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November Newsletter, 2015



NOVEMBER 27, 28, 29th ‘til MIDNIGHT







We Always Question: 


We always question. That is our Nature.

When we learn to listen to the Answers, Or notice the signs!  Or taste the spices, Or touch the fine line.What is missing?

As shown to us as Signs,

 Omens or Love, then we know we truly have surrendered

To the ALL, to the Source of All 

To the one within; 

Deep, deep within where all senses 

Missed the call.

What message is for All?





November 17th
SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL monthly drumming/journey circle. Lafayette.

December 5th & 6th
SPIRIT JOURNEY, Beginning and all levels of shamanic practice. 63rd & Niwot Road.

SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL off for December!  Happy Holidays!

January 9th & 10th
SPIRIT JOURNEY, Beginning and all levels of shamanic practice, 63rd & Niwot Road.

January 11th, 2016 

January 12th, 2016
SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL monthly drumming/journey circle. Place to be determined.

February 3rd through 7th, 2016 
BEYOND SPIRIT JOURNEY:  Death, Dying and Consciousness.  63rd & Niwot Road.



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November 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone!

As Winter is now fast in coming to Colorado, even here on the front range, I want to remind you that we are still taking EARTH ACUPUNCTURE installments.  As your business books may be closing with the calendar year, please consider this:

1.    If you have a home office and your business has done well this past year, you may take our work as a business expense and 

gift to your home!

2.    If you are doing any remodeling or are planning any for the near future, you can wrap this receipt in with the remodel as the receipt reads, “Environmental Testing, Consultation and Installation”. 

3.    Now that I have paperwork on file with the state of Colorado, you may receive a discounted job for A CASH DONATION, as I am a Minister. 

So, please call me and let’s do this!  I suggest you make a quick call to your accountant to verify this information, as accounting is not my forte’!


And please take advantage of the Sale with the LIGHT-LIFE® TOOLS from Slim Spurling.  This is for Thanksgiving weekend and orders must be paid for by midnight Sunday night.  I can receive cash, checks or credit cards.  Using my Pay Pal account has been easy and their customer service and protection during my fraud in 2015 was absolutely superior to my own bank of over 25 years!


30% off is $75!  For homes, individuals and business owners of sole proprietors!  Good through the end of 2015.  I will provide gift cards for presents to loved ones if you like!  Don’t pass on this amazing offer!  If you are considering a commercial space, please call me and we will bargain!



As I keep hearing more and more in our health community that medical challenges are on the rise due to recent discoveries that LYME DISEASE is reaching epidemic proportions in our area.  Though we are well aware that none of the products I carry should be used without consulting your medical advisers, I do have to say that there is a protocol that has been passed to me to help in the recovery of this mysterious and dangerous virus. Reports from knowledgable practitioners are stating that LYME is associated with and other viruses such as Chronic Fatigue, Candida, and more.  I want to mention some of the Young Living products that have been mentioned to help and you may call me with more if you’d like to discuss this further as I am not proposing that this is the single or absolute answer!

The oils you will want to consider are Lemon, Blue Cypress and Peppermint and Thieves.  The other products you need to be aware of are: Ningxa Red, ICP, Juva Cleanse, Oregano and Cinnamon in caps, Juva Power and Power Meal and garlic.

My auto order is the 23rd of every month and I will be glad to help you help your issues with this disagreeable virus and your immune system.  Call me and let’s talk about what your needs are.  I am dowsing for products for clients rather than muscle testing.  I do shamanic diagnostic work as well.  Don't suffer.  Get support!  If not from me, than from who you trust and know!  Please start feeling better!  

I personally had Hep-C after a trip to Mexico many years ago.  I have been diagnosed with all kinds of things!  I am a walking miracle!  Yet, there is a blood test now to determine if you have LYME DISEASE.  If you have symptoms that you can't quite get a handle on, get tested!  I am going to!  Take care of yourself as you will be who you are meant to be in this world.


Matika Wilbur Photos

Matika Wilbur hopes her photos will help foster more accurate representations of American Indians in curricula and the media.

Three years ago, Seattle photographer Matika Wilbur set out on an ambitious journey that has thus far required her to trek 250,000 miles around the country.

Frustrated with the stereotypical images that Wilbur saw dominating narratives about the Native America community, she set out to capture all of the nation’s (then) 562 federally-recognized tribes. (There are 566 today.) 

That is how Project 562 began. Herself a member of the Swinomish and Tulalip tribes, Wilbur has been visiting reservations -- some in remote areas -- throughout the country and shooting photos for her collection since December 2013. Her journey is well underway, reports Hilal Isler at The Guardian. . .  

(More of the article and photos at link, below)

(Provided to me by my dear friend and colleague Beth Kuper, Path of Chi Feng Shui.)

Nature Sanctuary

Please keep thinking of the Nature Sanctuary we are creating and consider getting involved in some way!  GGF is something we, the Founding Circle and the advisory committee are extremely excited about.  Graphics and information is available now to interested folks!


Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the true meaning of the holidays!


Let Your Light Shine!



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