How many of you were told by your state Representative and/or Senator that Common Core has been repealed in Tennessee?  How many of you have read that Common Core is gone in Tennessee?  And How many of you remember that I told you this was a bold face lie?

Well I am here to let you know that Common Core is still a reality in Tennessee.  On Friday, April 15, 2016 the Tennessee State Board of Education passed the final edition of the new ELA and Math standards to be implemented in the 2017-2018 school year.  I sent a copy of the NEW ELA standards to the #1 ELA standard writing expert in the United States.  Her name is Dr. Sandra Stotsky.  I also sent a copy of the NEW math standards to the #1 Math standard writing expert in the United States.  His name is Dr. James Milgram.  Dr. Milgram did not know I have contacted Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Stotsky did not know I contacted Dr. Milgram.  

For those that might not know Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram let me give you a brief introduction.  Both Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram are considered the top standard writing experts in the United States.  Both were selected to serve on the Common Core Validation Committee (to insure a quality set of standards).  Dr. Milgram was the lead mathematician on the committee.  Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram were the only standard writing experts on the Validation Committee.  They both, along with 3 other members of the committee, refused to sign off on the final Common Core standards.  Their reasons were many and have been covered extensively in the media over the past 4-5 years.  Also, both Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram kindly VOLUNTEERED to work on the Tennessee Review Team and neither were ever contacted.  IF creating the BEST standards for Tennessee children was the real objective would you not accept an offer by the best standard writing experts in the county?  In my opinion Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram were never contacted because the last thing Governor Haslam of Candice McQueen wanted was real experts on the team to interfere with their scheme to AGAIN deceive the public.  There we're a total of 5 standards experts that volunteered to help and not one was every contacted.

At the end of the day it is our children who will pay a dear price for this deception in order to please the bureaucrats in DC.  And parents that continue to send their children to the federal institutions of manipulation and indoctrination they are trying to pull off as public schools really need to check their priorities.  I personally can do more to educate or convince our legislators to do the right thing.  I can do no more to advise parents on the solution.  I have spent 4 years and after all this time I stand alone.  It is now up to parents and teachers to end this once and for all.  Your school boards are not going to fix this.  Your elected officials are not going to fix this.  It is the elected officials that have perpetuated this deception in order to keep their committee seats and continue to win elections.  Because those in Nashville that don't do as they are told are punished and leadership actively seeks to make sure they do not get elected again.

Sadly we are at the point where there is really only one solution.  We MUST get our children out of the public school system.   Does Candice McQueen care about your kids?  NO she does not.  Her children attend a non-Common Core private school.  Does Governor Haslam care about your kids?  NO he does not.  He cares about himself and obeying orders from DC in order to advance himself.  

We need to come together in our communities and come up with innovative ideas on how to STARVE THE BEAST.  Teachers......get together and start REAL schools.  Set up home school consortiums.  Down size your lifestyle so you can home school.  Sign your kids up for and find someone to watch your kids during the day while you work.  FPEUSA is affordable.  It is teacher led, Christian, Classical on line education that will NEVER use Common Core and it does not collect data on your children or share anything about your child with anyone.  There are so many alternatives if you just take the time to work on a plan.  I know many working parents that have found a way to make it work.  But we need to bring the community together and work out a plan to make it happen.  There is no other alternative and no more time.  Our children and the future of this country are at stake.   PLEASE read the attached review of the NEW TENNESSEE ELA and MATH STANDARDS.  Then decide what needs to be done.  I have also included a research paper created by Dr. Milgram for Tennessee legislators last year.  They chose to ignore the truth and facts shared by this great man.  If parents ignore the truth and facts in these documents then you will only have yourself, not your legislators, to blame for the outcome.  I will say it again.   The solution is with YOU and only YOU.  Our Governor nor our legislators are going to make this right.

Dr. Milgram Math feedback

Dr. Stotsky ELA feedback

Common Core research paper by Dr. James Milgram



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