The school year approaches....
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A New School Year...

Every new school year brings excitement, energy, unexpected twists and turns, and most importantly, new people. As my first year in the Area Director role, the majority of my energy over the past few weeks has been directed towards learning about Southern Maine campuses and spending time face-to-face with students at each place. Here is some of what I've learned...

 At Maine College of Art (1st picture), students are really excited about reaching out to the creative community and proudly letting them know that a Christian voice is there! At UNE, the student leaders are excited to reach out to athletes and tackle big "apologetic" issues on campus - Why does God allow suffering? Can you be a Christian and accept modern science? Can we trust the Bible? At SMCC (2nd picture), 2 African students are ready to launch a new Bible study to connect with International students, immigrants & refugees. At Bowdoin & Colby, student  leaders are excited to build a support network for students around Maine, to combat feelings of isolation and connect with more cynics. And all this in the past two weeks! God is surely "on the move."

...With New Students & New Campuses

As always, it feels impossible to adequately capture in one short email what God is doing on the campuses in Southern Maine, but I would ask for prayer for an exciting opportunity that is coming up: to plant a new IV chapter at the SMCC Midcoast Campus! (Brunswick, Maine)

I have two strategic connections to students at this campus, which has never had an InterVarsity presence! Because of the positive relationship we have built with SMCC in South Portland over the past 3 years, doors are wide-open to plant a new chapter at Midcoast. Please pray for God's leading in these efforts. More news on this front will be coming in future updates...
I am extremely excited about the start of this new year. As I continue to spend time on campuses, I am also looking to raise about 20% of my budget for the upcoming fiscal year (about $15000 total). If you feel so led, please click here to donate to this ministry.

Much love,

God, my shepherd! I don't need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction. (Psalm 21:1-3, The Message)

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