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EMES News Alert
December 2017
5th emes international research conference 2015


Another brand New Year is around the corner and in the end-of-the-year rush, we wanted to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for being there and for letting us know. Thank you for being a member. Thank you for being a supporter. Thank you for reading. Thank you for being committed.

In all, thank you for contributing to EMES' liveliness and vibrancy. The relevance of what we do can only be explained in terms of the community and knowledge that it is able to generate. We hope that our events and our effort can also support you in various ways. Indeed, the year 2018 will see two unique events take place: the 3rd EMES-Polanyi International Seminar, co-organized by COST through the EMPOWER-SE Action, and the EMES-COST-CNRS Training School.  

We wanted to close the year offering you enough reading for the slower holiday season ahead, so we have included here plenty of open access articles from the EMES Conference Selected Papers series and the Voluntas issue on social enterprise. In addition, you can enjoy this year's 6th Conference report and our 2016 Annual Activity Report.

Happy 2018 and let's enjoy shared actions ahead!
emes network news from events
5th emes international research conference 2015

Sheffield, home of world class SE research and of EMES’ newest institutional member, Sheffield Hallam University

The city of Sheffield in the UK is well-known for its history of steelmaking and thriving independent scenes in music, art and culture. It also has an unbelievable number of students: 60,000 across two universities! In addition, Sheffield is home to internationally recognised research on social enterprise and the third sector. Some of the researchers based at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) have been in touch with EMES for many years, which explains why they became EMES’ newest institutional member in July 2017.

According to Dr Rory Ridley-Duff who is coordinating the efforts of this new institutional member “of all the research networks on social enterprise, EMES is the one that is best aligned with the work we do on cooperative social entrepreneurship. It gives explicit recognition to participatory governance, and the interactions between civil society, state bodies and social entrepreneurs. It does not presume that social entrepreneurship is a market-driven movement. Instead, it properly recognises the breadth of motivations that lead social entrepreneurs to create different types of social enterprise, including cooperatives. For that reason, we are particularly keen to be engaged in projects with EMES.”

Continue reading here.
5th emes international research conference 2015

New handbook on mutual, co-operative,
and co-owned business

"The Oxford Handbook of Mutuals and Co-Owned Business" investigates all types of 'member owned' organizations, whether consumer co-operatives, agricultural and producer co-operatives, worker co-operatives, mutual building societies, friendly societies, credit unions, solidarity organizations, mutual insurance companies, or employee-owned companies.

Carlo Borzaga, EMES member, is co-editor of the handbook together with Jonathan Michie and Joseph R. Blasi. He explains that "such organizations can be owned by their consumers, the producers, or the employees - whether through single-stakeholder or multi-stakeholder ownership."

You can read more about the book here.
Temporary open access to Defourny and Nyssens’ ICSEM-based article on the December issue of Voluntas on social enterprise.

The December issue of Voluntas has just been released. It contains a special issue on social enterprises and welfare regimes, as well as various theoretical articles on social enterprise and social impact investment. Taco Brandsen, editor of Voluntas and member of EMES, explains that "the journal Voluntas has received an increasing number of submissions on social enterprises, an interdisciplinary topic that cuts across many different academic traditions.

The article by Jacques Defourny and Marthe Nyssens, "Fundamentals for an International Typology of Social Enterprise Models", based on the ICSEM Project (of which the authors are the Scientific Coordinators), is temporarily in open access.

The issue also includes contributions by ICSEM partners Michael Roy (ICSEM UK – Scotland), who co-signs “From Policy to Practice: Exploring Practitioners’ Perspectives on Social Enterprise Policy Claims”, and Peter Hall and Peter Elson (ICSEM Canada), who co-sign “Canadian Social Enterprises: Who Gets the Non-Earned Income?”.
Eleven papers added to the EMES Conference Selected Papers series

Following the 6th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise, 11 papers presented in Louvain-la-Neuve were selected and published as part of the EMES Conference Selected Papers which currently includes 215 open access articles. They are available to download and to share directly on each article's page. 

Enjoy the reading! 
Open position announcement:

EMES is searching for a Science and Communication Manager. This person will help strengthen the team of the EMES Coordination Unit, so we are looking for people who are passionate about social enterprise research and its impact on society; about building a vibrant community of engaged researchers; about participating firsthand in the implementation of groundbreaking research projects; and about sharing the whole thing with the rest of the world.

Some important information: 
  • Location: University of Louvain, Belgium
  • Starting date: February 2018
  • MA or PhD required. 
  • Submission deadline: 10th of January 2018
The position description is available here.
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