If food can taste good or bad, can it also taste true or false, beautiful or ugly?
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All Means Start with Ends

Recognized as the first cookbook written in (Middle) English, The Slyghtes of Cure or The Art of Cookery (c. 1500), is a welcome divergence from modern cookbooks.  It is written in poetry.

At some point, the authority of cookery was transferred from art to science, such that today we read recipes as equations, detailing the addition of ingredients equaling a sum.

Only through art can the sum be more than the parts.  It makes for bad math, but great breakfasts.  Whether submerging a venison haunch in honey for a year or salting beef in a pot with grass sod on top, the antiphon of almost every recipe is "so may I thrive" or "so have you bliss."

Our food is relatively safe today (at least in the short term) and thank God, but is it blissful?

It is in settling for that which merely won't kill us that we sacrifice what makes us thrive.  It is another matter altogether how something as ordinary as lunch can be blissful but there is nonetheless nothing easier to prove.


This is why a Meatsmith education begins with the ends.  We learn the most about husbandry, killing, evisceration, butchery and curing at lunch time.  At the table, the meaning of the carcass is divulged and subsequently, the parts become intelligible.

To this end, we are opening the Meatsmith Membership.  Sign up for ongoing education in film and letter, unleashing the entire story from raising the food to harvesting, cooking and curing it.  We have also created a position in Farmstead Meatsmith to directly promulgate the bliss.

For hands-on education, join us in Minnesota and Vashon Island where each day will end in a meal derived from the day's labor.  Thank you for your support and for restoring bliss to the good ordinary things for
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Meatsmith Membership

It has been a year since we launched the Meatsmith Membership.  In that time, it has become a formidable library of embodied knowledge.  It is specifically oriented toward personal prowess, free of the elliptical and myopic fordist standards often forced on domestic productivity.

It is a fact that the greatest food in the world comes not from the lab, but the ancestral kitchen, peopled not by professionals, but ordinary humans of inconspicuous resource and sagacity.
As an assertion of delight in the human scale therefore, I open the Meatsmith Membership.  Sign up here.


Media Director

Our education is spreading online, necessitating creative and social leadership.  We have therefore opened a position for a content and media director to work with me and Lauren to advance Meatsmith knowledge in breadth and depth.

If you or anyone you trust is looking for such a position you will find the job description here and instructions for submitting an application here.  

You, our newsletter readers, are the first we've turned to for this need. Thank you for your enduring loyalty and for any leads you bring our way.
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