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August Newsletter, 2015


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LIGHT LIFE TOOLS with wild fires, storm recovery and toxic spills

MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH (from Sandra Ingerman and the Global Shamanic Teachers)…Brilliant!

Buzz on BEES!




Single oils: Lavender, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Rosemary (brain food), Copaiba, Dorado Azul

Oil Blends: PanAway (go Cedric!), Purification, Melrose


“This blend creates a feeling of solidarity and balance .  It stabilizes and grounds us in order to cope constructively with reality.  When we’re hurting emotionally, we resort to avoidance.  When this happens, it is easy to make poor choices that lead to unhealthy relationships and unwise business decisions.  We seek to escape because we do not have anchoring or awareness to know how to deal with our emotions.”


“This blend stimulates the endocrine system for greater energy flow to the right hemisphere of the brain, activating creativity, motivation, and focus.  This helps strengthen commitment to purpose, desire, and intentions until you realize your goals.”




Strengthens immune system problems.  Initiates action where  sluggishness prevailed.  Raises the vibrations of lower drives.  Enhances blood and vitalizes  circulation.  Regenerates physical and spiritual Heart.  Good for devotion and ‘self-less service’.  Empowers one as it banishes self limitation.  Influences HEART & ROOT Chakras.


Upcoming EVENTS!

September 3, Mile High Dowsers monthly meeting in Lakewood. Guest Speaker: Jack Roberts. Topic Prosperity with Raymond Grace's methods.

September 15th:  SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL monthly drumming/journey circle. Fire Ceremony.  Lafayette, CO.


October 12th:  free ONE HOUR talk and demo of EARTH ACUPUNCTURE FOR YOUR HOME OR OFFICE at the Boulder Massage Collective.


October 24th & 25th : Pendulum Power/EARTH ACUPUNCTURE TRAINING & Pilot Study for the Launch of SLEEP STUDY for ADULTS with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE in Boulder area.  Participants go home and 90% of them will be able to  ‘cure’ their own home and office with extensive take home kit.  

November 7th & 8th:  Pendulum Power/EARTH ACUPUNCTURE TRAINING in Portland, Oregon.  Trained apprentice assisting!  Introducing SLEEP STUDY to the area.

November 17th, SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL monthly drumming/journey circle.   Boulder area.

December 3rd -6th, DEATH, DYING & CONSCIOUSNESS: Advanced Training for Shamanic Practitioners.  Healing Dome, 63rd & Niwot Rd.  (prerequisite:  Spirit Journey training)

Look for controversial movie events hosted by Vickie Cashman and myself at the Healing Dome beginning this fall.  Limited to 12 each event, and by donation. Discussion follows or you may simply leave.

SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL off in December, 2015 and resuming the 3rd Tuesday in January!  The 19th, location to be determined.

SPIRIT JOURNEY/all levels welcomed!  January 9th & 10th , 2016!  Healing Dome, 63rd and Niwot Rd.

GOLDEN GAIA FOUNDATION?  Please send inquiries to Karen@


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* * *

“A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so (therefore) he escapes the suffering.” 

Gautama Buddha (563-483 BC) 

Had he not met a woman?  Suffering is also illusion in the day to day.  Catastrophes?  Always part of life on Earth.  Really?  Where did this Planet come from?  A ‘fart’ from the Universe?  


Pisces Full Moon
August 29th, 2015

I still had to light a candle to write

Sounds of birds sleeping, twittering as I am in their territory

Crickets chirping august legs rubbing in rhythm

World, Earth please excuse us while we live within ourselves

Yet honoring our home, when we finally reach outside

Our selves

We meet you

Planet Earth

I now blow out the candle to write

Sounds of birds sleeping, twittering as I am in their territory

As the Full Moon lights our Mother

World, Earth please excuse us while we live within

Our selves.

(copyright by Karen Rice King, DBA Ruffled Feathers, LLc, 2015)


AUGUST 2015 Newsletter

Harvest time is here in Colorado and I have been eating peaches and corn and green beans.  My garden isn’t ready to pick except for the herbs and strawberries, when I am so lucky.


NOTICE:  As I am on the patio working on this letter, 2 Big Horned Owls landed and spoke from the dying row of Cottonwoods that line the SW fence line of this property.  The trees were planted by the previous owner.  This yard is sanctuary since 1998.

Oh, and in Jan Wright’s deck of cards, she says that almost all Native Tribes do not pay tribute to OWL, as it is a ‘harbinger’ of death…

The Ancient coiled snake looks pretty daunting but represents to this day in cultures all over the World, health and transformation.


Here in Colorado this summer in the ‘Urban Corridor’ has been incredibly rainy, then sunny and not too hot.  Now as the winds shift and the fires of our sister Western states rage on, we now are given warnings about AIR QUALITY.  Really?  At this altitude?  What ever happened to the electric train to be built from Denver to Boulder?  RTD ADMITS MISMANAGEMENT OF FUNDS.

Not political here!  Just ‘news worthy’.  When the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency and an independent contractor went into the King Mine, in SW Colorado and released *+&$+*&^%@+ into the ANIMAS River, which flows through New Mexico into the 4 Corners and then…Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon.)  ADMITTED to this some 48 hours after the fact? 

I said to myself Hallaluja!  Is every OOPS going to get us to a new vision?  Of ethics, honesty and accountability?


Find me a Home for my October 24 & 25th  Pendulum Power/EARTH ACUPUNCTURE TRAINING close to my home in Lafayette and receive a free Intake One-on-One Appointment with me! ($250/ 2 hours)  or whatever we decide if this is not an appropriate service for you. 

Call me directly for pre-testing of the property and details. 

This will be extremely important for APPRENTICES in my program as Vivian Dullien, Phd. Will be present to do a “pilot” of the SLEEP STUDY for ADULTS with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.  And be available for personal training for those who are involved in this amazing project.  ($99 for entire weekend includes lunch, snacks and beverages)



While at Lafayette Florist and green houses recently I learned 2 things. 

1) a fellow who does amazing wood work with COTTONWOOD has opened a studio in the side yard.  His info when he is not there is available at the desk in the garden center. 

2)  A woman with a thick Eastern European accent came in and asked the fellow working there about “holes in her rose bushes’ leaves.  He then drew the exact bite marks and she said yes! 

I had to jump in and say, “wow! That’s what I am seeing in leaves but not flowers or fruit.  My next door neighbor just sprayed the heck out of his entire back yard saying these were flies”. 

ANSWER:  Bees!  I’m no biologist. So I call them, the “cute little fuzzy, furry bees who don’t look like flies at all!  Never saw a fly on my food except after I ate it.”

So, if you see these delightful creatures?  They do not bite or sting humans and they are NEW TO COLORADO, like a whole bunch of folks I’m meeting.  DO NOT SPRAY OR KILL.


Recently Cedric Peebles and I did Earth Acupuncture on a home in South Boulder where 2 well established Bee Communities had been moved to.  I personally had to hammer copper rods or ‘staples’ into the ground right around the bee residence on the north side of the home.  It was tricky.  I had some bees land on my back as I was bent over hammering right near their entrance.  You see, about 1Ž2 hour before that I had put flags where my rods would go and I sat down and had a talk with the bees.

At any rate, a while later, Cedric came up to me and Goddess love him, he said a bee had stung him in the face.

I asked, “how close were you to their home?”  as he was working on the south side of the home many feet away from the hive there.

“Not close at all!  10 feet?  Doesn’t matter.  I just pulled out my Panaway essential oil and put it right on the bite, and it was gone.  Stinger still there?  I think I must have knocked it out.”

Within 2 days the homeowner who had moved the BEES with a hired expert to the new yard from N. Boulder to S. Boulder, said, “Oh, my, the bees are great and I feel like this is really Home.”

Incidentally, she moved her new office close by and we did the Egyptian Method in the office and dowsed for any personal stress lines around the building.  She said that her income increased noticeably, although that is never my focus with my work.



I have never had the honor of meeting the BEE LADY.  She lives right here in Boulder County, I hear, up in Gold Hill.  At one time, she worked for Slim Spurling’s wife, Katharina, designing jewelry like mini personal harmonizer ear rings and such. 

Now, I get around, as you may imagine.  Somewhere a story unfolds between my membership with the Society of Scientific Exploration and the ‘shop’ where I drive to get LIFE LIGHT TOOLS. 

What I have heard now for years is that the BEE LADY, when she left the ‘shop’, travelled around the world to find the healthiest, most prolific BEE COLONY in the world.  She recorded the sound of the hive, just as Bob Dratch recorded the sound of the Personal Harmonizer into the Environmental Clearing CD. 

She came home and played these 2 CDs to her hives, which she was hoping to develop into a small commercial venture. 

To shorten the BUZZ, it worked!  And Bee Keepers all over the Earth are using both CDs to play to their Bees.  It’s working!

Ted Andrews in his ANIMAL SPEAKS Pocket Guide says about BEES:  “This is a time of fertility and strong sexuality.  Extract honey while the sun shines.  Be (e) creative in as many ways as possible.”


May the sound inside you birth new buzz! 



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