.
The Junior Shotgun Spring session will start Thursday February 9th at the club house at 6:00 pm. The first couple of weeks we will be working on gun safety and gun fit. If you have a child that is interested in learning how to shoot clay targets bring them out. Class time runs each Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.
On March 25, we will be hosting a SCTP (Scholastic Clay Target Program) shoot for junior shooters. We will have junior shooters coming from all over.
  With the holidays behind us, we now look forward to the challenges of the New Year.  Our challenges are to continue to provide a safe and friendly environment for your shooting enjoyment, and to operate the range in a manner that permits us to peacefully coexist with our neighbors. 
To meet these challenges, the Board made several changes to the Operating Procedures and Range Rules (“OP”).  The changes effective as of January 1, 2017, may be summarized as follows:
1.  Operating Hours:  The operating hours for the rifle and pistol ranges are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. depending on the season.  This year these ranges will close no later than 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  This change helps to both reduce our noise signature on the weekends and with RSO scheduling.  Always check the SLSA web site for current hours and notices of range closures.
2.  Guest Policy:  The Guest Policy remains unchanged from last year.  You may only bring a Guest on the weekends and each guest must register with the on duty RSO, sign a release of liability and pay a $5.00 fee.  Some members feel that this policy is too restrictive for their out of town guests.  To accommodate this situation, the Board has adopted a policy to permit you to bring a guest during the week; provided you seek permission in writing.  To do this you must email the Board (, at least, one week before you intend to bring the guest and state the date, the name of the guest, and their address.  The Safety Committee will review the request and, if properly made, will arrange for an RSO to meet you at the range to register your guest.
3.  Prohibited Firearms:  Effective this year any firearm chambered for a .50 BMG regardless of bullet diameter is prohibited on our ranges.  The noise level and power generated is too great for our facility.  These cartridges are better suited to long range shooting in a more open environment. Check the OP for all permitted and prohibited firearms.  
4.  Service Credits:  Last year SLSA introduced the Service Credit concept to boost volunteer participation.  Your response was phenomenal; there was a significant increase in member participation at all the work parties, special events, member attendance at general meetings and assistance with special projects and committees.  The Board is genuinely grateful to all the members that gave their time and effort to help us operate our facility.  Thus, we could keep the dues at last year’s level and still can provide you with a first-class experience.  We hope you keep up the good work.
Since the Service credit concept is new, the Board has decided NOT TO REDUCE any full member’s status, if you were not able to perform the minimum number of Service Credits last year. 
You are advised to familiarize yourself with the Service Credit Policy found in the OP.  Many members don’t realize that exemption to performance of Service Credits is routinely granted if work, health, or other reasonable cause prevents them from completing the minimum number.  Also, certain members are exempt from having to perform Service Credits (i.e. Life Members and members over 70 years of age that have 10 or more years of consecutive membership) 
Finally, please remember that the easiest way to meet your Service Credit requirement is to join a Committee.   
When using the range facilities, set an example to your fellow members.  Always follow the range rules, and let someone know if they are not.  Be friendly and courteous and treat our neighbors with the same respect that you would expect of them, if you were a nearby resident.   
Until next time.                                          On Behalf of the entire SLSA Board
                                                                  By: Nick Mosich, Vice President
Tactical Pistol Matches
Have you ever considered competitive shooting but don’t know where to begin? Come check out the Tactical Pistol Matches held each month on the Law Enforcement bays. Beginners and spectators are welcome. Bring eye and ear protection if you are going to observe as they are required to be worn by everyone on the range.
To compete, you will need:
  1. Serviceable semi-auto pistol or double-action revolver.
  2. Safe, secure holster.
  3. Sturdy belt
  4. Magazine/speed loader pouches
  5. Eye & ear protection
The equipment you use must be approved by range staff. Before spending money on gear, we suggest you come out and see what type of gear is needed.
Here’s how the sport works:
The matches are based on USPSA rules. Shooters will be broken up into groups known as “Squads”. You will spend the match working and shooting with your squad. The squad members are responsible for running each stage. You will be keeping time, counting hits & misses, taping/resetting targets and doing whatever else is need to keep the match moving. Safety is paramount.  There are safety officers assigned to each squad to ensure all safety rules are followed at all times.
Shooters will compete on four courses of fire known as “Stages”.  Each stage will be some sort of scenario that you must negotiate. The stage will be explained and you will have a chance to walk through it and ask questions before shooting. Typically, each match consists of four stages. After everyone in your squad has shot a stage, you move as a group to the next stage. You continue this until you have completed all stages.
As for ammo counts, you should be okay if you bring 125 rounds. Scoring is based on the time it takes you to shoot the stage and time added for misses, procedural penalties or other penalties as stated either in safety rules or stage description.
There are several different categories you can shoot in. Single stack, production, revolver etc. These different categories even the playing field as you will compete against shooters using similar equipment as you.
This is a fun and practical sport the whole family can enjoy. They are held the 4th Saturday each month. Signup opens at 8:00 with a new shooter briefing at 8:30. Shooting starts at 9:00. Cost is $15.00 for the public and $10.00 for SLSA members. Please email the Match Director at with any questions, for more information, or to be added to the group email list." 
By:  John Marrs, Public Relations Committee

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