ARTIST TALK: Philippa Jones & Peter Wilkins, Wednesday, September 28, 7:00 pm

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ARTIST TALKS: Philippa Jones & Peter Wilkins




September 28, 2016, 7:00pm

Please join us at Christina Parker Gallery on Wednesday, September 28 at 7:00 pm for two very special artist talks by Philippa Jones and Peter Wilkins as they discuss the work presented in their recent exhibitions.
To view the exhibitions online please click here.
Tara Bradbury reviews Philippa Jones, The Expaned Place. Click here to read her review.
Joan Sullivan reviews Peter Wilkins, Rock and Roll.  Click here to read her review
ARTIST TALKS: Philippa Jones & Peter Wilkins
Rock & Roll

Inspired by a range of classic rock and roll album covers, from Elvis Presley’s ‘Elvis Presley’ (the first rock ‘n’ roll record to be number one) to the Beatles and the Stones and on to The Tragically Hip, this collection of new work acknowledges the power of music and the importance of it’s imagery. These new artworks endeavour to capture the colour and pictorial elements of original albums. The elements are then digitally re-mixed and abstractly represented as circular artworks, celebrating the form of the record and creating a new emblematic aesthetic of the original album cover.

At first glance the works are punchy, eye catching experiments in colour, then upon reflection reveal an undercurrent of recognition of the album and the memories of it’s music.
ARTIST TALKS: Philippa Jones & Peter Wilkins
Peter Wilkins is a multimedia artist based in Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland. Wilkins’ various bodies of work have been exhibited in public and private galleries across Canada and internationally, including Canada House, (London, UK) and the 2013 Venice Biennale. His portrait and landscape artworks are held in public and private collections around the world, including the National Portrait Gallery of Canada.

ARTIST TALKS: Philippa Jones & Peter Wilkins

The Expanded Place 
In 2001 I inherited a trunk from my Great Aunt ‘Tante Thea’. Born in Holland, surviving her teenage years during WWII, Thea studied Science in England. Her speciality was the burgeoning field of Quantum Mechanics. Restricted by sexism and finances Thea abandoned her academic study and became a wife and mother. Her lab partner Dr. Stuart Greenhalgh remained in close contact with Thea, writing to her regularly. These letters were part of my inheritance. I found them folded in a wooden box in the bottom of the trunk along with his field notebook from an expedition to an area he referred to only as ‘The Expanded Place’. Photography did not work in this area so Dr. Stuart Greenhalgh created detailed drawn observations.

Fascinated by Greenhalgh’s unpublished discoveries Philippa Jones further researched ‘The Expanded Place’ through MIRIAD. Leading expeditions to MIRIAD Island in 2012/13. In this exhibition the observations of Dr. Greenhalgh’s are finally revealed in works inspired by his specimen collections and journal.

Jones has created an epic painting, its dimensions so large it breaks away from a frame, this is no window into a place or a detail hinting at a vaster, unseen landscape. This is an immersive work, a whole encompassing world. You stand at its edge, ready to venture in.
ARTIST TALKS: Philippa Jones & Peter Wilkins
Philippa Jones has been a St. John’s based artist since 2009. Prior to moving to Canada Jones completed a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Interactive Art & Design at University College Falmouth. Jones’ diverse art practice has included and sometimes combines printmaking, painting, pen and ink, animation, art games and interactive installations. Central to Jones’ work is the exploration of constructed realities, active myth making and a celebration of wonder and the inquisitive mind.
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