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September Newsletter, 2015


GGF a Legacy Project for and about Boulder County, Colorado: A NATURE SANCTUARY



Last One for Boulder, 2015


Sleep Study for Adults and Earth Acupuncture


MORE WORKSHOPS through end of 2015 and into January, 2016

Upcoming EVENTS!

October 12th:  free ONE HOUR talk and demo of EARTH ACUPUNCTURE FOR YOUR HOME OR OFFICE at the Boulder Massage Collective.

October 20:  SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL monthly drumming/journey circle. Fire Ceremony.  Lafayette, CO.

October 24th & 25th : Pendulum Power/EARTH ACUPUNCTURE TRAINING & Pilot Study for the Launch of SLEEP STUDY for ADULTS with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE in Boulder area.  Participants go home and 90% of them will be able to  ‘cure’ their own home and office with extensive take home kit.  


November 17th, SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL monthly drumming/journey circle.   Boulder area.

December 3rd -6th, DEATH, DYING & CONSCIOUSNESS: Advanced Training for Shamanic Practitioners.  Healing Dome, 63rd & Niwot Rd.  (prerequisite:  Spirit Journey training)

Look for controversial movie events hosted by Vickie Cashman and myself at the Healing Dome beginning this fall.  Limited to 12 each event, and by donation. Discussion follows or you may simply leave.

SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL off in December, 2015 and resuming the 3rd Tuesday in January!  The 19th, location to be determined.

SPIRIT JOURNEY/all levels welcomed!  January 9th & 10th , 2016!  Healing Dome, 63rd and Niwot Rd.

Spring 2016:  Pendulum Power/EARTH ACUPUNCTURE TRAINING in Portland, Oregon.  Trained apprentice assisting!  Introducing SLEEP STUDY to the area.

GOLDEN GAIA FOUNDATION?  Please send inquiries to Karen@


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September 2015 Newsletter

Nature Sanctuary

If we haven’t talked in a while or seen each other, I am currently in the Founder’s Circle of a Foundation/Nature Sanctuary to be introduced to Boulder County.  So far we are talking to attorneys and have our first drafts of our bi-laws and Credo done.  The vision we have is of a Nature Sanctuary where there will be a wellness center connected to a Café and perhaps organic cooking school.  We are planning and outdoor and indoor SACRED SPACE for ceremonies for members and to rent out to the public. 

We are hoping to have space for organic gardens, bees, and perhaps small farm animals.  We will have a RESEARCH/EDUCATION CENTER and offer workshops and have space for out of town guests to stay in retreat.

For more information or to get involved, please call me to discuss or send me an email.

Earth Acupuncture
The link to the flier for the upcoming FREE 1 HOUR TALK and the TRAINING WORKSHOP for Earth Acupuncture are in the left column here and you may just click on them for more information.

Sleep Study

I have been meeting with Vivian Dullien, Phd more frequently regarding the SLEEP STUDY she has authored for me to start with the EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.  What is extra exciting to me is that GGF Nature Sanctuary mentioned above has agreed to have my study as its first research study!  Vivian is also advising the Foundation and is considering running the Research/Education Center and the Nature Preserve.

Shamanic Courses
I have had a lot of folks asking me for Advanced SHAMANIC COURSES and for now I am starting them again locally.  The best source, besides my website for listings is my SPIRIT-EARTH-MEDICINE-WHEEL/  The monthly Drumming/Journey Circle takes off this December and resumes in January.


I am also thrilled to share with you that I am going to JoshuaTree Resort to a long overdue reunion with other GLOBAL TEACHERS OF CORE SHAMANISM and with Sandra Ingerman.  It is truly an honor and pleasure to be colleagues and friends with these amazing individuals from around the world!

Not to mention, in October I will be in a weekend workshop with Katharina Spurling, my colleague and mentor’s wife.  (Slim Spurling)  There will be distributors there from Australia and many other areas.  We are also known as Research Associates of the Geobiology Research Association.

Reports are still coming in of how the LIGHT LIFE TOOLS are helping with weather challenges, smoke and ash filled skies from fires, etc.  Keep running your harmonizers with the Environmental Clearing CD! 

Don’t have one?  Please contact me directly for all your purchases of these amazing tools. 

QUOTE directly from Slim Spurling, IN THE MIND OF A MASTER, by Susan Anderson with Slim Spurling (taken from p. 86 & 87):

"Everything is Energy.  Quantum physics has shown us that ultimately everything is light.  Science has proven that all energy is interconnected; all life is in communion with and vibrating at levels that reflect the constant evolution toward higher levels of harmony and balance. Chaos is change, the universal ebb and flow, expansion and contraction of this evolutionary process.  The Light-Life Tools with their tensor field support and speed up this process…

This has been demonstrated in the harmonizing of water, the calming of storms, the shift in consciousness…the tools are here to support and accelerate the journey.  The tools don’t make choices.  They support the choices. …They support you toward being who you are, so remember to always make the highest choices.  The tools are based on universal truth and harmony.  Always choose the universal truth."

In closing

P’Taah:  Dear One, it is always that whatever is occurring will be for one’s benefit.  What you are saying is regarding a judgment of better, best. 


IT need not be such.

It is to know, dear one, that whatever occurs in your life, you will create the opportunity for the greatest benefit for you.  That is called Soul Integrity.

However it occurs, you may profit without loss, because loss indeed is a judgement.

(from the P’Taah Tapes, by Jani King, copyright 1991)


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