August 2016

From the President's Boat

It is Extremely Important that we have strong active Chapters and Members to help elect and educate our government representatives in order to maintain our Muskie fishery and support the DNR so that it can do its legislated job based on science and not on bad politics. A number of important Primary races are coming up on August 9th that you should be aware of. Each and everyone’s vote is important and you should exercise your right to VOTE for the best candidate including in the crucial race in District 31B that includes East Bethel, Ham Lake, Linwood and Columbus Townships, parts of Oak Grove and Andover. The candidates have made clear their positions on fishing including the incumbent who co-sponsored a Bill against Muskie stocking. You can go to this website to confirm what district you are in and who represents you.
Congratulations to the North Metro League Night Teams for winning the mini challenge with the Twin Cities Chapter on June 28th. This is a great event and a fun way to meet and fish with our friends in the Twin Cities Chapter.
We are now half way through our summer break so members can fish League Night and the other many scheduled events. The release numbers are trending behind last year but we have had some large fish caught so far including 55” by Erik Jacobson and 54.5” by Dave Selle in July. Congratulations to both.
There is No scheduled NMMI Members Meetings for August. We have lined up our full slate of speakers through the spring of 2017 and will resume with our fall schedule on September 20th at Coon Rapids VFW.
Speakers for Fall 2016/ Spring 2017
* September 20    John Hoyer
* October 18         Adam Glickman
* November 15     MN DNR & Robert Hawkins record musky fisherman
* December 20     Josh Borovsky
* January 17        Thorne Brothers on Electronics
* February 21      No Meeting due to Banquet
* March 21          Matt Seifert
* April 18            Dan Altman
* May 16            Thorne Brothers Poolside Lure Demo
A number of NMMI volunteers assisted organizer Mike Riha with the 13 boats and 26 youth that fished the NMMI State High School Tournament Qualifier on June 13th on Bald Eagle Lake. This was the largest qualifier in the state.
Minnesota State HS Chapter Qualifiers
Lake Superior 3 boats
Star of the North--none
Brainerd-9 boats
St. Cloud 9 boats
Twin City 9 boats
North Metro 13 boats
Southern Crossroads-none
Bemidji-2 boats
30 youth from the qualifiers around the state competed in Minnesota State HS Tournament on Lake Vermilion on June 24th. Our thanks go out to all that volunteered and assisted Mike Riha in putting on this very important event and the Vermilion Dam Lodge for hosting the Minnesota State HS Tournament.
If you are interested in forming a Team and representing our Chapter in the Gil Hamm Chapter Challunge on Lake of the Woods August 24th – 26th please contact me ASAP.
It is not too late to introduce some new people to our sport especially youths and have them participate in a League Night with you. Some of the best fishing is still to come in the fall. It is a great way to build new friendships, create new members and help us grow the North Metro Chapter.
Once again we have made some slight modifications to our North Metro Chapter Members Only Contest for 2016 as follows:
The Tiger Division has been eliminated due to lack of participation and fish registered.
Patches and Individual & Annual Certificates have been eliminated.
To win the North Metro Laxx Replica Mount requires:
 1) NMMI membership as of June 1st, 2016 and
 2) Minimum size Muskie of 50 inches or greater for both Adult and Junior Mount Awards
All other rules apply which can be viewed on the North Metro Website.
Please contact any Board Member if you can help with the Chapter or any of our events.
Thank you each and every one that supports our Banquet and our Chapter throughout the year!

Dan Mruz
North Metro President

< º)))))))))))))><(
Saturday June 25th was the NMMI 1st Annual Jim Shannon Members Challunge and Picnic. The travelling Trophy built by Brian Klobe that incorporated Jim’s picture and his favorite Wades Wobbler lure was presented by Mavis to our first winner Todd Palashewski who caught a 45” and 41.5” on Forest Lake to edge out second place finisher Steve Sorgenfrei who caught a 44” on Forest Lake. There was no third place finisher and lots of pike caught and released. Our sincere thanks to the Mike Watzl Family for the use of their grill, garage for the picnic, awards and their property for boat parking.
Please join us at our general meetings the 3rd Tuesday of each month, Sept. through May. Each month we have a speaker come in and the topics vary from local metro area tactics to the basics of reel cleaning. We also have a rod and reel raffle and lure raffle. You DO NOT need to be a member to attend our general meetings.
When: 3rd Tuesday of the month 7pm–9pm
Where: Coon Rapids VFW - 1919 Coon Rapids Blvd NW

Our Chapter’s purpose is:

To promote a high quality muskellunge sport fishery;

To support selected conservation practices based on scientific merit and carried out by authorized federal and state agencies;

To promote muskellunge research;

To introduce the species into suitable waters;

To support the abatement of water pollution;

To disseminate muskellunge information;

To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among men, women and children;

To encourage and support youth involvement in muskellunge fishing for our future.

Join the North Metro Board or as an Event Chairperson or as a Volunteer. The Board meets for only two hours once a month on the first Tuesday, September through June. You can help influence the direction of the Chapter and help the Metro Muskie Fishery.
We are trying to make our Chapter an overwhelming success but need your help with a variety of small tasks and projects.  Contact me or any of the North Metro Board Members to assist us!
The weather for this year’s June Jam was excellent.  Saturday saw calm flat water and clear skies, tough conditions one would think.  Sunday was much windier, white capping by id morning, with the same clear skies. 
20 fish were caught, about half the number we normally register, but better than the 15 caught last year.  82 anglers entered with fish caught by 12 of them... 
Totals for each lake were:
* Apple River Flowage   8
* Wapogasset               1 
* Bone                         2
* Deer                         6
* Bear Trap                   1
* Cedar                        2
Big fish was a 42 inch from Apple River. 
Winners were:
Juniors: No junior winner this year
1st Nathan Wheeler – 36.5, 39.5, 36.5, 38 Deer Lake
2nd Bill Peterson – 36, 42, 35.5, 36 Apple River (big fish)
3rd Tyler Eggenberger - 39.5, 40 Apple River
4th Brett Olson - 38, 40 Deer Lake
5th Scott Gehrman - 41 Apple River
6th Steve Peterson - 40.5 Apple River
7th Tanner Clay - 38 Apple River
8th Calvin Austvold - 37 Bear Trap
9th Erik Mortensen – 37 Wapogasset
10th LeRoy Martin – 34.5 Bone
1st and 2nd place tied on pints but Nathan won the tie breaker as all his fish were caught on Saturday.
Grand Prize Winner – One Week stay at Red Wing Lodge for four – Jared Lubber
Be sure to check out this great YouTube video by Tyler Eggenberger and Travis . 
Tyler & Travis Musky Fishing 2016
Just for the record, the other anglers catching fish were Travis Dietzler and Eli Swift.

Thank you to Robb Meyers and Janet Yde for their help at the awards ceremony on Sunday and a special thanks to Janet for the excellent job of ticket sales for the rod raffle on Sunday.

Hope to see everyone again next year.


President................................... Dan Mruz
Vice President.......... Steve Wernesbach
Regional VP............................. Mike Riha
Secretary.................. Tony VanDanacker
John "Geno" Genosky
Steve Bates........................... 651-399-5745
Chris Cochran....................... 651-239-0773
Jason Espedal.......................763-439-7868
Dick Hamann........................ 763-428-7789
John "Geno" Genosky.......... 651-329-4898
Robb Meyers........................ 612-791-6331
Dan Mruz.............................. 763-535-4206
Nick Poppler..........................651-592-5875
Mike Riha.......................... ... 763-607-2800
Steve Sorgenfrei................... 651-789-4360
Tony VanDanacker.............. 763-370-5424
Jason Wegwerth.................. 763-478-1748
Steve Wernersbach............. 763-242-2625

Membership Chairman          
Robb Meyers ................ 612-791-6331

Members Only Fishing Contest
Steve Sorgenfrei.............651-789-4360

League Night Chariman
Steve Sorgenfrei.............651-786-4360
Newsletter Editor       
Robb Meyers.................. 612-791-6331

Dennis Boehme

Working to Preserve, Promote and Advance Muskie and Pike Education and Research in Minnesota

July/August, 2016
Greetings anglers, (North Metro and Twin Cities, Skip to the bold if you read nothing else)
Last week the DNR announced they would be stocking 2 new lakes of those proposed. What that really means is the next round of public input, especially with the special session looming. Immediately the anti-Muskie people started in with another public meeting on Gull and a petition to stop stocking.
We started one as well and I would encourage everyone to sign it (We have the petition link below). With that said, it will probably not be enough to assure the fish go in. Most of our fisheries management has to be dictated through the legislative process for several reasons I don’t need to get into; but let your imaginations run wild and your probably close.
We have another big issue, supporting the legislators who have stood their ground and not buckled for you. It’s been close and several have been tempted but together they have done this for you, the angler, for you the guide, for you the resort owner and for you the large and small businesses who have some or all of your income generated by our Muskie fishery. It’s time for us to give something for all their support. These people are in close races and 2 of the 3 are listed in the races to watch list.
So you don’t like Republicans, or you don’t like Democrats; well do you like Muskies? I’m asking that you send whatever you’re comfortable sending to help get them elected, no parades no door knocks, or phone banks; just a check.
Don’t wait, send your support ASAP.
As well in District 31B (see attached map), we need to get out in the primary if that is our district and vote for Cal Bahr on August 9th, not November but next Tuesday. We have many Muskie and Pike anglers in that district and we need to get to the primary and get Cal on the ballot. Tom Hackbarth, his opponent, has been opposed to anything positive for Muskie management for many years. Vote Hackbarth out.

Petition to stock Muskies

Thanks to our special friends that helped make our 2016 11th Annual North Metro Muskies, Inc. Banquet a success.

Dan Altman
Dave Christensen
Steve Gensen
Jason Hamernick
Andy Hamm
John Hoyer
Andy Hutter
Kevin Kray
Ryan McMahon
Matt Seifert
A.J. Weisner
Amanda Beaver
Angel Outpost resort
Baby Beaver Lures
Big Mama Lures
Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle
Bondy Baits
Broad Head Lures
Chaos Tackle
Clam Outdoors
Custom X Lures
Ghost Tail Lures
Grizzly Coolers
Headlock Lures
Joe Badalucco
Joe’s Sport Goods
Just Big Muskies
Just Encase
Lakco (KMDA, Inc)
Lake X Lures
Limited Creek Rods
Maynard’s Restaurant
Maple Grove Hilton Garden Inns
Monster Lures
Monticello Golf Course
Mouldy Baits
Musky Frenzy Lures
Musky Hunter Magazine
Musky Innovations
Musky Mayhem
Musky Tackle Online
Nelson Marine
Outdoor News
Paul Hartman
Phantom Lures
Pheasant Acres Golf Course
Rapid Marine
Ray Connoy
Red Wing Lodge
Rubber Hairy Tackle
Shumway Tackle
Smitty Tackle
Spanky Baits
Sportman’s Guide Outlet
St. Croix Rods
Stealth Tackle
Supernatural Big Baits
Thorne Brothers
Tim Connoy
Timbuktu Resort
Tooth Tamer Rods
Tuned Up Rods
Tyrant Tackle
United States Distillery Products
Venom Floats
Waterbeast Tackle
Wells Fargo Covered Wagon Club
Wirth Baits
Wood “N” Wildlife


North Metro Muskie League 2016 - FREE

We have an East Metro Lake option and a West Metro Lake option. You can fish one or the other and get points- no fishing 2 lakes and getting extra points. We have also added one “Any tiger lake in the metro” June 16th and some more options for the August nights.

This is an ON YOUR HONOR based league.  A photo of any fish counted is preferred but not mandatory.  Participants must report back within 48 hours after fishing an event.


     3 points for fishing a league event
     2 points for a partner
BONUS 5 points if the partner is;
1) a new member of the chapter
2) a Junior member
3) a member of the T.C. chapter during mini challenge.
Max of 10 points if you do not catch a fish. You can only count 1 partner for each event and each partner counts only 1 time.
Scoring Change-10 points for a 30” Muskie 1 point for each inch over 30” scored to the nearest half inch.     (i.e. 40.5” = 20.5 points).


Fishing Times

Tuesday Nights in August - 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM


August 9th - Forest – East option         Minnetonka - West option
August 16th - Rush or St. Croix River - East option    Sugar or Eagle - West options
August 23rd - Bald Eagle or White Bear - East options    Independence or
     Minnetonka - West options

August 23rd is the final League Night Celebration. Pizza Afterwards near White Bear Lake. Chapter buys!


League Night Prizes:

1st place Trophy Phantom Lure plus a traveling trophy
2nd and 3rd Trophy Phantom Lures
The Awards will be held during the December 2016 membership meeting.


Participation Drawing!

For each League event a North Metro Member participates they will get one raffle ticket in the end of season drawing held at the December 15th membership meeting for a grand prize. For example if you fished 5 nights, you get 5 chances. Non-members are always welcome to our league nights and picnic but only count for the 2 partner points.

Drawing Prizes:

Grand Prize “St Croix Tournament Legend 9 ft rod”
Drawing for “Lures”
10 names drawn in total from all the league nights fished entries



Reporting will by e-mail to within 48 hours after the days event. Please include your name, who your partner was and if they are a new member, Junior member or a member of the Twin Cities chapter.

All updates will be posted on the as well as the forums page.
Steve Sorgenfrei
NMMI League Chairperson

2016 Chapter Members Standings

Men's Division Fish Points Average
Nick Poppler 14 170 38
Steve Bates 17 157 35
Jason Wegwerth 6 101 43
Chase Evertz 9 95 37
Steve Wernersbach 6 93 42
John Santer 6 91 41
Patrick Garaghty 5 81 42
John Maslowski 4 65 42
Mark Kuether 4 61 41
Scott Gehrman 5 61 38
Andy McClure 5 59 38
John Genosky 4 50 38
Chris Dolan 2 41 47
Troy Bilbrey 3 41 40
Dave Ledman 2 36 44
Mike Riha 1 24 50
Ed Stogenson 1 21 47
Noah Fleming 1 19 45
Joe Badalucco 1 19 45
Daniel Mruz 1 11 37
Nicholas Hagness 1 9 35
Men's Masters Fish Points Average
Dave Selle 17 299 44
Tim Connoy 17 238 40
Brian Klobe 21 146 33
Nick Eddy 3 59 46
Mark Swanson 3 50 43
Erik Jacobson 1 29 55
Junior Boy's Division Total Points Average
Jake Evertz 8 131 42
Markus Klobe 4 32 34
Monthly Big Fish Date Length Lake
Troy Bilbrey 4/22/16 41.5" Cave Run
Steve Bates 5/7/16 43" Candlewick
Nick Eddy 6/16/16 51" Minnetonka
Erik Jacobson 7/9/16 55" Mille Lacs
Club Totals Fish   Average Length
April 4 35.9"  
May 13 36.4"  
June 54 40.2"  
July 101 39.2"  
2016 172 39.2"  
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