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May/June Newsletter, 2015


NEW MOON GATHERING: Drum/Journey Circle, 3rd Tuesday of most Months






YOUNG LIVING OILS: Make Your Own Bug and Animal Repellant




I now own the fabulous far-infrared HOT HOUSE in addition to my CHI MACHINE.

Buy 8 thirty minute sessions for $200.  Includes a facilitated Sacred Geometry Crystal Layout with Tibetan Bowls.  Otherwise, $30 per  1/2 hour treatment.  Monday through Wednesday, and on 2 Saturdays a month.  Good through September 15th.


Have your own spa at home!  




Order a diffuser for your porch or patio from me and the oils known for getting rid of mosquitos, like Geranium combined with Cedar, Lemon and Citronella. Geranium alone has out performed Deet!    Or get rid of mice with Spearmint and Peppermint.  (and plug all opening coming into the house along pipes and cords with steel wool.)
Testimonial from Portland

Hi everyone,

I want to update you on the results of the earth acupuncture at my home. 

The energy feels very calm and centered in both the house and the yard. I have planted tomato plants, and squash plants in the raised beds and they are doing really well. The front grass looks magnificent. I cut it recently for the first time since seeding it. The new energy has it looking greener than any other lawn.

A lady came and cleaned yesterday and said the energy had really changed and it felt wonderful. She has been doing this about monthly for many months so she really had an objective eye.

I went to the Humane Society and got a 1 year old female lynx point siamese mix cat a week ago. She is adorable and she and KoKo are doing very well. They even curl up in the same chair. I'm thrilled! No fights, just friends. Her name is Elsa.

Karen installed Egyptian rods in my office too. I have had better business since then with several new patients and more returning people. What a joy.

There must be something to all this!!!

Thank you so much for coming and sharing and caring and working at my home. I hope you benefited and will use this knowledge to create change in your homes and lives. It works!

Many blessings,



Karen Rice King, © Ruffled Feathers, LLC, 2015


MAY/JUNE 2015 Newsletter

Happy Summer Solstice!  I hope you will share it with those you love in a magnificent place in Nature!  Give thanks for all you are and experience in our natural world!

Spirit Journey in May
We completed a very sweet SPIRIT JOURNEY Workshop at the Dome on Niwot Road in May.  All were remarking at how our time together was ‘meant to be”, as individuals received much guidance and direct support for being committed for the two days.
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NEW MOON GATHERING: Drumming/Journey Circle
Monthly we are starting back up on the 3rd Tuesday of every month with the NEW MOON GATHERING: Drumming/Journey Circle.  You may register for this and other events at the Meetup Group right on the internet.


Within days of the Spirit Journey workshop I flew into Portland, Oregon to teach PENDULUM DOWSING AND EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.  Three students magically turned into 7!  Great number!
A couple, Don and Helen, had registered early as their Licensed Acupuncturist had suggested they look into Geopathic Stress and what challenges it causes with personal health.
The two of them live in a long established co-housing, intentional-living community, which I am exploring on my way to establishing a foundation here in Boulder County.  A neighbor/close friend of theirs heard about the workshop and mentioned it to his girlfriend from Europe and she supported his taking it, as dowsing is so much more popular and common in Europe.  Len did decide to become one of my contracted Apprentices and I am thrilled with his abilities with this work!
Two women from the Dowsing Association for the entire NW of the United States also joined us and one of my hostess’ clients.
It appears that my life is no longer abstract or random.  All is in accord of what needs to BE.
Mystery and synchronicity abounds to delight and surprise me daily!
I stayed and extra five days in Portland.  Len, Don and I worked on a 3100 square foot home belonging to a published author in the alternative health field.  This took us a couple days to complete.
I also went out into the eastern suburbs to do the Egyptian Method of EA on a home while also sinking rods in the ground for any Personal Stress lines for the household.

Folks were receiving IMMEDIATE positive results!  I also had brought some of Slim Spurling’s Light Life Tools and was demonstrating and selling as I moved along.
Once I left Joan’s home, I settled into a guest room at TRILLIUM HOLLOW where my 3 students live.  It was so much fun to take the tour and get exposed to the consciousness of a co-housing community.  Not to mention that the hollow was heavily wooded and full of wild life! 

On a Sunday, Don and Helen drove me out to Sheila’s property, another student out in the country.  This way I got to see where so many Christmas tree farms exist.  Sheila decided to become a contracted Apprentice as well.  Don, Helen and I started flagging out her farm to give her a jump start on the installation before returning to town.
Before I left the area, I went and stayed a night with a dear friend and my upline in Multi Pure Drinking Water Systems.  Joanne lives in Vancouver, WA, so I got to see that part of the area as well!
With such huge success in Oregon, I will be trying to get another hosted arrangement set up for September or next Spring, so I may work directly with these two Apprentices.  Help me land a HOST & HOME and get a gift certificate for $120 in services from my practice if it is a go!

SUNSET Journey 

I currently have added a SUNSET JOURNEY gathering for June and July.

Fall Films at the Dome

In the Fall, Vickie Cashman and I will be hosting films of interest for a $5 donation at her Dome on Niwot Road.  We are previewing alternative, independent films dealing with everything from ET’s to Environmental and Consciousness raising material.

Golden Gaia Foundation
This is preparing me for my future as a member of the Founder’s Circle of the Golden Gaia Foundation.  Within weeks we will have the Bi Laws in to the attorney.  Once these are finished we will put together a packet and get a web page done for the public to view as fund raising begins for this awesome non-profit.
If you have any interest in this project, please let me know.  It will have a Wellness Center with memberships, Sacred Gardens for meditation and special events, and a CSA organic garden, which we hope will go ‘to table’ in a Café opened to the public where the Chef may offer classes.
Much more is being designed and envisioned.  Our focus is for a conscious, co-operative community interested in environmental and sustainability while communicating with the Land and all of Nature.
And our hope is to leave an internationally recognized retreat and education center right here in Boulder County, Colorado for decades to follow as a Legacy to Mother Earth, the true Golden Gaia!


All Light, All Love, All the time,




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