I feel fat.

Ever said that?
Ever heard someone else say that?

What does that even mean? 
"Fat" is an adjective meaning
: having a lot of extra flesh on your body
: having a lot of body fat
: having a full, rounded form
: unusually wide or thick

So, does it mean, when someone says, "I FEEL fat" that

"I feel LIKE I have a lot of extra flesh on my body or a full, rounded form.  I feel AS IF I AM unusually wide or thick."  ?

And what does that feel like?  Your body doesn't fit through doorways the same as it used to?

In my experience, "I feel fat," is used in lieu of using actual feeling words like: "I feel unwanted"
"I feel worthless"
"I feel powerless." 

Fat isn't a feeling word.  To FEEL fat is like saying "I feel triangle."  It is a creative way of describing your current state, but probably more emotionally driven than a shape - like triangle, or rounded, implies. 

For some, "I feel fat, " has become a Go To way of describing feelings. 

What if that phrase became a cue for you to dig a little deeper? 

When I say that, what DO I actually FEEL?

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