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Fall Semester Report

A major reason I feel compelled to continue my work in college campus ministry is because of the dry spiritual climate of New England and Southern Maine. Just today, I read an article in the local Portland Paper (the Phoenix) which documents the reality of this environment, and it was a helpful reminder of the goal of my work.

As I finish my first full semester as the Area Director for Southern Maine ministries, I have taken some time to assess the state of the ministry. To the right is an infographic that I developed to help tell that story. As you can see, God is working to reach young adults all over the region. While I am humbled and grateful that we have 112 students plugged into 6 different campus chapters, I am still aware that there are over 34,000 students in Southern Maine that God is actively pursuing. These numbers are hopeful, but they are just the tip of the iceberg!
Urbana 2015
Urbana is the largest missions conference in the country, and InterVarsity pulls off this event once every 3 years. I will be flying to St. Louis to work at Urbana in a few short weeks, and I am thrilled that 7 student leaders from Southern Maine will also be in attendance! Urbana has changed countless lives in its many years, so please pray for us as we seek our role in God's active mission in the world together. I am excited to tell the story of Urbana 15 in a future email.
End-of-Year Giving
Finally, in the spirit of honesty and transparency, I struggle with asking for financial gifts in my monthly update letters. I always hope these emails are primarily a vehicle for telling the ongoing story of Gospel ministry on campuses in Southern Maine, and I don't want to fall into the trap of developing "slick marketing" to elicit donations. I pray that people who give to this ministry (many of you who are reading this email) do so out of a belief that God is working in Southern Maine. This all being said, the reality is that I still am working to raise a portion of my yearly budget, and year-end gifts do help that effort significantly. If you would consider a year-end gift, that would be a tremendous blessing to me.
Overall, I am also looking to raise just under 10% of my budget for the rest of the fiscal year (about $8000 total). If you feel so led, please click here to donate to this ministry.

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