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October 2013 Newsletter

Fall Special!

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Karen's Notes
MEDITATION for NOW, (fall 2013)

As some of you know, I have struggled of late with heart arrhythmias due to stress.  Almost 8 weeks ago, I changed up my meditations and everyone is asking what I did, as it has almost completely eliminated the disorder!!

One I do for 45 minutes is this.  I got the idea from Lama Surya Das in his book BUDDHA STANDARD TIME.  I guess my shamanic spiritual practice helped me shape it FOR ME.  I curl up in the fetal position, in bed. A) I deepen my breathing and I imagine that I am in MOTHER EARTH’s womb and I am about to be born into the world as HER CHILD for her now.   OR 45 minutes of same position, but instead I imagine I am dead and I shorten my breath and sometimes just become a skeleton there surrounded by my Power Animals and Spirit Helpers.  The bones have turned to dust and blown away.

This is just one of many variations I am doing, all using my breath in different ways.  Meditating in bed is an old practice for me since my injuries.  No problem staying awake!  Try one!  Especially with the 2 Eclipses, the Moon Wobble, Mercury retrograde and the days getting shorter!!!

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The Heart of Your Goddess Peaceful Valley Ranch, Lyons, CO – Postponed until May 2014

Beyond Spirit Journey: Advanced Shamanic Training, 2014-2015

About Karen

Karen has a double major in World Religion and Counseling Psychology from Western College for Women, where she was the assistant to the Chaplain. In 1977 she was teaching Psychic Development and Meditation at the Boulder Free School in Colorado. She met Slim Spurling after a serious auto accident in 1990 in which she had sustained a critical head trauma and full body whiplash. About 8 months after the incident, Slim dowsed and installed rods on Karen’s property, and the miracles began. She resumed the ability to read with comprehension; she fully regained her speech; painful symptoms were alleviated; and her healing recovery accelerated. Karen exclaimed to Slim: “I have to learn what you are doing — please!”

Within a couple of years of working together on properties, Slim suggested that Karen coin the term “Earth Acupuncture” and start teaching it. Their work together birthed Karen’s nationally known training program in Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture. Slim facilitated Karen’s recognition as a Master Dowser with the International Dowsers Society because of her abilities to find “off-grid” negative lines on properties. Since then Karen has taught this work throughout the U.S., training apprentices and practitioners.

Karen has been a teacher for more than 30 years including Shamanism in her practice, and she completed the Teacher Training Program with Sandra Ingerman in 2004. Karen has focused her “curing” and research on ADD, ADHD, chemical sensitivities, and behavioral issues in children. She also continues to research the causes of why Colorado leads the nation in adult cases of MS, breast cancer and prostate cancer.
Karen Rice King, © Ruffled Feathers, LLC, 2013

October 2013 Newsletter

After the 1000-Year Flood

P’TAAH: There is only one thing you really need to know and that is that humanity is loved and cherished on every dimension. The numbers and the names of every dimension do not matter. They do not mean anything to you. The names of the planets mean nothing to you. There is only one thing that means something to you and it is your own heart, your own soul, your own consciousness, your own potential, your own beauty.

You are God/Goddess!

There are many people who want information about technology and methodology, but what does that mean to you? It is a form of entertainment, because the only thing of importance is that you know who you are.

That is all. When you know who you are, you will know everything else. (The P’taah Tapes: Transformation of the Species, channeled by Jani King, copy write 1991 by TRIAD PUBLISHERS Pty. Ltd., PO Box 731, Cairns, Qld 4870, Australia)

The sound of every animal, the hum of all bees, the message of rising waters, taking out roads, homes and trees. All reminds us that we are NOT ALONE.

Nature will raise the flag when we are weak and tired. Our Mother Earth will bust OUR SEAMS on Her gown when need be. 100 year flood? 1000 year flood?

Fall special: 1/2 hour Sacred Geometry Crystal layout with Singing Bowls  $50.00  good through Winter Solstice!

A Broken Heart


A broken Heart is the one
Heart who speaks
Yet rarely listens.

A broken Heart is the one
Heart who wanders
Yet rarely guides.

A Broken Heart is the one
Heart who gives
Yet rarely receives.

A Broken Heart is the one
Heart with four chambers.

If only a Heart with four legs!

Four chambers of the brain;
A brain for a heart.

A Broken Heart is the one
Heart who truly lives in
All Nations.

A Full Heart is the one
Heart who measures
Every beat
Every breath
Every part of our Earth
And holds the memories of
All broken hearts.

A broken full Heart
Is the one Heart
Who hungers
Then feeds others.

A broken full Heart is the one
Heart who listens
Is guided

And finds.

Four chambers of brain
Directions are changing
Changing a brain
For a Heart.

Four directions crossing
Through the only Mother
Common to us all.

Who’s Heart
Is breaking?


By Karen Rice King, © Ruffled Feathers, LLC, 2013

With the recent flood waters reshaping many canyons and roadways, homes, farms and ranches, and lives…here in Colorado, once again, the magnificent work created by Sandra Ingerman from her book MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins re-enters my consciousness.

Recently Sandra notified those of us who have gone through her Teacher Training of Core Shamanism, that she was one of Top Ten Spiritual Heroes of 2013 by the November/December issue of Spirituality and Health Magazine. She says she was chosen specifically for her MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH work. And having experienced this teaching since its beginnings, I can attest to value of the process one travels through with group consciousness, transfiguration and transmutation.
At the request of prospective clients, not only am I offering a RESIDENTIAL training in all these wonderful classes of the ancient teachings of the Americas, but I will also be adding local programs for those who find it necessary to be closer to home. Also, I will be planning more work with the very lovely and talented Teresa Dunwell, painter, teacher and shaman.

Let Your LoveLight Shine!

Fall special: 1/2 hour Sacred Geometry Crystal layout with Singing Bowls  $50.00  good through Winter Solstice!

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