Tennessee parents need to know that Tennessee and 7 other states have agreed to yet another social re-engineering experiment on the children of our state.  

I wonder how much money Tennessee received from the federal government to participate in this experiment.  And it is an experiment.  This is all part of the ESSA and the progressive education reform that has been taking place in America for decades.  

This is not just a program to teach our children to play nice with others.  This is a program to manipulate the social and emotional foundation of future generations.  All the pretty sounding words cannot hide the truth.  School is about teaching children to read, write and do math.  Parents are responsible to teach their children values and attitudes.  It is not the job of the school to step in where they feel parents are not doing the job THEY feel parents should do.  It is not the job of the school or the government to teach our children how and what to think or feel.  This is called indoctrination and what we are seeing with SEL is exactly what Hitler did to students in Nazi Germany.  Just a bit more subtly.  But of course most parents have never learned true history so they cannot recognize what is taking place in American schools.  

Teachers will be trained to diagnose and refer for treatment perceived social and emotional deficits in your children???  Are you kidding me?  Are the parents of Tennessee going to stand for this?  We need ALL parents to call the Tennessee Department of Education
(615) 741-5158
, their state Representative and their state Senator , local School Board and DEMAND Tennessee withdraw from this program ASAP.  If they refuse then we will boycott the schools and organize a sick out until they do as we ask.  Time to get up off of our knees.  Time to stop begging and DO SOMETHING.  

If you make contact with the Dept. of Ed, your state Rep and Senator, local school board please let me know what you did and the results.  It is my feeling we will be organizing a state-wide boycott in the very near future.  But in the meantime you must give them a chance to pull TN out of this program.  You can call me:  215-692-2147 or email me directly at:

To date this is what I have done:
1.  I have filed an application with The Thomas More Law Center to start a lawsuit against the state of Tennessee for violation of federal privacy and civil rights laws.

2.  I have filed an Open Records Request with the Tennessee Department of Education for all contracts we have with CASEL

3.  I have filed an Open Records Request with the Tennessee Department of Education for the 3-year implementation plan created in collaboration with Tennessee and CASEL.

NOTE:  CASEL's IRS 990 form shows Linda Darling-Hammond is on their board and they work with AIR (American Institutes for Research)  LDH is a good buddy of Bill Ayers and Bill wanted President Obama to name her a Secretary of Education instead of Duncan.  LDH is behind Common Core, Smarter Balance, CSCOPE and much more.  AIR is partners with Smarter Balance.  They are a UN supported social/behavioral research company with a reputation for implementing programs with no proven track record of success.  AIR is also supported by the George Soros "Open Society Foundation" (open borders between all countries).  Are you seeing the secret behind the back room deals.  This program is to brainwash our children into becoming global citizens not American citizens.  It has NOTHNG to do with the enhancement of learning.  When you give up your parental responsibilities to the government and/or the school you give up your parental rights at the same time.  Are you ready for that???  Are you ready for someone else to determine the character of your children?  Are you ready for someone else to take your authority as a parent away from you?  In the end American adults will become nothing more than breeders for the global economy and the children we produce will be nothing more than human capital.  I certainly am not ready for any of this.

I will keep you updated on my progress regarding the law suit and Open records requests.  It is very possible that we will not be able to do anything until we can prove a student has been emotionally harmed by this program.  So in other words we have to wait until our kids are messed up, misdiagnosed, improperly treated until we can prosecute.  But I am still working on this angle.

Can you imagine if Dr. Ben Carson were subjected to this when he was in school.  Do you believe he would be a world renowned Neurosurgeon today?  Heck no.   What saved Dr. Carson?  GOOD PARENTING AND READING about what he could be.  You cannot standardize children and you CANNOT determine anything about them emotionally when they are still children.  I know teachers that think if a boy cannot sit in his seat and be still for 10 hours that he needs to be medicated.  Medicated for being NORMAL.  

I truly hope I hear from parents in Tennessee that are ready to take action.  If parents are not prepared to take action there is very little I alone can do to help you.

Here is the article regarding Tennessee's participation in this program.  

Here is some information about WHY this is not good.  And why you will never be told the truth.  This was created by Anita Hoge in PA (PA is one of the 8 states participating in this experiment)  Anita fought this same battle in the late 80's early 90's in PA.  She sued the state and she won.  And now they are at it again.  


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