Karen Rice King's 
March/April Newsletter, 2015

Registration for SPIRIT JOURNEY is NOW!
(workshop is May 9 & 10, All are Welcome)

20% off Environment and Agricultural HARMONIZERS only, through April 21st

EARTH ACUPUNCTURE GOES TO PORTLAND(refer a registrant and get $120 gift certificate)

EARTH ACUPUNCTURE SCHEDULED for JUNE in Boulder!  (27th & 28th)


Upcoming Events:

Spirit Journey Workshop

Date: Saturday and Sunday, May 9-10
Time: Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm; Sunday 11 am - 3 pm
PlaceThe Healing Dome  6374 Niwot Road, Longmont.
Cost: $250 - Materials and Meals Included
RSVP: Karen Rice King, 303.66
5.0175, or Karen@KarenRiceKingcom. More info at


Earth Acupuncture Dowsing BOULDER: 2-Day Training 

Date: Saturday & Sunday, June 27 & 28
Time: Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Place: South Boulder
You’ll Take Home: Pair of dowsing L-rods; compass and ruler; training manual and dowsing bibliography; the book Slim Spurling’s Universe, by Cal Garrison; bundle of L-rods; and set of Egyptian Method rods with instructions to “cure” your home or office (items are valued at $180).
Cost: $390 includes Materials and Meals
RSVP: Karen Rice King, 303.665.0175. More info at

For more information, go to 

20% off all Environmental and Agricultural-sized HARMONIZERS of Light Life Tools from Slim Spurling through April 21.  Call me to order.


If you’d like to try any of the YOUNG LIVING OILS for a couple months you may order with me at my cost plus tax and shipping!  GREAT TIME to make your own BUG SPRAY, mouse deterrent and garden sprays.


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March/April 2015 Newsletter

In March I had 35 minutes to speak at my Boulder Business Women’s Network.  EMF’S IN YOUR OFFICE turned out to be a success!  Having set up a ‘pretend’ office, I spoke and demonstrated the entire process of Earth Acupuncture, the Egyptian Method with the kits to do your own office, and showed how to use Light Life Tools from Slim Spurling.

These tools are instrumental in mitigation of man-made challenges like electricity and Earth energies such as heavy metals in the soil or water.

I was so truly touched that every member and a couple colleagues came and ALL of them stood up to make a testimonial for myself and my work of 25 years!



So, to keep riding this wave, I will be the guest speaker at the MILE HIGH DOWSERS SOCIETY meeting on June 4th, 2015 where I will once again set up a track for people to try dowsing.  I will be talking also about the SLEEP STUDY FOR ADULTS with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE and fielding questions from expert dowsers.  It is cheap for non-members and I would love for you to join me with this exceptional group of talented individuals.

Spirit Journey
Meanwhile I have an exciting schedule coming up. Registration for the May 9th & 10th SPIRIT JOURNEY IS going on now. Here's a link to the flyer.

I am also working up a summer schedule for work outdoors in open space locally and in the foothills.  If interested in Shamanic practices or the teachings of the Ancient Americans, please consider joining my MEETUP GROUP for free!

Portland, Oregon TRAINING 

As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, I met my Oregon host for Earth Acupuncture Training in a Multi Pure Conference last October.  Here is something for YOU to think about!  Depending on the exact circumstances, the Host may house me coming in from Colorado at their home.  They do feed participants lunch, snacks and beverages both days.  They also pay a minimal amount for the prepared rods we sink into the ground all around their home for 3 grids permanently.

For this Oregon trip, it is natural that clients of Joan’s practice will sign up.  Synchronicity as it is, a gentleman living at the co-housing community near Portland called me within days of Joan and I setting our date, asking me about dowsing.  Now, he and his wife are signed up for the workshop and we are talking about me spending some time at their community. Here's a link to the Oregon flyer.

Earth Acupuncture in Colorado, June 27 & 28th

And for you local folks, please take note that the local training is now scheduled at the home of JoHannah Reilly, licensed acupuncturist and Naturopathic Doctor in South Boulder.  For now this is the only workshop scheduled on the Front Range for this year so please consider that you go home with the kit and cure your own home after the weekend, saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars!  This is where I choose my apprentices for my Paid Apprenticeship Program as well! Here's the flyer for more details.


And now the NEWS THAT DREAMS are made of!

For a couple years I believed that a client/friend and I may be building community together right here in Lafayette on her 80 acres of land.  Well, the vision has move forward and I am working on a non-profit Foundation with two women who started co-housing here!  Soon we will be fundraising, and interviewing for more members for the FOUNDER’S CIRCLE and the BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Our vision will include a Wellness Center with memberships available.

We are designing an outdoor Sacred Garden for ceremonies and special events.  There will be organic gardens co-operative and probably CSA status which will be supplying the Café which will be open to the public.

Plans are well under way and all the paperwork is proof of that!  For now here is what we have, yet changes are forthcoming as more folks get involved!


The mission is to empower through education, research and innovations, the connection to and restoration of the Earth and all of Nature through a conscious, co-creative, sustainable partnership with Spirit.

Please contact me if you want to be a part of the future with me.




 "When we were children, we knew that there was a spirit that lived in all things.  We spoke to invisible beings, trees, the sky, moon, the birds, our animals, etc.  People all over the world have 

been doing this for thousands of years.  In our socialization process, we were taught how to live behave in modern society.  The doors between the worlds closed for most of us as we were told to stop talking to our imaginary friends.  The invisible worlds were invalidated for us.  This action has changed the course in human history, as the spiritual worlds became less accessible to us, so did the magic of life."

Come and explore the MAGIC OF LIFE with me!


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