Our Language in Your Hands

We are delighted to announce a new BBC Radio 4 broadcast, titled Our language in Your Hands, presented by the World Oral Literature Project Director, Dr Mark Turin.

This new three-part series will cover language diversity, endangerment and policy.

The first episode, recorded in Nepal over the summer, airs from 11:00-11:30am GMT on Monday 3 December 2012. Alongside analogue and digital radio transmission in the UK, the programme will be streamed live through BBC Radio 4 online.

In this first episode, Mark travels to the mountains of Eastern Nepal, where Thangmi is spoken, to show how communities are preserving and reviving their speech forms.

He explores the enduring relationship between language, culture and identity and explains why it's so critical for linguists to work with indigenous communities to document and protect these vanishing voices before they disappear without record.

The series has its own set of web pages on the BBC site that can be accessed here.

Episodes two and three cover the linguistic landscape of South Africa and New York City, and will air 11:00-11:30 on Monday 10 and Monday 17 December respectively.

These programmes will be archived as podcasts for the forseeable future.

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