October 2013

From the President's Boat

Our Chapter is more than a fishing club, we influence the direction of the Metro Muskie Fishery, provide resources to the DNR for scientific research, stock fish for the future, educate the public and more.  Our metro fishery is one of the best in North America with many opportunities to catch 50 inch plus fish.  It didn’t happen by chance, but due to the hard work of the past and present members of the Muskie Chapters.  It wasn’t just stocking of fish, but more importantly influencing the politics of the DNR and State Representatives.  This trophy fishery can quickly disappear without our continuing efforts.  Please join the North Metro Board or as an Event Chairperson or as a Volunteer.  The Board meets for only two hours once a month on the first Tuesday, September through June. 
I welcome member Mike Riha to our Board and as our MI Regional Vice President.  Mike was instrumental in organizing the NMMI State High School Tournament Qualifier and assisting with the 2013 Banquet.  His skills and knowledge are much appreciated.  The North Metro Chapter needs a Chapter Secretary and a Members Only Contest & Photo Contest Chair as these positions were vacated this by long standing members.  The positions don’t take that much of a time commitment and you will make great new lifetime friendships in the process. 
Don’t forget that our Monthly Members meetings are once again scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of the month through May 2014 at the Coon Rapids VFW.  If you have a unique style of fishing that you would like to share with the members at a meeting let me know.  We are in our search for a wide variety of speakers so if you have ideas or suggestions please contact Robb Meyers, myself or any of the Board members.
Our released fish numbers are up and through October 380 fish have been registered in the Lunge Log.  This included 19 fish over 50 inches and 5 Tiger Muskies.  Remember as important as it is to teach people how to catch Muskies, it is even more important to teach the novice fisherman how to properly unhook and release them to survive to fight another day.  The greatest mortality I believe is caused by fisherman without proper release tools such as strong hook cutter, diagonal cutters, jaw spreader, long handled long nosed pliers, and a hook pick.  When you see these novices help them help us by educating them to protect one of the best Muskie fisheries in North America.
Planning has started for the 9th Annual North Metro Annual All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry Banquet to be held on February 8th, 2014.  We will be looking for volunteers to assist us and help gather donations from restaurants, businesses, etc. to use as prizes.  More details to come next month.
Parker, our cherished Chocolate Lab had to be put to rest unexpectedly in September.  I encourage you to choose your vet very carefully as you do your family physician, your family friend is counting on you.

Don’t forget to register your fish.  I see the numbers of fish caught have gone up vastly so send in your photos (in large mega pixel format) for the Members only Contest and Photo Contest as well.  Please submit all photos into Dan Mruz at
We are trying to make our Chapter an overwhelming success but need your help with a variety of small tasks and projects.  Contact me or any of the North Metro Board Members to assist us!
I wish all of you fall fishing success!
Dan Mruz
North Metro President

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Ravyn Swanson's First Muskie. That's proud dad Mark behnind her.

Our Chapter’s purpose is:

To promote a high quality muskellunge sport fishery;

To support selected conservation practices based on scientific merit and carried out by authorized federal and state agencies;

To promote muskellunge research;

To introduce the species into suitable waters;

To support the abatement of water pollution;

To disseminate muskellunge information;

To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among men, women and children;

To encourage and support youth involvement in muskellunge fishing for our future.

Join the North Metro Board or as an Event Chairperson or as a Volunteer. The Board meets for only two hours once a month on the first Tuesday, September through June. You can help influence the direction of the Chapter and help the Metro Muskie Fishery.
We are trying to make our Chapter an overwhelming success but need your help with a variety of small tasks and projects.  Contact me or any of the North Metro Board Members to assist us!

Next Meeting Tuesday October 15 7:00pm

Red Wing Lodge Outing
August 9-16, 2014
On Sabaskong Bay
Lake of the Woods

The convenience of a drive-in camp with the privacy you would expect on an island.
Will your name be engraved on the Big Fish plaque for 2014? 18 fishermen enjoyed this annual August trip in 2013, open to members of both the North Metro and the Twin City Chapters of Muskie Inc. This outing is an amazing combination of great fishing in a beautiful shield environment, with a resort base that is clean and comfortable where everything works.  The Bartlett family has hosted Muskie Inc. outings for years with personal and friendly service, understanding well what muskie people need and like.
Facts about this quality lodge on beautiful Sabaskong Bay (no waiting in line for spots):

  • Owned and run by Mike, Anne, Matthew, Molly and Katherine Bartlett
  • Homesteaded in 1964 by Ken, Betty and Mike Bartlett
  • Eight-time Chapter Challenge headquarters: in ’83, ’86, ’93, ’97, ’03, ’04,
                   again in 2011 and also again in August of 2012.
  • Floating docks provide for the easy and safe boarding of boats
  • Huge generator has been installed for any power outages
  • Services available include:  license, unleaded gas, ice, tackle, maps, ice cream
  • Check out the muskie information, including the Red Wing Lodge Hall of Fame,  
                   as well as the first live cam in Morson, at
Cost per person in housekeeping cabins will remain at $325 (US Funds) for 2014, which breaks down to just $46.43 per day for big-time Canadian muskie fishing.
Included in the full value of the 2014 Muskie Inc. trip:        

  • Free Dockage  ($72 value), Free Launch (both ways, $25 value)
  • Free Dinner one night, courtesy of the Bartlett’s
  • One Free Trip, given away in drawing, courtesy of the Bartlett’s
  • Free Wireless Internet Service throughout the Resort
  • Free Daily Bag of Ice; door prizes
Reservations require a $50 non-refundable deposit, made out to Red Wing Lodge. Deposits officially confirm reservation holds.  First come, first served. 
Early deposits are appreciated by the Bartletts, these funds are used to purchase materials for cabin improvements, most of which can only be made over the winter. 
For e.g., the Bartletts recently completed installing A/C units in all cabins.
To make reservations, or any questions or suggestions for improving the trip, contact:
John van Ingen                                    or      Pat Miller
(651) 699-5172               (651) 429-1629
2108 Palace Ave.                                          1645 Ridgewood Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105                                      White Bear Lake, MN 55110
For answers to detailed questions regarding the Lodge, e.g., about the cabins, you are
John van Ingen
(651) 699-5172
2108 Palace Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105
Pat Miller
651) 429-1629
1645 Ridgewood Ave
White Bear Lake, MN 55110


President.................................Dan Mruz

Vice President.............Steve Wernersbach

Regional VP.............................Mike Riha


Treasurer............................Jim Shannon


Dick Hamann...........................763-428-7789

Robb Meyers......................612-791-6331

Dan Mruz...........................763-535-4206

Mike Riha.................................763-607-2800

Jim Shannon.......................763-434-9729

Steve Wernersbach..............763-242-2625

Membership Chairman

Robb Meyers ......................612-791-6331

Members Only Fishing Contest

Dan Mruz ..........................763-535-4206

Eric Nelson ........................651-398-1061

Newsletter Editor

Robb Meyers......................612-791-6331

Pat Garraghty with his 50"
2013 Gil Hamm Chapter Challunge
Day 1 - Tough fishing to say the least describes the first day of the Hamm. Only 14 muskies were boated. No real patterns have developed. Muskies were seen on weeds, rocks, island shoreline and reefs. Day 2 weather is to bring thunderstorms with a wind switch so the action should pick up as the front moves through.
Star of the North boated 4 muskies to take the early lead with North Metro on their heals. Big fish of the day was a 50”er boated by Pat Garraghty.
Day 2 - Brought pretty close to the same weather but with a little more moisture. Fishing proved to be a bit tougher. Many teams reported seeing no muskies at all while a few others were able hook up. Star of the North added another muskie to retain the lead. The big fish remains in Pat Garraghty’s court.
Day 3 - Big time cold front slides through the area. Winds switch to the NW and pushed to 20 mph. It made several spots difficult to maintain boat control. The muskies however didn’t seem to mind Hamm’ers reported seeing more fish than Day 2. By the end of the day Chapter 15 Star of the North claims the 2013 Gil Hamm. Pat Garraghty claims the Big Fish award.
Team #1
Gary Rutherford 42”, 38.5”, 42”, Kris Prestidge, Cliff Arola 32”, 39”, 49”, Ed Arola 49”, Jim Sigfrinius, Bruce Verke
Team #1 - Whispering Winds Musky Wizards
Brian Klobe, Roger Van Pelt, Dave Parks, Pat Garaghty 50”, Chris Dolan 43”, 38.5”, 45”, Joel Eberle
Team #2
Ron Teschner 41”, Steve Voss, Rick Eagleson, Paul Haug, Jon Haug 43”
Team #1
Mike Sasse, Nick Durkee 42.5”, 40”, Dale Jantzen, Gary Williams
Team #1
John Newman, Doug Molsom, Mike Renstrom 47”, Bruce V, Terri Dube, Greg Pirritano
Team #3 - The West End Musky Marshals
Jim Svenningsen, Stacey Svenningsen, Steve Sorgenfrei, Nick Poppler, Dave Selle,
Mark Weiss 47”

2013 Members Only Contest
(as reported thru Occtober 4, 2013)
MENS MASTERS   Fish Points Fish Size
Mark Swanson   39 430.00 37.0
Dave Selle   24 428.00 43.8
Chris Dolan   25 424.00 43.0
Eric A Nelson   8 109.00 39.6
John Maslowski   6 100.00 42.7
Brian Klobe   5 52.00 36.4
Erik Jacobson   2 43.00 47.5
TOTAL   109 1586.00 40.6
MENS   Fish Points Fish Size
John Santer   20 354.00 43.7
Walter Thielbar   17 241.00 40.2
Patrick Thiry   17 222.00 39.1
Troy Bilbrey   13 180.00 39.8
Mark Weiss   9 163.00 44.1
Jason Wegwerth   11 159.00 40.5
Stephen Wernersbach   11 153.00 39.9
Nick Eddy   9 124.00 39.8
Steven J Sorgenfrei   8 121.00 41.1
Nick Poppler   8 119.00 40.9
Chase  Evertz   9 113.00 38.6
John Genosky   9 105.00 37.7
Mike Riha   7 102.00 40.6
Chris Cochran   6 93.00 41.5
Bob Wagner   7 93.00 39.3
Bob Anderson   7 84.00 38.0
Chris Swanson   3 71.00 49.7
Dave Ledman   5 67.00 39.4
Brad Patterson   4 63.00 41.8
Joseph DeGreeff   5 59.00 37.8
Thomas J Kelnhofer Jr.   5 53.00 36.6
Scott Kersting   3 52.00 43.3
Mark Kuether   3 51.00 43.0
Jason Dickson   4 48.00 38.0
Dan Mruz Sr   2 46.00 49.0
Mike Walsh   2 45.00 48.5
Jason Summers   3 45.00 41.0
Grant Lindberg   5 43.00 34.6
Rich Lehman   4 35.00 34.8
Patrick R. Miller   3 35.00 37.7
Patrick Garaghty   4 32.00 34.0
Jim Dau   2 30.00 41.0
Curtis Willcox   2 29.00 40.5
David Youngblom   1 27.00 53.0
Robert Venturin   1 25.00 51.0
John F Van Ingen   2 23.00 37.5
Luke Ellis   2 19.00 35.5
Jim Svenningsen   1 17.00 43.0
Bruce Rauma   1 15.00 41.0
Larry Klein   1 14.00 40.0
Justin  Mihm   1 13.00 39.0
Paul R Dickson   1 13.00 39.0
Dan Mruz Jr   1 10.00 36.0
Steven J Banks   1 10.00 36.0
Jay Aigner   1 6.00 32.0
Jim Lindberg   1 6.00 32.0
TOTAL   242 3428.00 40.2
WOMENS MASTERS   Fish Points Fish Size
Joey Wyszynski   1 19 45.0
TOTAL   1 19.00 45.0
WOMENS   Fish Points Fish Size
Korey Lindberg   3 36 38.0
Hannah Thiry   3 25  
Lori Lehman   2 23 37.5
Lynn Weiss   1 22 48.0
TOTAL   9 106.00 37.8
JUNIOR BOYS   Fish Points Fish Size
Max Lehman   2 33 42.5
David Jacobson   2 32 42.0
Noah Jacobson   1 24 50.0
Nolan Garaghty   2 18 35.0
Michael Klobe   2 14 33.0
Matthew Munchow   1 12 38.0
Matthew Klobe   1 7 33.0
Markus Klobe   1 6 32.0
TOTAL   12 146.00 38.2
JUNIOR GIRLS   Fish Points Fish Size
Meredith Jacobson   5 61 38.2
Kalina Garaghty   2 16 34.0
TOTAL   7 77.00 37.0
Totals for chapter 21   379 5343.00 40.1
TIGER MUSKIE       Average
ADULT   Fish Points Fish Size
John Maslowski   1 20.00 46.0
Eric Nelson   1 15.00 41.0
Walter Thielbar   1 13.00 39.0
Thomas J Kelnhofer Jr.   1 8.00 34.0
Mark Swanson   1 6.00 32.0
TOTAL   5 62.00 38.4
BIG FISH LIST (50"+ Club)        
Member   Inches Date Caught  
Mark Weiss   53.00 7/3/2013  
David Youngblom   52.50 9/12/2013  
Erik Jacobson   52.00 7/2/2013  
Dave Selle   52.00 7/17/2013  
Chris Dolan   51.75 9/12/2013  
Jason Wegwerth   51.50 9/7/2013  
Robert Venturin   51.00 6/1/2013  
Chris Dolan   51.00 6/2/2013  
Mike Walsh   51.00 7/7/2013  
Nick Poppler   51.00 7/12/2013  
Bob Anderson   51.00 7/30/2013  
Chris Swanson   51.00 9/20/2013  
Dave Selle   50.50 7/17/2013  
John Santer   50.50 7/21/2013  
Dan Mruz   50.50 9/21/2013  
Stephen Wernersbach   50.00 7/9/2013  
Dave Selle   50.00 7/23/2013  
Noah Jacobson   50.00 7/25/2013  
Dave Ledman   50.00 8/26/2013  
Member   Inches Date Caught  
John Santer   48.00 5/27/2013  
Robert Venturin   51.00 6/1/2013  
Mark Weiss   53.00 7/3/2013  
Dave Ledman   39.25 8/26/2013  
David Youngblom   52.50 9/12/2013  
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