June 2014

From the President's Boat

Make a new friend and Adopt one of our new members that joined the Chapter. They are looking to get out and fish with current members not just in League Night but ongoing. This will build lasting lifelong friendships as many of our members have done in the past.
The Board has decided to create a new North Metro website on a different platform that will provides greater security, maintainability, better access, links and ultimately a more robust user experience. In the mean time we will continue to update the current website, post League night details on the MuskiesFirst Chapter Forum page and other information on the Facebook page.
Good luck this weekend with the Opening of the Minnesota Muskie season. Don’t forget photos from your trip for the newsletter, the website, banquet and MN Muskie Expo. League Night kicked off on the St Croix River (remember the new member /junior bonus points), the Metro Muskie Tournament is a week away, followed by our Members Picnic & Lure Exchange, the JuneJam Tournament, Arms Forces Family Fishing Day, the St Croix DNR Muskie Capture and more. 
The curse of the President continues as my bad luck may make me miss out on the first two weeks of the season due to recent emergency Gall Bladder removal surgery.  

Dan Mruz
North Metro President

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Membership Report

By Robb Meyers, Membership Director

Greetings – Welcome to new members David and Elliot Larson of Stacy, Rob Matuska, Joe Hennessey from White Bear Lake and Joe Richie from Roberts WI both transferring from the Twin Cities Chapter.
Thanks to these members who have recently renewed their membership. Al Anderson of Brooklyn Park, Bob Anderson of Elk River, David Eid of Plymouthy, Jason Jewison of Mound, Larry and Melissa Klein of Blaine, Christian McHugh of Mobridge SD, Dominic Sheneider of Maple Wood Jason Wegwerth of Spring Lake Park.
These members are up for renewal this in June and July. Arturo, Anna, Audriana and Arturo Jose of Winter Haven FL, Darin Brockel of Robinsdale, Chase Evertz of Blaine, Dave Jacobson of Isle, Justin Mihmn of Wyoming, Kathy Sorgenfrei of Lino Lakes, Mark and Ravyn Swanson of New Richmond, Curtis, Judy and Emma Willcox of Fridley and Jeremy Wolfe of Stacy.
These are member whose membership has expired in May 2014.Tom Beatson of White Bear Lake, Pat, Deb, Logan, Nolan and Kalina Garaghty of St. Francis, Michael Mourning of Plymouth, Brad Patterson of Champlin and Pat Sibbald of Chisago City. If you have inadvertently forgotten to renew we encourage you to continue your support of Muskies, Inc. and our fishery.

Print Your Member ID Cards

A new system has been implemented by Muskies Inc. that allows members to print their own Muskies Inc. ID cards at any time from the website. This new process will save dollars in monthly expenditures for the imprinting and managing of ID cards over the previous method.

To utilize this new process, log in to the Muskies Inc. website using the Member Login button on the left of the home page. Once you have logged in, click on the profile update button. In the upper right corner of the profile, there is a link that you can click and print your card. For family members, the family head can print the IDs for the entire family.

Members who do not have access to computers or are unable to print their own ID cards should contact the MI Secretary to have them produced and mailed to them.

Our Chapter’s purpose is:

To promote a high quality muskellunge sport fishery;

To support selected conservation practices based on scientific merit and carried out by authorized federal and state agencies;

To promote muskellunge research;

To introduce the species into suitable waters;

To support the abatement of water pollution;

To disseminate muskellunge information;

To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among men, women and children;

To encourage and support youth involvement in muskellunge fishing for our future.

Join the North Metro Board or as an Event Chairperson or as a Volunteer. The Board meets for only two hours once a month on the first Tuesday, September through June. You can help influence the direction of the Chapter and help the Metro Muskie Fishery.
We are trying to make our Chapter an overwhelming success but need your help with a variety of small tasks and projects.  Contact me or any of the North Metro Board Members to assist us!

St Croix River Study

Volunteers Needed  on June 23

I think the best way to approach it is if some anglers have some insight
to the best areas where most of the boats could fish relatively close to
where I could set up on shore. As people caught fish, they could
transport them to the shore station where I am set up with all the gear
and a crib. The crib is to hold fish before and after surgery. It is
possible for me to run around in a boat to collect fish from anglers but
those brilliant intentions quickly go out the window when the first fish
is caught and needs to undergo surgery. Off the top of my head, areas
where I could set up on shore that come to mind are the Boomsite boat
ramp in Stillwater, maybe Hiline Point across from the King Plant,
Anderson Bay, one of the islands/sand peninsulas in the Hudson area,
either side of the Kinni narrows, St Croix Bluffs boat ramp, and a sandy
area at Point Douglas. I would prefer that the fish not be transported
a long distance to the surgery site as I would like them released from
the surgery site. The St Croix Bluffs boat ramp would offer the best
protection from wind and boat waves. If the fish are caught between the
Kinni and Pt Douglas, that would be plenty of water for fishermen to
cover with a central surgery location of the St Croix Bluffs ramp.
Joel Stiras
Fisheries Specialist
East Metro Fisheries

New 54-inch Minimum Length for Muskies

The Minnesota legislature this session passed a bill that includes a 54-inch minimum length statewide for muskies starting in 2015. This is something that the MN Muskie Pike Alliance and other key muskie environmentalists have been requesting for several years. It is the best thing to happen to Muskies in many years. Many thanks to all those who supported this with calls and emails to your legislators. To those that testified and made trips to the Capitol, thank you isn’t enough. It’s your efforts that gave Muskies a face and soul that the legislature had never seen before. The support of Rep. David Dill, Sen. Tom Bakk, Sen. Carrie Rudd, Sen. Matt Schmidt and most importantly Sen. John Hoffman was key to making this happen. Please call or email to thank these key people. It was dead without them.
Senator Thomas M. Bakk (651) 296-8881


President................................... Dan Mruz
Vice President.......... Steve Wernesbach
Regional VP............................. Mike Riha
Secretary.................. Tony VanDanacker
Treasurer........................... Jim Shannon


Dick Hamann................. 763-428-7789
Robb Meyers.................. 612-791-6331
Dan Mruz......................... 763-535-4206

Brad Patterson...............763-464-5548
Nick Poppler....................651-592-5875
Mike Riha......................... 763-607-2800
Jim Shannon.................. 763-434-9729

Steve Sorgenfrei..............651-789-4360
Tony VanDanacker........ 763-370-5424

Jason Wegwerth.............763-478-1748
Steve Wernersbach........763-242-2625


Membership Chairman          
Robb Meyers ................ 612-791-6331

Members Only Fishing Contest
Brad Patterson...............763-464-5548

League Night Chariman
Steve Sorgenfrei.............651-789-4360
Newsletter Editor       
Robb Meyers.................. 612-791-6331

Web Administrator        
Dennis Boehme

June Picnic & Lure Swap

Remember, the June Meeting will be our Annual Picnic and Lure Swap. Bring your lures!!!! It will be held at the same place it has the last couple of years,
Riverfront Park on East River Road in Fridley, see the map below ¼ mile south of 694 on East River Road. Picnic starts at 6pm. This is a great time to get together, eat a bit, swap some lures and also swap information on the early season Muskie Fishing. Bring all of your favorite, and not so favorite lures and other tackle for swapping with other members, so start looking at those baits now.


FREE! Hot dogs, Chips, Salads, Pop and Beer are provided, doesn’t get much better than that!?! We should have our casting contest again and a Beans game set up for people. See ya there!!!This is a Text Block. Use this to provide text...Remember, the June Meeting will be our Annual Picnic and Lure Swap. Bring your lures!!!! It will be held at the same place it has the last couple of years,
I would like to extend an invitation for you and your club members to join us for the 1st Annual Wausau Area Musky Open this July, a fund-raising event for the newly formed Wausau-Area Chapter of Muskies Inc.  Any support from you with forwarding the attached brochure on to your members would be greatly appreciated!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!
Tight lines,
Joel DeBoer - President, Wausau-Area Chapter M.I.
By Steve Wernersbach
Registration is open for the 2014 June Jam.  This is a two-day fun tournament on Polk County lakes.  If you fish Deer, Bone and the Apple River Flowage, you will really enjoy this tournament.  Eight lakes in Polk County Wisconsin can be fished. If you fished it in the past but not lately, consider giving it another chance.  The new 40" limits in Wisconsin are working.  Some nice size fish are showing up. We should be due for some nice weather this year as well.  Hope to see you there.
Entry is now open for this year’s June Jam tournament. Tournament dates this year are: Pre-tournament sign in Friday June 20th at Wilkins Bar and Resort on Bone Lake in Luck, WI; fishing hours 5AM to 9PM Saturday and 5AM to Noon Sunday, June 21st and 22nd with the awards ceremony at Wilkins starting at 1PM on Sunday. Those of you that have fished the tournament know how much fun it can be. The two-day format is different from most tournaments and adds a lot to the experience.
This year’s June Jam flyer, rules and entry forms are available by emailing Steve at Major sponsors this year are Thorne Bros, Red Wing Lodge, Fudally Tackle, Phantom Lures, Pro Label, and Wood’n Wildlife. Suick and Muskie Mafia. I’ll be hoping to hear from you.

Metro Muskie Tournament 
June 14

The Metro Muskie Tournament has brought back both Forest Lake and Bald Eagle Lake this year as well as adding Minnetonka. You have your choice of over 20 metro-area waters. Entries are available through Friday, June 13 at Gander Mountain in Blaine, Thorne Bros. or Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle. You may also go to for a printable form to mail in by June 6. Entry fee is $35 per person. All muskies caught will qualify for the grand prize, a one week stay at Musky Bay Resort on Crow Lake, Ontario, a Slammer lure package, and a Fenwick rod with Abu Garcia reel. Prizes are awarded through 10th place with a junior division. Contact Paul Hartman at 651-269-2144 if you have questions.

Red Wing Lodge
August 9-16, 2014
On Sabaskong Bay
Lake of the Woods


Annual Red Wing Outing Coming into View!

1 Spot Open

The 2014 Outing to Red Wing Lodge is getting closer! Dates for 2014: 8/9-16. Those signed up for this year’s trip: Let us know if you have suggestions for improving our Muskie Inc. outing.  We will continue the Sunday night after-dark bull session, especially helpful to those who are new to the Sabaskong Bay fishery. [One opening for the 2014 outing is still available.  If interested, call Pat or John immediately.]
Red Wing Lodge on Sabaskong Bay is an amazing destination.  Red Wing is the eight-time Muskies Inc. Chapter Challunge Headquarters (in 1983, ’86, ’93, ’97, ’03,’04, and again in 2011 & 2012) and has logged in over 12,000 catch & release muskies.  So Muskie Inc. and Red Wing Lodge together: “It’s not their first rodeo.”
When hunting muskies on Canadian shield water, surprises at base camp can cut down on valuable fishing time.  Red Wing Lodge offers a resort base that has been family owned and operated for more than 40 years and is clean and comfortable, where everything works. The Bartlett family has hosted Muskies Inc. outings for years with personal and friendly service, so they understand what Muskie people need and like.  Check out the Muskie information, including the Red Wing Lodge Hall of Fame, as well as the first live cam in Morson, at
Reservations require a $50 non-refundable deposit, made out to Red Wing Lodge. Cost per person in housekeeping cabins will be $325 (US Funds) for 2013, which breaks down to just $46.43 per day for big-time Canadian Muskie fishing. Included in the full value of the 2013 Muskie Inc. trip:

Cost per person in housekeeping cabins will remain at $325 (US Funds) for 2014, which breaks down to just $46.43 per day for big-time Canadian muskie fishing.
Included in the full value of the 2014 Muskie Inc. trip:   
* Free Dockage  ($72 value), Free Launch (both ways, $25 value)
* Free Dinner one night, courtesy of the Bartlett’s
* One Free Trip, given away in drawing, courtesy of the Bartlett’s
* Free Wireless Internet Service throughout the Resort
* Free Daily Bag of Ice; door prizes
To make reservations, or any questions or suggestions for improving the trip, contact: 

John van Ingen
(651) 699-5172
2108 Palace Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105
Pat Miller
651) 429-1629
1645 Ridgewood Ave
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

For answers to detailed questions regarding the Lodge, e.g., about the cabins, you are invited to call Mike and Anne Bartlett toll free at 1-888-488-5601.

Working to Preserve, Promote and Advance Muskie and Pike Education and Research in Minnesota

North Metro Muskie League 2014

New this year – We will have an East Metro Lake option and a West Metro Lake option. You can fish one or the other and get points- no fishing 2 lakes and getting extra points. This is an ON YOUR HONOR based league. Participants must report back within 48 hours after fishing an event.

 3 points for showing up on a league date
                2 points for Partner- May only count a Partner 1 time only *.
                2 bonus points for fishing with a new 2014 MI Member- on top of Partner Points *.
2 bonus points for fishing with a Junior partner - on top of Partner Points *.
                2 point bonus for fishing with Partner from other chapters- during the challenges *.
                4 points for a 30” muskie 1 point for each inch over 30” scored to the nearest half inch.
 40.5” = 14.5 points.

Bonus points may only be counted one (1) time  by a NMMI Member for each a) new 2014 MI Member, b) Junior MI Member, c) Other Chapter Member.

Fishing Times
June / July                                 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM
August                                       5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

 â€“ St Croix River--- Inland season closed yet
 â€“                        Bald Eagle –East Option                               Independence - West Option
19th â€“ Thursday ***Rush Lake- East Option                          Waconia – West option
 â€“                          Forest- East Option                                         Minnetonka- West option
*** The North Metro has a Chapter picnic and tackle swap on Tuesday June 17th - All are welcome to attend.
 â€“                            White Bear – Chapter Mini Challunge with TC – Losers buy Pizza Afterwards!
 â€“                          Open- water may be cool this year
 â€“                          White Bear- East option                                                               Waconia- West option
 â€“                        Forest – East option                                                        Minnetonka- West option
 â€“                          Rush- East option                                                            Sugar- West option
 â€“                          Bald Eagle-East option                                                  White Bear – West option

Chapter Final League Night Celebration- Pizza Afterwards near White Bear Lake- Chapter buys!

League Night Prizes:
1st place “Engraved Magnum Phantom” Lure
2nd- 3rd “Engraved Regular Phantom” Lure
4-10th â€œNorth Metro Muskie League” t-shirts
The Awards will be held during the December 16th, 2014 Holiday Lure Exchange meeting versus the annual banquet in order to save time.
New Participation Drawing !
For each League Night a North Metro Member participates in, they will get one raffle ticket placed in the end of season drawing held at the December 16th Members meeting for a variety of prizes.  If you fished 5 nights, you get 5 chances… i.e. 15 member’s fished 6 nights on average + 10 members fish 3 nights you would have 120 total tickets in the drawing.

If you would like to find a partner with a boat or if you have a boat and would like a partner contact Steve Sorgenfrei at He'll be creating a list that will be shared with interested members.

Grand Prize “St Croix Tournament Legend 8½ ft. rod”
2nd - 10th “Various Lures”

Reporting will by an e-mail to a league e-mail and updates will be done on the North Metro Forum as well as the Muskiefirst’s organizations forum.

Email your comments and questions to or call my cell phone 651-792-5502.
2014 Members Only Contest
as reported thru May 31, 2014
DIVISION            Average
MENS   Fish   Points   Fish Size
Grant Lindberg   2   18.00   35.0
Tim Connoy   1   14.00   40.0
DIVISION            Average
JUNIOR BOYS   Fish   Points   Fish Size
Brendan Lindberg   1   9   35.0
TIGER MUSKIE           Average
JUNIOR   Fish   Points   Fish Size
Brendan Lindberg   1   9   35.0
I would like to extend an invitation for you and your club members to join us for the 1st Annual Wausau Area Musky Open this July, a fund-raising event for the newly formed Wausau-Area Chapter of Muskies Inc.  Any support from you with forwarding the attached brochure on to your members would be greatly appreciated!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!
Tight lines,
Joel DeBoer - President, Wausau-Area Chapter M.I.
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