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The time has come for our March Live Chatterie.  Do join in on The Meatsmith Table facebook group.  At 10am pst, we wade into the noble art of provisioning wherein wisdom is expressed not merely as an accumulation of information.  Though, there will be plenty of that to share too.

We seek rather for the underlying story, the key that transfigures knowledge into intuition, particulars into prowess.  The sauce of discipline in this art is what makes common ham unarguably sublime.  The tension between reckless indulgence and thrift transforms into a harmony.

Any way, see you there.  Check out the Membership section of the site, there are many new things this month.  If I did not pontificate so much in this email, I would  have been able to enumerate them for you.  Alas, the ontology of well-off frugality is irresistibly enticing to
your friend, 
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