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Greetings Good People!

Kim and Reggie news abounds!
We are still flying high after a month of amazing challenges that led us to our first time as featured tellers at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough TN and also Reggie’s 2nd tour with the UUA Living Legacy Pilgrimage to civil rights sites all around AL and MS!
Both experiences were inspiring and provided sources of great hope that are now leading to some fascinating future collaborations. We'll keep you tuned in on that!

By the way, registration for next year's pilgrimage opens on November 15th.  For info:

Reggie just celebrated the 4th anniversary of his liver transplant with a sparkling report from the folks who put it in!
We are grateful to all for the wonderful support and we encourage you to sign those organ donor cards and be a gift of life.

Can You Say Ph.D?

Kim is relentlessly working toward a December deadline that will have her defending her dissertation at Union Theological Seminary and, thereby, earning her PhD in this, Reggie’s birthday month! (He's stalking the big 6-0!)
We will keep you posted on the date of her defense in New York City in case some of you would like to come and support her!

Resurrection Day Is HERE!!! (well, it's as close as.....)

Our long overdue CD (is four years long enough?) has a new and definite release date of November 27th... only weeks away!
The original date of October 30th was pushed back because Appleseed Recordings has released two incredible CDs
by Pete Seeger
this month and they are both fabulous.
So you'll want to own those too.  (Check them out at

Resurrection Day arrives just in time for Thanksgiving and it looks and sounds incredible. (OK, maybe we're biased)
But you don’t have to wait to have it in your hands and ears! You can still do a pre-release pre- buy on our website.
Just hit the link below that says “Resurrection Day Pre-Buy” and order as many as you want.
We have ways to get it to you before the rest of the world hears it.
(Hint: We know the artists!)

On the Horizon
Kim and Reggie will perform at Psalm Salon, Philly’s coolest listening room on Friday, on Nov. 2 at 8pm.
For info check in at
And on Saturday, Nov, 10th, the dynamic duo will headline a benefit concert fundraiser in Concord, NH for the American Friends Service Committee, an event that is sure to rock and will raise money for a truly amazing organization.
Info at:

On November 16, 17 and 18, Kim and Reg are part of the Phil Ochs Song Night Tour at World Café Live in Philly,
the Acoustic Café in Park Ridge, NJ and at Focus in Alexandria, VA

Info is on our website or at

Keep In Touch
If we are not playing the place where you love to hear music just drop us a line and tell us where that is.
Our wonderful and talented agent, Joann Murdock, will be happy to contact them and tell them you want us there!!
And be sure to check our website regularly and drop us a line to let us know how we can better serve you.

Check out Kim's "Welcome Table - Mass of Spirituals" by visiting the GIA website.

We are all community so take good care and let music be your inspiration!!

PEACE...     Kim and Reggie 

For bookings and info contact: Joann Murdock at or call: 630.557.2742
And it's simple and easy to order our CDs.
 Just go to:
and follow the prompts!
Thanks so much for your support.

Kim sings it with spirit!

Lunch with Greg Greenway and Pat Wictor in Middleburgh!!
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