Senate Education Committee hearing on Common Core
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Tennessee Senate Education Committee to Conduct Hearing on Common Core

On September 9, 2013 and September 10, 2013 the TN Senate Education Committee will conduct two days of hearings on Common Core at our Capitol in Nashville.  There will be a panel of experts to speak on both sides of the issue.  The experts that will speak against Common Core will be announced in the next newsletter.

If we are to defeat Common Core and restore education to local control we must understand that our elected officials personal opinion about Common Core is not the issue.  It is what their constituents want that will determine the outcome.  If you don't show up and let them know you are against Common Core we will not win this battle.  There is NOTHING more important than our children.  The data that will be collected on our children and their family alone is enough reason to stop Common Core.  This data will start with PreK and continue into the work force.  They will track data on your child,  the family and the child's teachers.  Data can be used for good and it can also be used for evil.  The more data we give them the more chances it will be used for evil.  There is no reason to track 416 data points on every child.  There is no educational need for that amount of data.  This data will be shared with the federal government and without your knowledge or consent.  What they collect can be changed at anytime and you will never know what is actually being collected or who that data is shared with.  In my opinion this data will be used to place your child in a career cluster in order to determine your child's career path.  It will can also be used to create an individual plan of indoctrination.  Maybe they think your child is too religious and they need to temper that.  Well what better way than through an individual program that the parents do not even see.  Sounds crazy but if I can think it up I am sure the rocket scientists running this country have already thought about it and a lot more.  COMMON CORE……..the name alone concerns me.  Education for the COMMON GOOD or training for the COMMON person.  President Obama sends his daughters to Sidwell Friends in Washington, DC.  Sidwell Friends DOES NOT use Common Core Standards and they have no intentions of using Common Core Standards.  Why???  I say it is because Common Core is for the training of the common person and education will be for the children of the elite.  Private school and home school is not exempt from Common Core.  The SAT-GED-ACT will be aligned with Common Core.

WE CANNOT WIN THIS BATTLE WITHOUT YOU.  Get your friends, neighbors and EVERYONE you know to attend these sessions.  It is two days out of the year.  Pull the kids out of school for two days.  They will get a better education watching how government in Tennessee functions than they will in school.  You are concerned, you are worried, you do not like Common Core, what can I do to help…..these are the comments I have heard by hundreds of concerned parents and teachers.   Well now is the time to step up and let your elected officials know how you feel.  If they look out in the hearing room and in the hallways and see no people it will be a clear signal to them that when the going gets tough (and I guarantee they will be under enormous pressure NOT to pass legislation to repeal CC) the constituents will not be there to protect their back.

More details to come.  We are going to try to organize a bus from Chattanooga and from Memphis.  As we get more details we will be sending out more information.  
RESERVE THE DATE(S) and I hope to see THOUSANDS of people in Nashville at our Capitol on September 9 and September 10.

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