"To kill a hog nicely is so much of a profession that it is better to pay a shilling for having it done, than to stab and hack and tear the carcass about."
I cannot disagree with Cobbett about the imperative to kill a pig nicely.  It must be done well.  We have two motives for doing it perfectly.  The first is the noblest and has to do with gratitude.  We at least endeavor to vindicate the gift of the pig's flesh by wasting nothing and doing so artfully.  The second motive is selfish.  The fact is, killing a pig artlessly is a horrible mess.

As it happens, it is well within the prowess of your average human omnivore to avoid stabbing and hacking and tearing the carcass about.  This is why we made "To Kill a Pig Nicely" about five years ago.  I was certain that if even the inexperienced could see the harvest executed well, then anyone could go and do likewise.  Time has proven this to be true.

Many backyard pigs have been killed nicely after learning from this film.  It is with gratitude to those hopeful pioneers that I release "To Kill a Pig Nicely" to everyone.  Many have gone before and created abundance for their table unrivaled by the subtlest chef or most experienced processor.

I usually sign off with "Enjoy", but your first harvest day will no doubt find you reclining to slaughter day fry with friends and family sharing a joy so strong that it could only be diluted by the words of
your friend,
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To Kill a Pig Nicely
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