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  • Closing date for workshop facilitators, volunteers & performers 8th May 2015
  • Consensus Decision Making workshop, Edinburgh - 4th July 2015
  • Introduction to Permaculture, Edinburgh 5 - 6th Sept 2015
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 Closing date for applications
8th may 2015

Workshop facilitators, volunteers & performers
***Still time to sign up & join us**        
Online application form

Closing date  May 8th 2015.

We are seeking skill sharers; enthusiastic co-creators; wise souls; creative artists; acoustic performers; therapists; storytellers; and all nature lovers – to offer workshops and/or performances.

Online application form here

All ideas welcome and we encourage the brave, bold and wacky.

Offer a workshop. We are looking for co-creators to make this an exciting, inviting and educational family event, with the focus on nature and fun. Please fill in the online application form.

Come and make some music or offer creative performance art. All performances are un-amplified in rooms with good acoustics. The use of small amps for bass guitar/keyboard is possible but the volume of these must match that of the un-amplified parts. Please fill in the online application form

NonStuff Festival 2015
Date: 25 - 28 Sept  2015
Venue: Wiston Lodge
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NonStuff Festival 2015 @ Wiston Lodge


4th July

Consensus Decision Making
1 day course

4th July 2015
The Hermitage Café,11 Braid Hills Drive, Edinburgh, EH10 6GZ
Cost: Sliding scale £20 - £60 depending on income
Online booking form
More info on Trainers: Seeds for Change

Consensus Decision Making workshop

Workshops for action & social change
Consensus decision making is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement between all members of a group. Instead of simply voting for an item and having the majority of the group getting their way, a group using consensus is committed to finding solutions that everyone actively supports, or at least can live with. This ensures that all opinions ideas and concerns are taken into account. Through listening closely to each other, the group aims to come up with proposals that work for everyone. Consensus is neither compromise nor unanimity – it aims to go further by weaving together everyone’s best ideas and key concerns – a process that often results in surprising and creative solutions, inspiring both the individual and the group as whole.

Consensus can work in all types of settings – small groups, local communities, businesses, even whole nations and territories. The exact process may differ depending on the size of the group and other factors, but the basic principles are the same.

Consensus is a decision-making process that works creatively to include all persons making the decision.
5 & 6th September

Introduction to Permaculture

Weekend workshop

Introduction to Permaculture weekend

Venue: The Hermitage Café,11 Braid Hills Drive, Edinburgh, EH10 6GZ
Dates: 5 - 6th Sept 2015 (9.30am - 5pm)
Led by: James Chapman
Online booking form
Course fee: Sliding scale £40 - £120 depending on income

Two-day introductory ‘taster’ course, providing an opportunity to learn about the principles of permaculture.

Learn about healthy and sustainable ways to provide for our needs – food, energy, shelter and community. The course will be lively, participatory and thought provoking, with outdoor and indoor activities.

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