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July Newsletter, 2015






Just Booked/Hear Karen speak about

POWER PATH/Soul Retrieval for Your Business: an Instructional Talk
Monday, August 10th at 10:30AM at Business Women’s Network.

New Moon/FULL MOON GATHERING! Drumming/Journey Circle
Tuesday, July 21, 2015, 6:30 pm

Dying Consciously
Sat Aug 29-Sun Aug 30

For Sale:


(SHAPE OF ROCKS, as taught by Beth Kuper, PATH OF CHI FENG SHUI.)


Fushite --
  Eliptic in shape, larger

2nd Fushite -- Bowl combined Arrow  in shape, just the right 5 lb. size (Fushite for me is so exciting with the mixed stone and metal.)

Rose Quartz 
Arrow or Flame in shape -- 
Both have so much quartz in their bodies, yet the VIOLET HUE as I call it is so present in both of them.

MICA: Flaked, red.  EXTREMELY RARE and Museum Quality

Selenite:  Thanks to its striations and layers …EVERY HOME WHERE there is a computer or phone?  Oven?  Bed?  Gosh…works great alone and even more with a simple PLAIN JANE copper ring from the Light Life Tools I carry from my mentor Slim Spurling.

Black Tourmaline:  Museum/collectors item.

Green Calcite:   same

Flourite complex, I call FLATIRONS.  Boulderites have offered big bucks for this baby for years as it looks so much like our well known FLAT IRONS. 

CLUSTER OF FOOL’S GOLD!  Look it up!  Can’t let go yet!  I haven’t seen one in a private collection yet like this one.

One cube, also, separate.  HEAVY HINT!

Optical gold calcite. 4x4.

I am revealing mining practices on our EARTH, as  I am proud in my study and gathering of these rocks.  I have been ethically and Spirit-assisted in every ‘extraction’.  I only gain access to these ‘specimens’ through my total devotion to EARTH.  In other words?  Our EARTH has lent them to me.

(I am raising money to go to my GLOBAL SHAMANIC TEACHERS’ REUNION at Joshua Tree, CA from September 28th through October 6th. We haven’t ever been together quite like this!  And I need to make up for ‘lost local wages’.

Any of the money left over will be helping me from other time ‘away’ from my routine work to contribute to the non profit Foundation I intend to be a part of for the rest of my time on Earth.  For now, anyway, as soon more resources are becoming available.

No worries!  I have holograms of my life thus far with these magnificent specimens to draw upon deep within me.

$12 instead of $15, you pay S&H
Apohylite Pyramid (master)
Gold Calcite
Take as homeopath: infuse yourself with gems!  Look up in your favorite rock resources.  I studied with MELODY and Katrina Raffaell



You pay 50% of my travel expenses with an apprentice.
Begins AUGUST 9th!

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July 2015 Newsletter

Hope you are enjoying your Summer!  ‘Sum’ are and ‘sum’ are not.  We live in a world of polarity and magnetism. 

I finally have my garden around my patio looking better and veggies and herbs are doing well. I’ve cut way back, while working and involving myself a non-profit Nature Sanctuary. This means moving into community with others and yet we are not considered “co-housing” as such.  I am sitting at my glass table, outside with the umbrella open, yet not so tight that when the weather changes, it will become a ‘torpedo’ in someone else’s yard.

The sun last week was so intense.


Ah, Ha!  

A lovely LADYBUG landed on my right forearm as I was working, no less.  Many of you have heard me say that my work is my Spiritual Practice.

At any rate, I thanked the beautiful LADYBUG and it opened its wings and flew off.

Then, a gorgeous bright yellow and black BUTTERFLY landed on the table corner and sat there opening and closing its wings within inches of me. I thanked her for gracing my yard and traveling from plant to plant to pollinate. It too flew off.

Back to work typing on the computer.  Minutes later, inside myself I asked,
“Which of you has a message for me?”

LADYBUG is back and landing on my left forearm. 

So, here we go with an interpretation from Steven Farmer from his MESSAGES FROM YOUR ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES deck of cards:


“This is an auspicious time for you, one that is extraordinarily powerful.  You’ll find that everything goes very smoothly with little effort on your part.  Your thoughts will be manifesting much more quickly, so be observant and careful about what you are thinking.  If you lapse into thinking about what you lack or what’s missing, remind yourself of all the things in your life—food, shelter, your loved ones, or even the gift of life itself—for which you are grateful.  Gratitude is the key to continually receiving good fortune, joy and abundance.  Be willing not only to ask for, but also to graciously receive and accept all that comes your way.”

Challenging Times

Some of you know that early in 2015 I experienced the national Medicare fraud you may have seen on the news.  It has affected my entire life!  Every nook and cranny.  I have purchased new URL’S to implement in my business and many, many more positive things!


Yet at times I had to practice this every hour of my waking conscious day.  Even added an Essential Oil, such as Copaiba from Brazil.

Remember to Breathe

BREATH:  always the KEY  breathe = PLEASE just breathe deep into your Root and through your CROWN. 
NO EXTREME BREATHING techniques recommended here. 

(no matter the ‘tradition’=find what works for you!)


The Mourning Dove “who-whooose” about 5 AM at my home.

I stayed up late tonight for the sound of an OWL

BIG HORNED OWLS in my life only exist at this home, in this state of Colorado, AT CERTAIN TIMES.

PLEASE, find the space to LISTEN for YOUR self.  Also, interpret FIRST, for yourself by yourself.  When you ask for a sign, it will present if you are in tune and aware/awake to your natural environment as a friend and a message carrier.


Getting into the Groove

I CAN TYPE BETTER NOW that I played live music tonight at LALUNA in Lafayette.  I played the spoons with my garden gloves!  This ole’ musician ain’t finished yet!  (New Moon, Cancer.  Sun, Cancer) 

Some of you may feel like digging a hole in the sand to prevent predators from …uncovering you?  Cancer, the crab?  (check out Cindy Morris’ Astrology for western interpretation
and  Mary Stevenson for Vedic! (GOOGLE RULES!)

Me?  I had some iced home made Vietnamese coffee at 4PM with Loc N. and we are clicking as he photographed a property I am managing for rent not far from my home.

Also working again for my dear friend Lucy G. with her property in Lafayette.  Grounding. 

Ethnic.  I groove on this.  If I do not have the opportunity to work with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE or MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH (Sandra Ingerman), I simply am what the the Land and the client asks! 

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT FOR HIRE!  (did it for many, many years with my own cleaning company, to pay for my multiple trainings)  Bringing us back to:


An apprentice in my EARTH ACUPUNCTURE commented, at a client’s property:  “You have a LADY BUG on you!” 

She touched it.  It opened its wings.  It wouldn’t fly off.

An hour or so later, Sarah Freese from Steamboat Springs said, “ There is a LADY BUG on you again and one in the car near the copper rods”  (or something like that!) 

Sarah Freese, thanks for your great work.  Sandy Swegel and Cedric Peebles, you are beyond fun yet professional! I am SO GRATEFUL for your assistance and your own gifts with this important work!


Inspiration From The Illuminated Rumi, p. 83:

“There is no way out, no cure but death.  Last night in a dream I saw an old man standing in a garden.  It was all love. He held out his hand and said Come toward me.  If there is a dragon on this path, that old man has an emerald face that can deflect it.

This is enough.  I am leaving my self.”


Keep looking Inside before you look outside in judgment or condemn yourself.  LADY BUG says “spread your wings” so All may see or experience.  You have a purpose. 



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