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Stone Brewing
Enjoy By 4/20/14 IPA

You have in your hands a devastatingly fresh double IPA. While freshness is a key component of many beers- especially big, citrusy, floral IPAs- we’ve taken it further, a lot further, in this IPA. You see, we specifically brewed it NOT to last. We’ve not only gone to extensive lengths to ensure that you’re getting this beer in your hands within an extraordinarily short window, we made sure that the Enjoy By date isn’t randomly etched in tiny text somewhere on the bottle, to be overlooked by all but the most attentive of retailers and beer fans. Instead, we’ve sent a clear message with the name of the beer itself that there is no better time than right now to enjoy this IPA.  
Available in 22oz bottles on Friday after 5pm.  Super limited! Email to reserve yours now!
Beer Advocate score not yet available

Founders Brewing
Curmudgeon Old Ale

This Old Ale conjures up thoughts of classic sea fairing ports, local pubs and the weathered fisherman that frequent them. In traditional style Curmudgeon is brewed with an intense focus on the malt bill creating a very strong, rich, malty characteristic and a sweetness indicative of its cousin the barleywine. We are especially proud of the balance in this beer making it deceptively smooth and drinkable at 9.8% alcohol by volume.  Available in 4pk/12oz bottles on Friday after 5pm. Delicious end of winter beer- so smooth! Email to order now!
Beer Advocate 90 points

Brewery Vivant
Big Red Coq Hoppy Belgian Ale
This red ale is all about hops. It is an American-Belgian fusion of beer styles taking imported Belgian caramel malts and bitch slapping it with a heavy handed dose of American hops. Expect hints of mango, pineapple, and citrus to hit your nose with an assertive hop presence. 
Available in 4pk/16oz cans on Friday after 5pm.
Beer Advocate 87 points

New Holland Brewing
White Hatter Belgian Style White Pale Ale

An innovative hybrid of styles landing between white ale and India Pale Ale. White Hatter brings spice, hops, and fermentation notes together flavorfully. Pairings: seafood, fennel, mushrooms. 
Available in 6pk/12oz bottles on Friday after 5pm.
Beer Advocate 81 points


Brewery Ommegang
Hop House Belgian Pale Ale

Hop House pays homage to the historic hop farm that stood on the brewery grounds over 100 years ago. Hop House combines the delicious aromas and flavors of a Belgian-style ale with generous hopping, including dry-hopping. A well-balanced, yet ample, hop character defines this fine pale ale, bringing Belgian-style beer lovers and hop-heads together to enjoy our Belgian-American love child. 
Available in 4pk/12oz bottles on Friday after 5pm.
Beer Advocate 85 points

Schmaltz Brewing
He'Brew Death of a Contract Brewer American Black Ale 

Death seems so obvious: the end of life, no mas, kaput. But Humans stand an optimistic animal. Many traditions suggest alternate endings: Resurrection, reincarnation, rebirth, afterlife. Even the atheist view of Eternal Oblivion doesn’t seem quite final, more of a shift in spiritual states of (un)consciousness. As usual, Jewish tradition prescribes… Food. 7 days of family, community, and bagels (beer!), called, Shiva, meaning “7” in Hebrew. The flip side to the 7 days of Creation with the 7th as a holy day of rest. The first meal of Shiva is “the comfort meal.” And the number 7 provides powerful mojo: 7 Jewish wedding blessings, 7 Liberal Arts, 7 Lucky Japanese gods, 7 stars of the Big Dipper, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 seas, 007 license to kill, 7 dwarves, We are 7 by Wordsworth with a child’s view of death, 7 deadly sins, Best of 7 finals in NBA, NHL, MLB, 7th Inning stretch, #7 on Elway & Tiny Archibald. George Castanza yearned to name his firstborn, “7” as a living tribute to #7 Mickey Mantle. The 7 Award however must go to the immortal George Carlin for 7 Dirty Words, inspired by another hero Lenny Bruce. Coming into 17 years of beer, and Year #1 with our own Brewery, we commemorate this conversion with Death Of A Contract Brewer, our Shmaltz homage to new life – L’Chaim! 
Available in 22oz bottles on Friday after 5pm.
Beer Advocate 86 points

Victory Brewing
White Monkey Tripel

Golden Monkey aged in Chardonnay barrels. “Our Golden Monkey is beloved by many, so we anticipate some heartfelt responses to our intriguing transformation of this beer,” expressed Victory brewmaster Bill Covaleski. “The wine barrel aging has had a substantial and delicious impact on the Golden Monkey.” Approximately 100 oak barrels that once held chardonnay varietal white wine from Wente Vineyards of Livermore, CA were filled with Golden Monkey and aged at ambient temperatures in the Downingtown brewery for 3 months. This process is an extension of an experiment dating back 6 years prior, when a single oak barrel once holding white wine from local vintner, Chaddsford Winery, was used in a similar manner to produce a test batch which never left the brewery. Deemed delicious by Victory brewmasters and brewing staff, the White Monkey project was made possible through a collaborative partnership with Wente Vineyards.  
Available in 22oz bottles on Friday after 5pm.
Beer Advocate 86 points

Speak up now by sending us an email and we'll hold any of these brews for you!  We'll email you when they arrive, so you know when to come grab them.

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We'll be giving you a taste of sunny springtime with two bright wheat beers! Bell's Oberon was released just Monday, we'll taste it with Arcadia Ale's Whitsun Ale.  Which Michigan made sunshine beer will you prefer? Only one way to find out!


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