September 2013

From the President's Boat

We are pleased to announce due to popular demand that beginning in September our Monthly Members meetings are once again scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of the month from October through May.  The September meeting will be Tuesday, September 24. We had to move back one week because many of our board members will be fishing the Gil Hamm Chapter Challunge the week of our normally scheduled meetings. If you have a unique style of sucker fishing that you would like to share with the members at a meeting as part of a member Sucker panel let me know.  We are in our search for a wide variety of speakers so if you have ideas or suggestions please contact Robb Meyers, myself or any of the Board members.
Last week I fished on Leech Lake with Mariko Izumi, the Host of the World Fishing Network Show “Hookin Up with Mariko Izumi” and guide Jack Shriver as the lucky winner of their online contest last fall.  It was a fun filled great opportunity for me, but also an opportunity to educate the host about Muskie fishing, MI, our Canadian sister organization, Leech Lake and Walker MN.  Whether it’s a TV Host or just someone on the street, it is important to get the messages out about protecting our Muskie resource that has taken years to build to its levels in Minnesota and across the country.  Also point out that most members are true sportsmen that fish for all species, are water fowl, small and big game Hunters supporting those resources as well.  Gaining the support from those other groups is the key to the ultimate success and growth of our organization.  As for fishing TV on, the President jinx continues for me.  I had 1 follow in 14 hours of pre-fishing with another guide.  On the day of filming under clear hot clear skies, it took 9 hours to 10 hours to land a fish on the last cast of the day under dusk with the sunset and moon rising for TV.
As I noted in my previous months President’s Letter, we are at a turning point where membership involvement will determine if the North Metro Chapter continues on like it has with little change or additional improvements, or if we need to cut back on events, meetings, etc., or if this Chapter should return to its founding roots as part of the original Muskies Inc Chapter. What do you expect from and want out your Chapter; something to think about over the summer prior to our September Members meeting.
Don’t forget to register your fish.  I see the numbers of fish caught have gone up vastly so send in your photos for the Members only Contest and Photo Contest as well.  Please submit all photos to Dan Mruz at
The North Metro Chapter needs a Chapter Secretary, Members Only Contest & Photo Contest Chair and Regional VP as all three positions were vacated this by long standing members.  The three positions do not take that much of a time commitment.  You will make great new lifetime friendships and access to variety of interesting information. 

Dan Mruz
North Metro President

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Ravyn Swanson's First Muskie. That's proud dad Mark behnind her.

Our Chapter’s purpose is:

To promote a high quality muskellunge sport fishery;

To support selected conservation practices based on scientific merit and carried out by authorized federal and state agencies;

To promote muskellunge research;

To introduce the species into suitable waters;

To support the abatement of water pollution;

To disseminate muskellunge information;

To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among men, women and children;

To encourage and support youth involvement in muskellunge fishing for our future.

Join the North Metro Board or as an Event Chairperson or as a Volunteer. The Board meets for only two hours once a month on the first Tuesday, September through June. You can help influence the direction of the Chapter and help the Metro Muskie Fishery.
We are trying to make our Chapter an overwhelming success but need your help with a variety of small tasks and projects.  Contact me or any of the North Metro Board Members to assist us!

Next Meeting Tuesday September 24!

We had to move back one week because 18 of our members including many of our board members will be fishing the Gil Hamm Chapter Challunge the week of our normally scheduled meetings.

Brad Patterson to speak on Sucker Rigs

Suckers are the easiest way there is to catch a musky in the fall.  They are in the fish’s face, they stay deep, and they are alive. Still, in the metro the fish will become pressured by them as it is so easy for so many people to use this presentation.  So there are some tricks that will help you have more success with live bait.

Todd Cleveland will show and tell about his new Phantail, Renegade Bullfrogs and Phantom Deep lures at the September meeting.

Red Wing Lodge 2013 Muskie Inc. Outing in the Books

During the annual Outing August 10-17, 18 fishermen from both the North Metro and Twin Cities chapters once again enjoyed Bartlett family hospitality. Mike and Anne Bartlett, along with daughters Molly and Kate, went all out again preparing for and hosting Muskie Inc. fishermen with the fun and solid service with which the family has built and maintained their strong reputation in the business.

61 muskies were caught and released by our Muskie Inc. group. Troy Bilbrey took big fish honors with a 48” released muskie. Troy will have his name engraved on the Big Fish plaque.

Red Wing Lodge fishermen had a very good week August 10-17! In addition to our 61 muskies, the other guests in camp added 33 additional releases, ringing in 94 total muskies caught and released by Red Wing Lodge guests for that week. 94 releases is a testament to the resource as well as to the determination and expertise of Red Wing guests. As usual, stories, jokes and good-natured ribbing were enjoyed by all, but the stats on these were not officially recorded.

Keep an eye out for our detailed fall invitation that will officially begin the sign-up period for the 2014 Red Wing Lodge outing. The dates for next year’s outing will be August 9-16. Don’t just wish, make it happen.
If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the trip, contact:

John van Ingen
(651) 699-5172
2108 Palace Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105
Pat Miller
651) 429-1629
1645 Ridgewood Ave
White Bear Lake, MN 55110


President.................................Dan Mruz

Vice President.............Steve Wernersbach

Regional VP...................................Open


Treasurer............................Jim Shannon


Dick Hamann...........................763-428-7789

Robb Meyers......................612-791-6331

Dan Mruz...........................763-535-4206

Jim Shannon.......................763-434-9729

Steve Wernersbach..............763-242-2625

Membership Chairman

Robb Meyers ......................612-791-6331

Members Only Fishing Contest

Dan Mruz ..........................763-535-4206

Eric Nelson ........................651-398-1061

Newsletter Editor

Robb Meyers......................612-791-6331

2013 Members Only Contest

(as reported thru August 23, 2013)
MENS MASTERS Fish   Points Fish Size
Dave Selle 20   356.50 43.8
Mark Swanson 24   236.50 35.9
Chris Dolan 12   209.50 43.5
Eric A Nelson 7   90.00 38.9
Brian Klobe 5   52.00 36.4
John Maslowski 2   29.50 40.8
Erik Jacobson 1   26.00 52.0
TOTAL 71   1000.00 40.1
MENS Fish   Points Fish Size
John Santer 13   237.00 44.2
Troy Bilbrey 13   177.50 39.7
Patrick Thiry 12   155.75 39.0
Mark Weiss 8   141.50 43.7
Jason Wegwerth 9   126.00 40.0
Nick Poppler 7   106.00 41.1
John Genosky 9   105.00 37.7
Steven J Sorgenfrei 7   99.00 40.1
Stephen Wernersbach 7   99.00 40.1
Chris Cochran 6   92.00 41.3
Bob Anderson 7   84.00 38.0
Bob Wagner 6   78.50 39.1
Brad Patterson 4   63.00 41.8
Scott Kersting 3   51.25 43.1
Mark Kuether 3   50.50 42.8
Grant Lindberg 5   42.00 34.4
Rich Lehman 4   34.50 34.6
Patrick R. Miller 3   34.50 37.5
Walter Thielbar 2   32.25 42.1
Patrick Garaghty 4   31.50 33.9
Curtis Willcox 2   29.00 40.5
Thomas J Kelnhofer Jr. 2   25.75 38.9
Robert Venturin 1   25.00 51.0
Mike Walsh 1   25.00 51.0
Dan Mruz Sr 1   21.00 47.0
Luke Ellis 2   19.00 35.5
Chase  Evertz 2   18.00 35.0
Bruce Rauma 1   15.00 41.0
Jason Summers 1   15.00 41.0
John F Van Ingen 1   15.00 41.0
Justin  Mihm 1   13.25 39.3
Dan Mruz Jr 1   10.00 36.0
Jay Aigner 1   6.00 32.0
Jim Lindberg 1   5.50 31.5
TOTAL 150   2083.25 39.9
WOMENS Fish   Points Fish Size
Korey Lindberg 3   35.5 37.8
Lori Lehman 2   22.5 37.3
Lynn Weiss 1   21.5 47.5
Joey Wyszynski 1   18.5 44.5
TOTAL 7   98.00 40.0
JUNIOR BOYS Fish   Points Fish Size
Max Lehman 2   32.5 42.3
Nolan Garaghty 2   17.5 34.8
Noah Jacobson 1   24 50.0
David Jacobson 2   32 42.0
Michael Klobe 2   14 33.0
Matthew Klobe 1   7 33.0
Markus Klobe 1   6 32.0
TOTAL 11   133.00 38.1
JUNIOR GIRLS Fish   Points Fish Size
Meredith Jacobson 4   46 37.5
Kalina Garaghty 2   15.5 33.8
TOTAL 6   61.50 36.3
Totals for chapter 21 245   3375.75 39.8
TIGER MUSKIE Fish   Points Fish Size
Eric Nelson 1   12.00 38.0
TOTAL 1   12.00 38.0
BIG FISH LIST (50"+ Club)        
Member Inches   Date Caught  
Mark Weiss 53.00   7/3/2013  
Erik Jacobson 52.00   7/2/2013  
Dave Selle 52.00   7/17/2013  
Robert Venturin 51.00   6/1/2013  
Chris Dolan 51.00   6/2/2013  
Mike Walsh 51.00   7/7/2013  
Nick Poppler 51.00   7/12/2013  
Bob Anderson 51.00   7/30/2013  
Dave Selle 50.50   7/17/2013  
John Santer 50.50   7/21/2013  
Stephen Wernersbach 50.00   7/9/2013  
Dave Selle 50.00   7/23/2013  
Noah Jacobson 50.00   7/25/2013  
  Inches   Date Caught  
John Santer 48.00   5/27/2013  
Robert Venturin 51.00   6/1/2013  
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