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Karen's Notes:

Hello All,

I am excited to share with you that Brooke and Gayle (a distributor of Slim Spurling’s LIGHT LIFE TOOLS ) have invited me back for another workshop in the agricultural area of Washington at the end of October this year! If you refer anyone who joins us, I will GIFT you a LONG DISTANCE CLEARING for your home! This is a $250 value and will be in an ACTIVE FILE for an entire year! So, go through your address book!!! The workshop will be in the NORTH CENTRAL part of Washington.
We had someone drive all the way from Northern Oregon for the workshop at Brooke Medicine Eagle’s! I discovered there is no one teaching this material in the entire Northwest, from San Francisco through Vancouver, BC, or in the western US! Well, Slim has passed, and it simply never occurred to me that no one has picked up his work in that area. There are no complaints about this work, only RAVES and wonders to behold!

And in regards to your curiosity concerning my personal specialization in teaching Dowsing and Shamanism, let me say that archeologists, anthropologists, historians and art historians have found very similar evidence. They discovered that the art of dowsing, once truly understood as the art of accessing the unconscious, is utilized for problem solving and shamanic journeying, or accessing information we are unable to receive through our ego/personality except when “hypnotized, meditating, or asleep, receiving from our dreams.”  Or let me clarify, MY RESEARCH is demonstrating a common thread after all these years!  Got any ideas for my PhD and the grant? HA!

P.S. If you know anyone in the Bellingham area, tell them I am giving a free talk and demonstration of Pendulum Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture at WISE AWAKENINGS retail store and center on Saturday, November 3, at 3 PM.

P.P.S. Good News — the Colorado Medical Study is finally about to launch! We are looking for adults with sleep issues whose homes will be remedied with Earth Acupuncture. We will have one group that will receive genuine Earth Acupuncture, and another group that will receive a placebo treatment. But don’t worry, after the study is finished and the results tabulated, all the homes in the placebo group will receive the “real deal” Earth Acupuncture. I am very excited and challenged, as I will not supplement the Earth Acupuncture with any spiritual/psychic work on properties, so that we can scientifically study the effects of Earth Acupuncture alone.
Please go to my home page at and look for giveaways and announcements on my Facebook, Blog, and Twitter accounts (all linked to HOME PAGE in upper right corner), starting this month!!!

Thank you all for your referrals during these past 22 years, which I always appreciate!

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Upcoming Events:

 Spirit Journey, Level 1
Nov. 10, 2012, 10 am - 5 pm
Beyond Spirit Journey – 2 Year Program
May 15-19, 2013
Sept. 25-29, 2013
May 14-18, 2014
Sept. 24-28, 2014
 Dowsing & Earth Acupuncture with Medical Sleep Study
Oct. 6 & Nov. 14, 2012

Next 7 Generations
Oct. 24 7-10
Oct. 13-14: Jeffersonville, NY, hosted by Cynthia Crisp
Oct 27-28: Tonasket, Washington

Feng Shui with Gems and Minerals
Dec. 15, 2012
Community Holistic Health Center

Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture for Home and Office

By: Karen Rice King, B.A.
Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister

What is Dowsing?
“Dowsing can be described as divining for something that is desired. Most people
consider dowsing to be a search for water, and this is how the whole field began
thousands of years ago.”
(From Dowsing for Beginnersby Richard Webster)

What are the causes of Geopathic Stress?
Natural radiations, which rise up through the earth, are distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. It has been scientifically proven that the wavelength of the natural radiation disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms.

What are Hartmann lines?
“The entire earth is threaded with an invisible grid of Hartmann lines. They appear every 6‑8 feet. They are named after the German medical doctor named Ernst Hartmann. If your bedroom or work area lies over these lines, there is a good chance you have serious health problems. Heart attack victims often sleep on a Hartmann line. So do insomniacs.” (From Sam Biers’ HEALTH DISCOVERIES NEWSLETTER, Issue #25)

Who is most endangered by these stress lines?
People who are “sensitive,” those who are already ill or weak and lacking in energy, are most endangered by stress lines, such as anyone who has had an auto accident or is recovering from surgery. Dowsing can help everyone: athletes involved in high performance sports, people who work on computers, and technicians who service telephones and high electrical wires in dense electro-magnetic environments. Children, babies and pets have been included in these studies. Babies are at risk for healthy growth, concentration and ability to learn.

The Bottom Line!
First, get your property tested by a qualified and knowledgeable dowser. Once it has been determined that you have dangerous levels of these stress lines intersecting in your home or office, they can be removed. A specially trained Dowser will install copper L–rods around your property to create safe zones. As a result, family and business matters will flow more harmoniously, and health and psychological challenges can be relieved more easily. There is no end to the transformations you may experience. Think about what you want in your life: you can make it happen!

Welcome to Karen's Fall 2012 Newsletter

“Now before I go on, I want to mention a few more facts that are of profound relevance to us two-leggeds. Along the entire range of vibration — from infinitesimal to infinite, from microscopic to the enormity of the universe, from totally subtle superfluid to the densest possible matter — we two-leggeds stand at the center. And our hearts sit at the center of our selves, joining the realms in love and unity. Thus, the human heart stands at the very center of the Rainbow Bridge between Song and Light.
It is fascinating that the place of power is at exactly that same center spot. Nearing the still point of transformation is the place where subtle, Unmanifest energy can be acted upon the most powerfully — and what acts upon it is heartfelt intent. Until now, it has been the shamans’ work to journey into the Unmanifest (sometimes, called Spirit realms) — to go to those subtle realms and act with focused intention where they can potently influence what manifests as subsequent reality. Thus, we can see the benefit of all the work of shamanism, manifestation, spiritual healing, and so on. . . You are co-creators with the Great Creator. . . Become conscious of how and what you create, so that you use your intent to bring forth a beautiful world.”

From THE LAST GHOST DANCE: A Guide for Earth Mages by Brooke Medicine Eagle (New York: Ballantine, 2000)

Recently, during July 24 through August 9, I flew into the Pacific Northwest for the first time of this life.

I had one Earth Acupuncture Training filled with participants sponsored by my hostess, Brooke Medicine Eagle, at her FlowerSong property located over the Cascade Mountains in some hills near Omak. Thanks to my Global Shamanic Teachers network, I was graced this connection by my dear friend Cynthia Crisp, who hosts me in the Catskills Mountains in New York.

However, my very first invitation had come from a client who had become a friend and who moved with her family from Longmont back to her roots in Washington. Soon after the move, she experienced the death of her Mother, who moved in with the family, as well as the sudden death of her sister from cancer. As her marriage began to unravel where the hinges were already weakened, and the kids were more challenged, she called and said, “THIS HOUSE HAS GOT TO BE DONE. And I still wonder about the Lummi Curse.”

After a 2-hour flight into Seattle to an absolutely refreshing environment in no immediate fire danger and a pleasant sunny and 74 degrees, I bussed to Bellingham where I grabbed my rental car. Fortune of fortunes, I stayed at the Lion’s Inn Motel off downtown in an historic neighborhood, as the owner of the motel was registered for an Earth Acupuncture training with me the following week.  

Before heading east, I said to the owner, “Nick the Greek” (as everyone knows him), “Now I am going to set you up with one of Slim Spurling’s Personal Harmonizers and you must play the CD called Environmental Clearing daily while I am gone, with the ear buds around that Harmonizer.”

“What should I expect?” asked this man who had degrees in biochemistry and other fields. I started laughing and said, “I would like to hear from you whether your business picks up.  Or what have you. . . Oh, and let me know if any unmarked green or black helicopters come around.”  Nick thought I was joking!

Off I went, taking scenic Highway 20 through the Ancient Forests of this land. Then, KABAM KABOOM, I am on what I would call a desert floor, followed by my turning the wheel back and forth, weaving up some hills again, full or vineyards, orchards, gardens, sheep, cattle, llamas and chickens. I imagined it to be actually similar to Greece, though I have never been there. Wherever the food was growing, it was lush and green. Some of the food crops were surrounded by cloth, most by fencing, with elaborate watering systems using captured water. Otherwise, the landscape was dry, barren, rocky and sculpted in the higher spots the way only Mother Nature can craft.

That first evening I gave a free demonstration and talk at the community center down the hills from Brooke’s property. Interesting how the dozen folks who showed up were some of the local growing community, most involved with the Permaculture Movement.  We had a lot of fun together as I got everyone up and dowsing! And a lovely exchange was going on as one person gave away some lavender and someone else a basket of herbs. Even fruit and veggies showed up!

Brooke had organized the talk and was a pleasant participant as we started to get to know each other. The tour of her FlowerSong farm the next morning wasn’t a surprise to me. You see, I had read her first book, during what seemed a lifetime ago, and had loved it. From her original organization of a couple of acres, the farm again reminded me of a life in Greece: orchards and gardens lining one side near the pond and the soaking pool; the lawn gracefully climbing back up the other side; and the teepee and Gypsy Wagon for living spaces, tucked ever so artistically around more orchards and gardens in step-like levels reaching to the outer property line.  

So here I am, with a well-skilled Shamanic Teacher, here to teach Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture. It is almost feels like a house of mirrors. And if you know me well, you know exactly what I mean. Oh, how many times I wanted to change my name, such as the time in the mid-1970s when I was going to start a macrobiotic drive-through restaurant named BROWN RICE KING (and don’t get any “funny ideas” — I own the name!).

The workshop was winding down, as we took turns dowsing, flagging and hammering the rods into the ground on the upper level where the primary residence, home office, chicken coup, studio, green house, orchards and garden were located. Since a couple folks attending actually had met Slim Spurling and worked with him almost as long ago as I had, this group was a gift to me! Not to mention, some experienced dowsers with years of alternative research on the land from the small and large growers alike. 

Sweat, soul and jeers were shared, as this community knows each other quite well, and I sure could joke around with the best of them! 

Fortunately, I had a few extra days with my hostess, whom I could work with one-on-one, addressing her areas of question or concern. I made more notes to prepare myself for the final 3-color drawing of the installation at FlowerSong, in order to mail it to Brooke and all the students as a frame of reference.

As I drove back to Bellingham, I took the same route, so I could experience the “other side” of the scene, driving in the opposite direction. However, I had my rear view mirror tilted on “Gaia,” the stray dog I picked up on a hill, now riding in the back seat.
For those of you who met Max, my former yellow lab, Gaia IS Max, with a black face and white marked forehead running down to her nose. I asked and got confirmation from my Guides, as Gaia has a very similar story to Max. I thought I was transporting Gaia to the no-kill shelter in Bellingham, the same way I took Max home from the Boulder Shelter in 1997, so he could live “just one more day.” He never went back to the shelter!  (Adopt a pet before it adopts you!!!)

Once we reached Bellingham at the Lion’s Inn Motel, Nick graduated us to a one-bedroom apartment. And to my amazement, he announced that with the No-Kill Shelters overwhelmed with animals, he would raise Gaia, whose name in Greek means EARTH.

Let me tell you that this very talented fellow has his large working hands full. He does not need this dog! And yet, at this moment, Gaia is still with Nick and she enjoys playing with his part-time chocolate lab, Gracie.

At any rate, as I settled in to prepare for the Bellingham workshop, I reflect on the workshop in the farming/ranching area of the state. There were some anomalies in Washington I had yet to experience. For example, the usual pattern of negative stress lines I have found in Colorado show regularity, whereas here I saw definite evidence of a large amount of active, underground water. It makes sense really, as the snow covered mountain peaks are still running off at a very high rate.

Now in August, there are 3 folks at the workshop at the home of my client “N” where she and her family have lived in since moving to Bellingham. This is the home where her Mother died, and where N finally built her own studio out back where she can do her art again, located on a very high hill overlooking the Bellingham Bay.

I arrived back at N’s home to teach, not just have a gluten-free dinner and Washington wine, as before in eastern Washington. I surely sensed a difference in the land, the inhabitants and the home, as all were exuding an air of anticipation. Not to mention the students! By Sunday morning, everyone was noticing a difference in the “feel” of the property — and for the better, I might add.  We completed the home by late Sunday, even with the heat, which was almost a record temperature for Washington. And once again, on my preliminary drawing, there was evidence of an excess of underground water, perhaps toxic to the home.
I am a Teacher/Practitioner who doesn’t just run off when there is more work to be done, so I rescheduled my plane reservation to give me time to complete the Egyptian Method at the Lion’s Inn Motel; meet and share Egyptian Rods with the owner and staff at WISE AWAKENINGS store and healing space in Bellingham; and go to the Lummi Native Reservation twice via the 10-minute car ferry to Lummi Island in the Bay.

You see, there is a story about a CURSE, as the Lummi are a group of Natives “who do practice Sorcery,” according to many in the area. I had worked Long Distance on N’s home a couple years ago and had a very clear sense of this at that time. At least for this property, the curse has been released. And for all four properties where I worked, a balancing has occurred and more results are showing up all the time.

Loving Light and Laughter, Song and Dancing,

©Karen Rice King, DBA, RUFFLED FEATHERS, LLC, 2012.

Copyright © 2012 Karen Rice King, Master Dowser Energy Worker / Shamanic Teacher / Ordained Minister, All rights reserved.
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