June 2018
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
As many of you know, I specialize in airport real estate brokerage and lead CBRE’s Airport Properties Practice. As a former aviation attorney I have unique insight into the aviation industry that provides significant value to clients. If you or anyone you know is interested in the opportunities below or has a need to purchase, sell or lease airport properties, please feel free to contact me any time or forward this email.

Thank you and kind regards,
Katrin Gist
Vice President
+1 206 947 1399 C

105 Acre Airport Frontage Site at Paine Field
Everett, Washington 
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Land lease rates starting at $0.04/SF/Month
Light industrial zoning, ideal for aerospace related technology or manufacturing uses
Long-term land lease or build-to-suit opportunities 
Expedited permitting and traffic mitigation agreement in place
On the west side of Boeing’s Everett Plant and minutes to the I-5 corridor
Unique access to Paine Field’s world-class airport facilities
Direct access to highly skilled manufacturing and professional workforce in Snohomish County
Available economic and tax incentives through the State of Washington

±15,558 SF Hangar Facility
at Boeing Field
Seattle, Washington 
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CBRE is pleased to offer this opportunity to secure a state-of-the-art aircraft hangar at Boeing Field. The Boeing Field hangar market is exceptionally tight, and this like-new facility features all the amenities desirable for a sophisticated flight department, including 4,326 sq. ft. of Class A office and conference room space, shop areas, lounge, kitchen and dining, luxury restrooms, and crew rest area.


Hampton Roads Executive Airport
Chesapeake, Virginia
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Hampton Roads Executive Airport (KPVG) is a privately owned general aviation airport containing a terminal building (6,627 sq. ft.), restaurant, office and maintenance buildings (12,198 sq. ft.), a warehouse building (40,000 sq. ft.), aircraft storage T-Hangars (288,258 sq. ft.), and aviation business hangars (94,964 sq. ft.) for a total of 442,047 sq. ft. on 664 acres of land. The operation generates over $1 million annually in fuel sales and NOI, has nearly a 95% occupancy rate for the 42 buildings available, and receives additional income from transient aircraft nightly tie-downs, ground transportation, office space, and food and beverage. There is substantial undeveloped land for master planned air access warehouse buildings or other potential uses.

±50,087 Sq. Ft. Former Evergreen Aviation Hangar and Office Facility – Now Available For Sale Or Lease
at McMinnville Municipal Airport
McMinnville, Oregon 
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CBRE is pleased to offer this exceptional aircraft hangar and office facility for sale or lease at the McMinnville, Oregon, airport. This state-of-the art facility cost over $16 Million to build, with the utmost attention spent on every detail. This is a truly one-of-a kind facility located on fee simple land in the heart of Oregon wine country, just 36 miles south of Portland. The facility could be used for a variety of operations including company headquarters, flight department, FBO, MRO, aviation related or other manufacturing, aircraft service/ maintenance center, aircraft storage, or an aircraft collection.

±107,580 Sq. Ft. of Office, Hangar,
Shop and Flight Simulator Bay

at Napa County Airport
Napa, California
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The Napa County Airport is pleased to offer this one-of-a kind opportunity to secure the former Japan Airlines pilot training facilities, consisting of ±21,660 sq. ft. of hangar space, ±78,950 sq. ft. of office space and shop space, and a ±6,970 sq. ft. flight simulator bay. The facility is perfectly suited for a flight training operation, and Napa County is open to converting a portion of the existing office area to a dormitory use. The FAA has been generally supportive of this concept, pending specifications of the new use. The facilities could also be used for a variety of purposes including, company headquarters, aircraft maintenance and service operations, aviation related manufacturing and components, aircraft parts operations, and aviation related education programs.

Five High-End Corporate Aircraft Hangars
at Hayward Executive Airport
Hayward, California
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CBRE is pleased to offer this opportunity to purchase five high-end private hangar facilities in the Bay Area for an exceptional value. The facilities are located in the ParkAvion complex at Hayward Executive Airport in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. The decreased drive times and minimal ground taxi time make these facilities an excellent alternative to the more congested and expensive Bay Area airports. The hangars range in size from 5,625 sq. ft. to 11,250 sq. ft.
Property Flyer Hangar H: 5,625 SF
Property Flyer Hangar E: 8,400 SF
Property Flyer Hangar M-3: 8,400 SF
Property Flyer Hangar G: 11,250 SF
Property Flyer Hangar J:11,250 SF

±37,400 Sq. Ft. Hangar
at Crater Lake–Klamath Regional Airport
Klamath Falls, Oregon
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CBRE is pleased to offer this opportunity to purchase a 37,400 square foot privately owned, state of the art hangar and office facility in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The facility includes its own 40,000-gallon fuel farm, office space, complete maintenance bay and shop, passenger lounge and all supporting facilities. The airport has a 10,301 foot runway located on the California/ Oregon border, and is just a 45 minute flight to the Bay Area. This is a great opportunity for a flight department, aircraft maintenance operation, MRO, air medical, forest service, or other aviation related operation.

Development Opportunities (350+ acres)
and Available Facilities

at Phoenix Mesa-Gateway Airport
Mesa, Arizona

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CBRE was recently selected as Phoenix Mesa-Gateway’s exclusive real estate firm to assist the Airport in marketing its land and facilities. Situated on more than 3,000 acres, Mesa-Gateway has three 10,000-foot runways and over 350 acres of land for development. It is a cost-effective, global business location for maintenance, repair, and aircraft overhaul companies, air cargo, aerospace companies, aircraft manufacturing, and other aeronautical operations. Additional marketing brochures will be available soon.

GTU Jet Hangar Facilities
at Georgetown Municipal Airport
Georgetown, Texas
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Rare opportunity to purchase four aircraft hangars at the Georgetown Municipal Airport (KGTU). GTU Jet currently operates the facilities and provides full service FBO amenities, including fuel sales. The site is ideal for an FBO operation, and is also well suited for a variety of aviation venues including aircraft services, maintenance and charter operations.

Build-To-Suit and World Class Hangar Facility
at B. Coleman Aviation by Chicago, IL
Gary, Indiana
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Exceptional opportunity for an aircraft operator to secure its own private hangar facility or lease hangar space inside B. Coleman Aviation’s 40,000 square foot world-class facility. B. Coleman Aviation is strategically located at the Gary/Chicago International Airport (KGYY), just twenty-five minutes from downtown Chicago. Flight departments will enjoy significantly less expensive fuel, faster service, and less congestion than other airports in the area such as Chicago Midway and Chicago Executive.

±18,332 Sq. Ft. Hangar and Office Facility
at Monterey Regional Airport
Monterey, California
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CBRE is pleased to offer this exclusive aircraft hangar for sale at the Monterey, California Airport. The facility is contiguous to the Monterey Jet Center, a convenient location with many amenities. Completed in 2007, the facility is like new and features a 14,300 square foot hangar bay that could be configured for a variety of aircraft storage scenarios.

±20,085 Sq. Ft. Hangar and Office Facility
at Gulfport-Biloxi Airport
Gulfport, Mississippi
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CBRE is pleased to offer this recently built, high-end corporate aircraft hangar facility for sale at the Gulfport-Biloxi Airport. The like new facility features a large hangar bay that can accommodate a variety of aircraft configurations and aviation venues, and includes Class A office space, a conference room, kitchen and spacious lounge areas.

Tampa North Aero Park For Sale
Lutz, Florida
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CBRE is pleased to offer the Tampa North Aero Park for sale. This unique opportunity includes 21 acres of land, three platted residential lots, office and hangar buildings, a fuel farm, sixteen T-hangar units, runway annual easement income fees, a licensed Lasergrade and PSI testing facility and a licensed FAA Repair Station. The airport is an attractive investment opportunity for a variety of aviation venues, including those who desire to start or expand an FBO, flight school, or aircraft maintenance business.

Van Nuys Aircraft Hangars
Los Angeles, California
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This is a valuable opportunity to secure two large aircraft hangars, two helicopter hangars, together with office space and ample ramp space at Van Nuys, one of the nation’s busiest general aviation airports. The property would be an attractive option for a variety of aviation venues, and are well suited for an aircraft maintenance or FBO operation - the ground lease permits fueling, maintenance, jet and helicopter operations, and aircraft service operations.

Long Beach Hangar
Long Beach, California
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This is a rare opportunity to secure a high quality ±43,574 sq. ft. hangar at an exceptional value in the crowded Los Angeles area hangar market. The lease rate is approximately half of what it costs to hangar aircraft at surrounding airports, and the facility can accommodate a wide variety of aircraft or helicopter sizes and fleet. It could serve as a strategic location for a multi-aircraft operator, or a variety of aviation venues including MROs, FBOs, charter operations, flight departments, aircraft service centers, air cargo operations, and other aviation related businesses.

Air Cargo & Industrial Facility 
Moreno Valley, California
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CBRE is pleased to offer this unique opportunity to purchase a ±277,270 rentable sq. ft. facility or lease a ±170,800 rentable sq. ft. portion of the facility with direct runway access at March Inland Port. The facility features 1 million sq. ft. of ramp area; enough space to park 8 Boeing 747-400 aircraft. The site is ideal for a variety of aviation related uses, including:

  • Air cargo
  • Aerospace defense operations & manufacturing
  • Aircraft component manufacturing
  • Aerospace related machine shop & tooling
  • Aircraft interior & painting operations
  • Aircraft parts overhaul, repair, & modification
  • Aircraft parts recycling
  • Aviation related service

Arctica Jet Hangar Facility
Santa Maria, California
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This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire a like-new corporate aircraft hangar and office facility. The facility is located just outside the busy Los Angeles airspace, and is well equipped for a variety of aviation operations, including corporate flight departments, charter operators, MROs, FBOs, aircraft service centers, air ambulance services, and other aviation related businesses.

Rocky Mountain Metro Hangar and Office Facility
Broomfield, Colorado
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This is an exclusive opportunity to acquire a high-end ±25,499 sq. ft. aircraft hangar facility in the Denver Metro area. Located at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, just 20 minutes northwest of Denver, 15 minutes to Boulder and 25 minutes to Longmont. The facility was built in 2008 and is in excellent condition. It is currently leased to a well-known aircraft charter and management company. The facility is an investment opportunity and/or strategic location for a multi-aircraft operator. 

Burbank Airport Hangars
at Bob Hope Airport
Burbank, California

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Opportunity to secure great hangar space in the crowded L.A. area hangar market. Hangars 38, 39, 40, and 41 at the Burbank airport are available for lease, and each offer a ±20,800 sq. ft. hangar bay with significant additional office space.

The Cape Girardeau Airport Hangar
(Hangar 71)

at The Cape Girardeau Airport
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
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The Cape Girardeau Airport in Missouri is offering a rare opportunity to secure a 52,000 sq. ft. hangar facility for sale for just $1.2 Million (only $23.00 per sq. ft.), or to lease for just $3.65/SF/Year (NNN).

Executive Flight Office and Hangar Facility 
at Pangborn Memorial Airport
East Wenatchee, Washington

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Exceptional Value for World Class 64,305 Sq. Ft. Office and Hangar Facility in Eastern Washington. This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire a state-of-the-art hangar and office facility in Eastern Washington located on a 216,667 sq. ft. site at the Pangborn Memorial Airport. The facility was built in 1998 and is like new, featuring two impressive hangar bays and abundant Class A office Space. The land lease with the airport runs through June 1, 2047, with an option to extend the lease through June 1, 2072, thus giving the buyer the opportunity to secure a 58 year term - an extremely rare and valuable opportunity for an airport property. It is an excellent opportunity for a variety of uses, including corporate aircraft owners, FBOs, aircraft maintenance and service centers, aviation related business, headquarters, and aircraft component manufacturers.


230 Aviation Place NE
Calgary, Alberta
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This ±33,677 sq. ft. facility at the Calgary International Airport has direct runway access and features two air-side hangar bays and direct runway access. The land lease term is until 2028 with an option to renew for another 24 years. There is ample parking with 120 employee and customer parking stalls.

Soldotna, Alaska Hangar
775 Funny River Road
Soldotna, Alaska

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This ±10,800 sq. ft. aircraft hangar is located on a 23,480 sq. ft. parcel at the Soldotna Municipal Airport, and is a great fit for a variety of aviation related operations. The hangar was recently built, and is in like-new condition, featuring high quality office space and a radiant heated, insulated interior. The airport is located on Funny River Road about one mile from the commercial business areas and motels. It is immediately adjacent to the Kenai River. The airport runway 7-25 is 5,000-foot long and paved.

at 1206 Spitfire Street
Sandpoint, Idaho


The Property consists of 18.4 acres and includes: 44 entitled residential lots, one fully finished 6,160 sq. ft. hangar/home, one 6,160 sq. ft. fully enclosed, but unfinished hangar/home and one 69,224 sq. ft. commercial lot intended for the storage and repair of large aircraft. Lots range in size from 5,858 sq. ft. to 26,771 sq. ft. CBRE, as the Exclusive Representative for SilverWing at Sandpoint LLC, is pleased to offer for sale SilverWing, a 45 lot residential ‘Air-Park' development, located in Sandpoint, Idaho. The Property sits adjacent to the Sandpoint Municipal Air Field and features a ‘Through-the-Fence' (TTF) agreement with Bonner County allowing residents of SilverWing direct access from their hangar/homes to a publicly maintained airport suitable for the operation of small to medium sized propeller-driven and jet aircraft. The lots are fully entitled for the development of private residences which may sit atop or adjacent to aircraft hangars. All roads, utilities and site work have been completed and each lot, with the exception of the two model homes, one of which is available for immediate occupancy, is ready for vertical construction. For additional information, please contact Steve Ridenour at +1 208 660 5010 or .

Amelia Earhart Hangar
at Yuma International Airport
Yuma, Arizona

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The Amelia Earhart Hangar features an 18,000 sq. ft. hangar bay, plus an additional 4,500 sq. ft. of office/shop space, and a 31 foot tall hangar door clearance. It is positioned on the Defense Contractor Complex ramp at Yuma International Airport/MCAS, Yuma, Arizona, which is located on the South West portion of the airfield where Taxiways Hotel and Foxtrot intersect. The Defense Contractor Complex ramp is rated for 980,000 lb. aircraft with accompanying 13,300' x 200' runway. The airport is strategically located next to America's largest testing, training, and bombing range complex (Yuma Proving Grounds, Barry M. Goldwater Range, and Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range). The hangar is positioned on ±3.16 acres located next to the airport's Federal Express Facility, includes ample ramp space, and is easily accessible from Runway 3L/21R via taxiway Foxtrot and Hotel.

Aircraft Hangar and Office Space
Olympia, Washington
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Glacier Aviation will provide complimentary flights or ground transportation (weather dependent) to and from the tenant's residence or business within ±70 miles, and will provide tenants with significant fuel discounts. There are three separate sites available in Olympia:
  • Large corporate aircraft hangar
  • Hangar space for Eclipse-sized aircraft
  • Corporate office/lobby

±20,800 Sq. Ft. Hangar at Morristown
Morristown, New Jersey



±33,850 Sq. Ft. Aircraft Hangar at Columbia Metropolitan Airport
West Columbia, South Carolina


±125,000 Sq. Ft. Facility Located on ±7.24 Acres of Fee Simple Land
Wilson Industrial Air Center Airport
Wilson, North Carolina

Aerovertigo Hangar
3121 NE Cornell Road
Hillsboro, Oregon


BAE Systems ±217,563 Sq. Ft. Hangar and Office Facility
13901 Aviator Way
Fort Worth, Texas


G.E. Corporate Hangar Facility
at Stewart International Airport
Newburgh, New York


Starbucks Hangar at Boeing Field
Boeing Field
Seattle, Washington


Evergreen Airlines Property Portfolio 
at McMinnville Municipal Airport
McMinnville, Oregon 

SOLD: BUILDINGS 3500, 3600, 3850, 3930 AND 3950

Hangar D-103
North Paine Corporate Hangars
Everett, Washington


New Corporate Aircraft Hangars
(Quad 7)

at Boeing Field
Seattle, Washington


Hangar 7
at Premier Jet
Carlsbad, California
Directions  |  Website


Arlington Airport
Arlington, Washington


Private Hangar and Office Space
at Boeing Field
Seattle, Washington


Renton Airport
Renton, Washington

Ace Aviation recently secured a 40-year ground lease from the Renton Airport, on three aircraft hangars located on the southeast area of the tarmac. A 31,253 sq. ft., state-of-the-art, fixed base operator (FBO) facility, which will offer aircraft fuel and service a range of aircraft, including amphi-bious aircraft and corporate jets, will be built in place of the two smaller hangars. The hangar for sale is located next door to the site of this new facility, and the owner will complete various improvements to the hangar as part of the purchase price, including the build-out for an aircraft tail section with a hangar door opening of at least 100' wide and 20' tall.

Paine Field Airplane Hangar
at 10723 Bernie Webber Drive
Mukilteo, Washington

This pristine hangar has all the extras. You can have your own brand new hangar for the same cost as leasing space alongside several other aircraft in a hangar at Boeing Field. This option is especially attractive for those individuals residing north of Seattle or on the Eastside. The drive time from Edmonds to the hangar is 21 minutes, as opposed to 34 minutes to Boeing Field, and the drive time from Bellevue to the hangar is 28 minutes, just eight minutes more than to Boeing Field.
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