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October Newsletter, 2015



November 17th, SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL monthly drumming/journey circle.  Lafayette.

December 5th & 6th, SPIRIT JOURNEY, Beginning and all levels of shamanic practice, 63rd & Niwot Road.

SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL off for December!  Happy Holidays!

January 9th & 10th, SPIRIT JOURNEY, Beginning and all levels of shamanic practice, 63rd & Niwot Road.

January 11th, 2016.  APPLICATIONS AND REGISTRATIONS DUE FOR ADVANCED Shamanic Training 4 Session Program.

January 12th, 2016, SPIRIT EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL monthly drumming/journey circle. Place to be determined.

February 3rd through 7th, 2016.  BEYOND SPIRIT JOURNEY:  Death, Dying and Consciousness.  63rd & Niwot Road.


By Karen Rice King, Master Dowser Energy Worker
Dowsing is the art of aligning your inborn subconscious ability and your tools with subtle earth energies in order to divine for something that is desired.  Dowsing can be used to help us clarify health and personal issues, locate water and minerals, find missing persons or objects, receive suitable answers, and make good decisions.  Dowsing is known by many names through out the world, such as divination, divining, radiesthesia and geobiology.  Throughout the ages, dowsers have been called water witchers, rod wielders, doodle buggers and water diviners.
Dowsing is a normal sensory perception available to birds, fish, animals and people.  Salmon use it to find their way back to their birthplace to spawn.  Swallows use it to return to the Mission Capistrano every year.  Bees find their way back to the hive after flying from flower to flower over a distance of 2 miles or more.  Monarch butterflies return from South America to the same trees in Santa Cruz, California, three generations after the original ones left.


October 2015 Newsletter

My Story and Slim
Last weekend I spent Friday night through Sunday afternoon with Katharina Spurling and the staff at IX-EL in Erie where Slim Spurling’s Light Life Tools are made and distributed.  There were nine other distributors there from as far away as Hong Kong and Australia!  This was my first ‘training’ since Slim’s passing in 2007 and it brought back some wonderful memories that I have decided to share with you if you haven’t already known this information.

In January of 1990 I was involved in an auto “incident” (as there are no accidents) where I sustained four impacts on sheer ice while driving home from work in a storm.  The diagnosis was another major head injury, brain stem injury and full body whiplash.

Though I had wonderful treatments that included Rolfing, Acupuncture and Chiropractic, I was released from insurance at eighteen months with not being able to read two sentences in a book or speak very well.  I had awful pain and the Neurologist, Dr. Robert Scaer, was going to put me on permanent disability.  I had to leave the master’s program I was in.  AND I WAS SEEING ANGELS AROUND ME!

I really was just waiting to die.

Then, Vickie Cashman who was doing energy work with me referred me to these “two fellows who have a handyman business and are doing amazing work on the land.”  Hence, Slim Spurling and Bill Reid.

They came and did my home for FREE, knowing my situation.  Within three days, I called Dr. Scaer (who started the Mapleton Chronic Pain Clinic in Boulder at this time) and told him I could read and understand again.  “Well, you better get in here as soon as possible!”

Not only did I get six more months of work with the newly formed Brain Injury Institute, but I called Slim and said that I have to learn what he is doing!  Vicky and I hosted a workshop for he and Bill and I never turned back.

So, you see why I put this work in my medicine bag for the future! My work includes Angels, Native American Spirit helpers and Psychic Surgeons, to name a few.  It was 1992 when I first started also working with Sandra Ingerman in shamanism as well.

Breathwork Workshop

As I have been a member now for over 18 months to the Society of Scientific Exploration, I’ve become friends with a lovely woman who I know runs a “tight ship” in her practice and in her professional life.  Her name is ANITA BOEHM and she and a sacred sound fellow are having a workshop with breath work at the Starhouse in the beginning of November.  I am putting a link to it here as I KNOW it will be a worth while experience for everyone!

Life Light Masks Sale

Also here is the information about the masks from Life Light Tools on special UNTIL MONDAY, THE 26TH. 

Light-Life® Tools Masks 20% Discount:  Includes Nose, Eye and Head/Horse
October 22 - 26, 2015

Please purchase directly from Karen

I’ve heard WONDERFUL things about the horse model!  And I know for my allergies and sinus issues, mine is fabulous.  (my apprentices get an additional 10% off!).

30% off is $75!  For homes, individuals and business owners of sole proprietors!  Good through the end of 2015.  I will provide gift cards for presents to loved ones if you like!  Don’t pass on this amazing offer!  If you are considering a commercial space, please call me and we will bargain!



My auto order is the 23rd of the month, every month.  Here’s what you need to know.  If you’d like to try an oil at my cost, or a portion of an oil, I will figure that out for you to be able to do that.  I also have cute little sample bottles that I could make up some for you at a minimal charge, whether you are local or out of state!

It has been a while but I have laid out the program I was trained to teach by Sandra Ingerman in 2003.  I have taught it many times already in a residential setting up at Peaceful Valley Ranch.  Many of you have said you can’t leave town due to employment or family.  SO THIS IS FOR YOU!  And I added two new beginner’s classes in plenty of time for you to prepare.  Take at look at the convenient dates at MEETUP/  And please talk to me or email me about this.  I would love to get this going for you!!!


Enjoy your Fall Season!  And Let Your Light Shine!


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