On the Anatomy of Thrift; 
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On the Anatomy of Thrift was not only our foray into online education, it was my first attempt at articulating an agrarian philosophy.  It is gratifying that even seven years ago, I was thinking about Longinus.

He wrote about the sublime as the marriage of form and function.  Somehow, we humans have a sense attuned to detect these occurrences of sublimity. Bacon, then as now, triggers my sublimadar.

In so far as it is the real thing, preserved and not only flavored, it serves flavor and function simultaneously.  It is too delicious to be strictly practical and too practical to be so superfluously flavorful.  And yet, defying the horizon of terrestrial possibility, it is both.

And even this only considers the mere ontology of bacon, what it is.  But placed in the larger context of the homestead and the narrative of the backyard pig rightly killed and cured, suddenly it transcends even the sublime by landing back in the home kitchen, surrounded by good ordinary things.

Even colloquially we accept the symbolism of bacon when we "bring home the bacon."  Perhaps it is therefore no coincidence that "sublime" is literally latin for "up to the threshold."

On the Anatomy of Thrift, YouTube
These have been within Vimeo and our website for awhile now.  But we wanted the YouTube world to know about them.  Reacquaint yourself with these timeless instructionals.  Memory lane for some of us?  
The Introduction, for kicks
Side Butchery
This Grab Bag episode was a thoughtful meditation on how we 'do-it-all'...or rather, what that really means; meaning we don't.  ***We pulled questions from a live Instagram chat too, so make sure you're following us there too!
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Episode 16, Homesteading Grab Bag
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Two Destinations Offered

Both alike in dignity:

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